How 30 Hours Of SELF-EDUCATION Immersion Can Change Your Script

Last Update: August 15, 2021

A Weekend of Self-Education

Every year, I re-invest from my business earnings, in my self-education. This weekend, I am completing 30 hours of self-education immersion with Anthony Robbins and Dean Graziosi for the Mastermind World Summit 2021.

It is nothing short of phenomenal!!

This is not a sales pitch in any way but just a reminder to not neglect your own development and personal growth.

Preparing to Coach

An important aspect of my business construct is being a life-changing Coach to Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs.

I want to be able to help my Clients not just see their potential but more so, LIVE their potential. WA will help them achieve financial success but they also need to become successful human beings.

In May, I invested in Tony and Dean's Project Next and for the past 3 months, I have been burning the midnight oil and training.

I graduated in July with an overall rating score of 95%.

Along the way, I picked up some awards too and was voted a Rising Star.

Thank You to Our Wealthy Affiliate Community

I must first thank Roy (roysinOnline) for the invitation to participate in Tony and Dean's Power to Pivot earlier this year.

That led me to their DPS and Mastermind training and to now having the coaching training and systems I needed to expand my online business services and my brand, Cassi Of Troy.

In our Wealthy Affiliate (WA) community, I have learned the value of stepping out and supporting the success of others, meeting people where they are and helping them to push through and see their strengths.

At the end of the day, that is the essence of being a great Coach.

I could not have achieved this so successfully without the support I receive in our community every day.

Thank you, to each one of you!

Mindset IS Everything!

One thing that I believe even more now is the fact that, for most of us, it is not our skills, the processes or the systems that hold us back.

It IS our MINDSET and our BELIEFS!

If you tell yourself you can't, you won't.

If you tell yourself you can, you WILL find a way.

WA gives us ALL the tools, resources and support that we each need to succeed BUT, if your mindset and beliefs are telling you all the reasons why you cannot succeed I guarantee that you will not.

I encourage you, urge you actually, to invest in your resilience, mindset and personal growth to take yourself to the next level.

There is a self-education revolution happening and we are a big part of that.

This is the time to CHANGE YOUR SCRIPT!!!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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roysinOnline Premium
Congratulations, Cassi! 💯 I get goosebumps reading your progress and achievements 😃.

When I saw the information about Project Next from Tony and Dean, I thought of you immediately, that this was something you should look into.

The pure value of what they teach is awesome, and more to the point the way you apply it in everything you do is awesome.

Mindset can move mountains, but it needs work every day 💪😊

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Project Next blew my mind, Roy!!

Goodness, the possibilities have my mind spinning.
I have invested in the mastermind platform and will begin rolling out my coaching courses in Sepetmber.

I will keep you posted.

Thank you, as always, for your guidance and support.

roysinOnline Premium
Always my pleasure, Cassi. Looking forward to see the next steps in your plan 😃

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
I will definitely keep you posted, Roy.
roysinOnline Premium
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Congratulations on all of your achievements. Also happy anniversary as you have been an awesome ambassador for a year. I couldn't agree more self-development is absolutely crucial to be a better human being.

It's not enough in my view just to be working on your business. You have to be at all times a learner, and the teacher. You consolidate your learning by teaching. You also need as you say to reinvest part of your earnings to either take a mentor, I have three, or take courses. It is the absolute fundamental bedrock of success in my world.

Well done
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Catherine, you are one of my treasured Role Models here at WA for success, lifestyle and simply being human.

I look up to you so much and am always proud and honoured to receive your feedback.

This was important for me and I saved up to invest in ME this year so that I can be stronger for my business and my Clients.
I LOVE coaching and helping people positively find their strengths and change their lives.

I know it sounds cliche but I LOVE it!

Thank you for your sentiments and the recognition.
They mean a lot to me.

Have a blessed week.

TheCatherine Premium Plus
I wish I could say something clever in reply to that comment, but in truth it made my and eyes well up. Thank you so much for that beautiful heartfelt comment.

I understand your feelings about coaching so much. It really does change people's lives.

I also wish you an awesome, productive and very blessed week filled with gratitude
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
I mean every, every word, Catherine.

The Prince would call us mushy but so be it!

You are a rare gift.

Thank you.
Only1Hugh Premium
Totally agree when I attended their Power to Pivot session Dean and Anthony were very motivational. You really felt like you were being given a supercharge of motivation and could take on the world. Well done Cassi on your accolades. I really do think that before too long you too will be filling out halls and arenas. Just remember mentees get a discounted price of attendance lol.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Mentees like you will be front and centre and on stage, Hugh!!
For FREEE!!!!!

The motivation was phenomenal but what was the meat for me was getting into their heads and understand WHAT they do and HOW they do it.
Tony especially for the 2 days, shared so much insight into making ourselves stronger and more resilient human beings.

I have budgeted $10,000. for 2022 to do personal coaching with Dean and Tony - I am on the waiting list.

Now that I have my certificate and my 150 hours+ of training and practicum, I am ready to launch Cassi Of Troy's coaching and self-education & development courses.

It is great being in their inner circle.

Of course, I will be sharing at WA. 🙂

Have a REALLY great week!

Only1Hugh Premium
Sounds wonderful that the Trini girl that thought she could can rock it with the gurus on the big stage. Keep on blazing Cassi these stages were built for you.
CordeliaN Premium
Now that is some commitment, ........Cassie, ...thank you for sharing your latest challenge, I am massively impressed by your drive as energy, I really (no I REALLY) don't know where you find the time.
At the start of he post and with the title, I had thought The Pronce had been setting you some ongoing homework, or I thought you had completed a stunning amount of blog posts in 30 hours. Never did I think it would be something like this, something so life changing.

I remember seeing the adverts on YouTube earlier in the spring, but I never even considered....

The approach to self investment is something I believe in and I too am trying to do...

Sorry gotta go, will finish later 👍
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Cordelia, I have invested a lot in my personal development and self-education this year, getting ready for a long-haul push to December 2022.

Getting, Cassi Of Troy, where I want it to be will take a lot more work and I need to be prepared.
The coaching element is something I take very seriously.

If I am going to be engaging people and working with them to become better, I MUST have the skills and mindset to do that.

It is a continuous journey and I truly love it.
I REALLY REALLY LOVE LOVE to see people change, transform and tap into their strengths.

Thank you for taking the time.

Have a good week.
Siobhan3 Premium
This is also what I am working toward. Bob Proctor is having "5 Days to Understanding Frequencies, Vibration, and the Law of Attraction" if you are interested. It is free and starts on Monday. Congratulations on your achievements with Tony and Dean. I attended the last Mastermind they had also and enjoyed it. I always enjoy your posts, thanks for sharing!
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
They are GREAT, Siobhan!!

I am getting ready for a FULL ON year and it was exactly what I needed.

Now I need to rest.
I will keep my eyes open for Bob again.

Many thanks.