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Last Update: Aug 16, 2022

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Just 2 Weeks Ago!

I'll be really quick.

Not Prince Partha's quick. We folks kinda quick.

If you did not read my last couple of LinkedIn blog posts, check them out below.

August 2nd >

August 12th >

Just 2 weeks ago!

And It's Only Tuesday

As I shared in my August 12th post, I received a LinkedIn message from a fellow professional. She read one of my blog posts and was eager to meet and discuss it.

Yesterday, we interacted on Google Meet for a little over an hour.

What an AMAZING discussion it was!!

I just checked in on LinkedIn and my top notification led me to this:

Elizabeth has kindly shared this and one of my articles in 5 (so far) LinkedIn Groups! She is very influential in her communities and this endorsement has resulted in A LOT of activity on my professional firm's website.

My Search Traffic Is Growing

That is more traffic in the last 14 days than I have had in the last 2 years!! And, it's only Tuesday.

Of course, as I shared previously, I have only now started to focus on my websites.

New Clients On The Horizon

I glimpsed 4 messages in my LinkedIn feed. 2 of them are enquiring about my services and how to engage.

New Clients?


For now, they are opportunities to connect, discuss and explore how I may be able to serve.

I LOVE that!

What about you? How is your week going?


Recent Comments


Congrats Cassi. So inspiring. You’ve cracked the code. Focus on making yourself valuable to others. And they will come to you like a magnet.

The moral to me is not to focus on making money. Instead focus on solving problems for others. You will get more clients you can handle in due course. Do I see Franchise in your future?

Thanks for sharing.


A franchise will be GREAT, Edwin!

I am loving this so much.

Thank you for your support.


Thank you, Megan.

Great work, Cassi!
Thanks for sharing..
Keep on thriving!

Thank you very much, Al.

I always enjoy your posts and success in what you are working on.
I wish you continued success!

I appreciate your sentiments and feedback, Carla.

Thank you!

How exciting and awesome!! Congrats!

Thank you, Lisa.

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