How Wealthy Affiliate Community LESSONS Are Multiplying LINKEDIN Results

Last Update: May 09, 2022

This blog post could be about any Social Media (SM) community actually. But today, I am going to share with you how our Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Community lessons are multiplying LinkedIn results for my business.

Our SM learning is intensified in the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) course in Level 4: Mastering Social Engagement. Although I enjoyed this level of training, when I first completed it, I was overwhelmed.

I ran off and joined every SM platform, started making a bunch of YouTube (YT) videos, and looked into creating podcasts - you know the drill.

Things got crazy and time was no longer under my control.

Link Your Niche To Your Social Media Platform

Soon, I settled down and realised that if I continued on that path, I would burn out before I was able to achieve anything. The learning was an eye-opener though.

With all that knowledge under my belt, I studied the effectiveness of each SM platform for different niches. All SM platforms are not created equal and work better with some niches.

It comes down to knowing the audience on each platform and what information they are using the platform for.

Building my consulting firm's brand and growing our international reach was my first goal. That led me to Linkedin - the largest and most powerful SM business network on the internet.

Using what I learned in our WA Community, I set out to replicate my successes.

1. Update Profile

Prior to January 2022, I was not paying much attention to LinkedIn. At the start of this year, I grabbed a few free courses and webinars from LinkedIn about learning the platform. They helped me to better understand how the platform and its community could grow my network and my business.

Keeping your profile updated, and sharing your interests, expertise and objectives, as we do in WA, is the starting point. I shared both my firm's brand and my personal brand.

2. Reach Out And Engage

As we learn to do in WA, reaching out to engage members of the community works wonders and makes a big difference. If you want to learn and achieve more, you have to connect more.

That means stepping out of your comfort zone, liking, commenting and supporting. Community members will reciprocate.

Of course, as we do here, it is up to you to make the choices about the content that fits in with your strategy. Align yourself with the people and content that will support your journey.

Do not apologise for that. Just do it.

Grow your following as well. In Linkedin, growing your followers may help you become an Influencer. When you do, many more opportunities will come your way.

3. Be Curious

In April, I started following an International Management Consulting network that was sharing content about change strategy. Their content was compelling and aligned with my own.

I asked questions, commented when time permitted and engaged in some discussions with a couple of the Consultants on their platform.

The reward?

At the end of April, I received a LinkedIn invitation from the consulting firm to apply for membership in their prestigious community.

Their members were also reading my content and liked it.

Last week, I received confirmation that my application was approved and I became a member, with the USD $500. membership fee being waived. Today, this announcement appeared on LinkedIn:

Already, I have started to engage with the community and connected with a Consultant to work together on an engagement in Singapore.

This will also help to build my firm's credibility and create many opportunities for collaboration and new revenue streams.

4. Share Content

As my content bank increases, I want to create more avenues to share it. In January, when I began sharing my content on LinkedIn, hardly anyone paid any attention.

My latest share last week on emerging organisational development trends was written using a lot of what I learned from Prince Partha on topic clusters. It was written on 5 April 2022 and is already in the top 5 of my highest ranking content on Google.

I shared it on LinkedIn last week and these are the stats today:

It is getting seen, being read and receiving comments. My profile views and search appearances are also rising.

I shared the article with a link to my website. According to Google, impressions on my website have been increasing sharply since I started my LinkedIn sharing.

LinkedIn has some effective resources, like Creator Mode, to help you get your content noticed. I have turned it on and will be sharing a lot more content in my bid to become one of their influential Content Creators.

Use The Opportunities For Learning And Growth

I will repeat - over and over - there are countless ways in which you can use what we learn in WA to earn, create, grow and become respected and admired entrepreneurs and investors.

Everything that you need to know begins right HERE.

Use every opportunity to change your script.


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EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Hi Cassi,

I learned a lot about how to approach using the LinkedIn Platform. Many of my Toastmaster and business friends in real life are on LinkedIn.

May I ask, what method of publishing do you use the most? Posts or Articles? I have written more articles than posts. And everyone was based on my website posts.

I have focused on sharing WA posts on Facebook. And my website posts on LinkedIn.

Thanks for your article.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Edwin, Linkedin is great for businesses and professionals.

On my profile, I currently share a link to my website blog roll.
Linkedin allows you to title your URLs, so I titled it "LaMP International - Learning".

If there is a new piece of content I want to feature (either my website or WA), I will change it to link to that URL.

Later this year, I will roll out my personal brand, Cassi Of Troy, on Linkedin.
I will promote Content & Affiliate Marketing, Content Creation, Writing, Passive Income and WA.

By then, I would be well on my way to being a Linkedin expert and will simply repeat the success I am enjoying now.

Hope this helps.

EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Hello Cassi,

I am learning from the way you approach leveraging your existing successes to create new ones. I feel you are very disciplined in the way you approach your business. This means you have developed critical good habits. That says a lot about you.

That is my challenge. For the next two months, my wife is visiting her 80-year-old sister in India. This gives me the opportunity to not worry about her needs and focus more intently on my business.

I took her to the airport this morning and already started my new regimen. My goal is to make significant gains by the time she returns so that I can share these successes with her.

Thanks so much for being the inspiration you are.


CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
I would love 2 months in India, Edwin.
Wishing her safe travels.

Perhaps I am a stickler for process and not wasting time on fluff and fancy.
Once I understand something deeply and well, I then dive in strategically.

I am also an avid learner and tend to be precise in how I structure that as well.
being overwhelmed by trying to manage too many things at once does not help anyone.

I know you will use your 2 months wisely and have lots to share when your wife returns.

Thank you for your ongoing encouragement.

Isaiah14 Premium
I've been primarily using my LinkedIn Profile for my IT career for networking and landing available work as a contractor. Only recently have I started connecting with individuals from Wealthy Affiliate.

I've been brainstorming how to merge my LinkedIn profile with my niche here at Wealthy Affiliate since IT is only my day job and unrelated to my niche. It's something I'm still pondering.

Appreciate the post!
Isaiah 😊
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Isaiah, I understand your thinking and objective.

If you look carefully at my Linkedin profile, you will see that I speak first about my firm's professional role.
However, I also include, "Digital Creator" and "Author" (may change that to Writer).
Those 2 get me a lot of enquiries and referrals for connecting or opportunities related to my online business.

On my banner, I also have my corporate and personal brand logos.

You can now add links to your website or content and that can be changed as often as you like.

There are many ways to incorporate what you are doing.

I hope that this helps.

JeannineC Premium
I hadn't touched my LinkedIn profile for years; in fact that old one contained information about the jobs I had right out of college many decades ago.

I decided to update and emphasize my expertise in affiliate marketing and voila! I started getting contacted by consulting firms willing to pay me hundreds of dollars an hour so their clients could pick my brain. It's not hard work and the money is quite nice.

I love LinkedIn when it comes to business!
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
That is exactly what I love about Linkedin, Jeannine!

It is not hard work.
Keep yourself updated and connected and the opportunities find you.
Such a treat.

Business is booming with just an hour or 2 a day.

Thank you for sharing.
AbbeyxRoad05 Premium Plus
Thank you so much for sharing, Cassi!! I really enjoyed reading this and have found it to be very helpful. I can't wait to read your next blog post!

Congratulations on getting accepted and achieving another goal! I wish you much more success in achieving your goals and beyond!!

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
You are very welcome, Rebecca.

I appreciate your comments and kind feedback.

Thank you.
SamiWilliams Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing your journey and what you have found that works for you.

Congratulations, and best wishes as you move forward.
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Thank you very much, Sami.