Google Made Trinidad & Tobago King For A Day!

Last Update: Jul 27, 2022

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What an incredible day it was yesterday to be a Trini or Tobagonian!!!

The day started with Japan waking up to this amazing Google Doodle feature video that was 2 years in the making.

I was truly honoured to be Trini yesterday and to share the joy with friends and family around the world as they woke up to the great news.

Home To The Steelpan

Musicians like Frank, Bob and Diane would really appreciate this.

Trinidad is world renowned for being the home of the only musical instrument invented in the 20th century.

The steelpan.

We play all genres of music on single pans and in steelbands that may be as large as 150 players.

This year, our Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force Steel Orchestra was invited to England to play at Buckingham Palace for the Queen's Jubilee.

In case You Missed It

If you would like to watch the video, learn some history and hear some original music from one of our country's top Arrangers, check it out HERE in Newsweek's article.

And try a little Trini Wine while you're listening. 😂


Recent Comments


Hi, Cassi

That may have been the coolest Google Doodle Ever!!!

I think the steelpan is a fabulous instrument with elements of percussion combined with melody. Each one is made a little different and has its own musical "voice" that no other instrument in the world can duplicate!

I can't imagine how difficult it must be to "tune" each area of a steelpan to the appropriate pitch and timbre during the construction process.

I love all Island, South American, and Cuban music. It has such a wonderfully complex percussive emphasis with amazing harmonic progressions and enchanting melodic overtones!

One of my best friends is from Trinidad and his brother plays the steelpan. I have played music with him, provided medical care to his entire family over the years, and worked as a consultant with his company on a number of medical device projects.

His bother came to the US a few times to visit and we had a great time listening to his steelband, which blew me away the first time I heard it! So impressive!

Thank You so much, Cassi, for writing this excellent post! 😊
Frank 🎸


You are now an Honorary Trini! 😊
Next on the agenda is to teach you to wine. 😂

Do you see how deep our connections go and home very small the world is?
We are all connected.

Thank you very, very much for sharing.


Hi, Cassi

That’s a great honor! 😊

I’ve had rum from Trinidad but not wine.
Stacy and I enjoy sampling wines from different countries.

What would you recommend in a Trini wine? We will try to order it from our international liquor store.

I totally agree, we are all connected!

I discovered Andy Narell playing steel drums decades ago and have always loved the sound, no matter who is playing.

Andy is great, Rosana!

He is still a Lecturer in the US and studied at USC, Berkeley.
He has his own record label and is a regular visitor to our shores.

I am so happy that you enjoy our music. 😊

I love the sound of the fantastic would it be to see a band that large. Great news, Cassi!


Come and visit us for Carnival next year, Susan.

I would love to show you around.

That would be truly amazing, Cassi...I would love to take you up on that!

Any time you are ready, Susan.

Thank you, Cassi. That would be so neat.

I love the steel pan, got one a few years back to teach younger folks on. First time I ever heard the Steelpan was at the county fair, this was redneck cowboys stuff, and in the middle of all that was a 4 piece steel pan group, with a bass player. They all sang, was amazing to watch and listen too.

That is so cool that Google did a shout out for your Country. Okay, checking out the video now.

Scott, this is a story for the books!

We find Trinis and their pans all over the world.

I recall being in Disney and hearing the faint sound of steelpans.
I ran like a bullet from a high-powered rifle and was moved to tears to see the band of 6 and our Trinidad & Tobago flag flying high.

Yesterday was a proud moment for us all.

Thank you.


That is so awesome!

I used to attend the winter NAMM show every January, I went early to get in for the morning sessions where there was breakfast and training. Breakfast was a nice benefit, but I was there for the training. And they always had a musician on the stage before the event while we all got our food, and found a place to sit and eat.

One guy was the E-chord guy as I called him, and he fascinated me for I have done the same thing on my guitar.

But the guy from South America who brought in 5 very strange-looking things, and made music with them made my breakfast cold when I finally got around to enjoying my food.

The steel pan is another such joy to me, downside is you have to have different pans to play different keys, but one can still make it work by playing other root notes and to see that was amazing.

My pan is purple and is still in good tune, I have not had to send it in to retune it.

Now I must admit, I play guitar and love it, but I don't wanna work, just wanna bang on my drum all day!

Spreading smiles is my style, hope you have one now and sharing is caring. Much peace and love to all the world.

That's fantastic news, Cassi! What a proud day for you and your country!


It was a very proud day for us, Rudy.

Thank you.

You're welcome, Cassi.


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