A Simple STRATEGY using YouTube To Increase ORGANIC Traffic

Last Update: April 28, 2021


Most of us hate it. But, when it comes to online success and profitability, traffic should be one of your very best friends.

After writing your blog posts and opening your doors for business, you WANT traffic And, the more, the much merrier you will be.

Last Thursday, I took the plunge and launched my YouTube Channel, Cassi Of Troy.

Much like finding Wealthy Affiliate (WA), I am now asking myself:

"Why didn't you do this sooner?"

Allow me to share some quick stats and a simple strategy.

The 2nd Largest Search Engine

After Google, YoutTube is the next largest Search Engine. Their numbers are staggering.

4 BILLION YouTube videos are viewed EVERY SINGLE DAY!

800 MILLION unique users visit YouTube every month.

60 hours of video content gets uploaded EVERY MINUTE!

Picture yourself sitting for 2.5 days, uploading content - non-stop. Now hold on to that vision and those numbers.

It now makes so much sense to me that, if you are not on YouTube, you are missing out on some major opportunities to build your brand and increase your organic traffic.

My Launch Video Stats

I was so pleased and encouraged by the launch of my YoutTube Channel, that I dived in, head first, (pun intended), this week.

As of the time of writing this blog, visitors have invested 2.4 hours of their time to watch my, under 5 minutes, video.

I am humbled.

16 visitors have subscribed, 8 have left comments and I received a request for more information about "changing the script".

I even got a few recommendations for my content.

A Simple Strategy Linking Your Blogs

An important SEO strategy for your websites is to embed a video into your blog posts. Until now, I have had no video content of my own to utilise.

That means I have been directing traffic to other people's content with the hundreds of articles I have written.

Think about the difference that will make now that I have my own video content to embed.

It is a very simple strategy but maybe not the first thought for you as you build your online business.

As my YouTube content bank grows, I will also be linking my website and blog posts to my videos.

That is a VERY powerful strategy!

Feel The Fear - And Do It Anyway

My 2nd episode is a wrap!

It is scheduled for publishing tomorrow at 6 PM (ET). There is a treat for my subscribers, viewers and visitors.

Tomorrow there is no PowerPoint and voice-over. It's all me.

I have spent the last 2 days learning a little about video editing, scripting, filming, splitting, trimming and inserting text.

It is a vast improvement from my launch video and I am satisfied with the progress.

Thank you to everyone at WA who took the time to view, like, leave comments and subscribe.

Your support is invaluable.


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ThomasPaul Premium Plus
Honestly, I think the most money I ever made was when I was doing Youtube videos and using them to drive traffic to reviews on my website after I went through some of @leoemery’s training.

I’m not sure why I stopped making videos. I’m not crazy about putting my face out in front of everyone, but I never really got any negative feedback aside from a few grumpy Youtube comment trolls. I think the most I was making was $150/month back in 2014/2015. About have in ad monetization and half in Amazon commissions. It kind of makes me wonder where I would be if I stuck with it.

The good news is I have around 700 - 800 subscribers to my channel and I think I was easily hitting the 4000 watch hours when I was consistently producing content. I think if I start creating content again I should be able to qualify for their partner program relatively quickly. I guess it’s time to start making videos again.
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Thomas, you were building some great numbers there.

Do not lose time thinking about the "what ifs".
YouTube is a powerful search engine.

As we continue to become more mobile with less time to read.
Listening and watching will grow exponentially.

That is what I believe.

Thank you for sharing.

Eugene Premium Plus
Yes, Cassi, the videos will skyrocket you to the moon. I started adding videos to my blogs as of this month. I was so scared of video that I just ignored it for a long time. Your natural voice and your videos will give you the edge that you need. People must see and understand the power of YouTube. This is a must for all entrepreneurs. Great job my dear friend, you do have a sexy voice by the way.
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Eugene, this is such good news.
How are your numbers progressing?

I was like you.
So scared of being in front of that camera and people seeing me, making unkind comments, etc. etc. etc.
Now that I have gotten over that, I am so excited!

Please give me your feedback on episode 2 this evening.

Many, many thanks.

wozzy Premium
Cassi, I keep saying I'm going to start my YouTube channel but research and writing get in the way.

Now I have upped my game writing content, like 1 review/post a day I just don't seem to have the time.

I'll start after this next review and then I start another.

I will get around to it very shortly though.

Good luck.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Mick, that is exactly where I was.

Then I decided to simply use my blogs and script YouTube content from there.
That is working out really well and I intend to continue.

Looking forward to seeing you in the space soon.

webcash2us Premium
Hi Cassie, Yes the cross platform linking is a fantastic way to bring users to both sites. This is in my near future plans, I am building a file full of short videos right now. I'm waiting until I have several more and all my video editing is complete, next I have to create another Youtube channel.

The one I have doesn't pertain to what I'm doing here, it's just has my dog catching frisbees. I've been preparing ahead and I just checked out Marion Blacks training on embedding videos using Gutenberg the other day. Her training is always so good and it has helped me more than once.

My first videos I wouldn't use because they were terrible because I was so nervous. Some of my other videos are much better and some I did as screen videos teaching. When I am ready and everything is in place I will slow drip my videos to Youtube.

Those are some exciting improvements to see and it makes me realize I need to get moving with my videos soon. However, until I finish fixing old my old content on my site, I'm waiting to add anything extra. These are posts from when I first began and they're pretty terrible but as I re-write them all they are ranking well in Bing and Yahoo.

Marion Blacks Video Embed Training Thanks for the great post.
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
You are welcome, John.

I too love Maron's training.
She is articulate, clear and easy to follow.

Yes, we do need to have as much in place as possible.
However, I realised that it was causing me to stay in my "fear zone".

It was time to step up.

I look forward to sharing the space with you.

webcash2us Premium
I agree, I think your post might be the push I needed to move past my fear zone and forge ahead with my plans. I know I have to do this but it does feel intimidating, to say the least.

I'm pretty certain once I do the first few I'll get over that fear factor.

Thanks Cassie.
Reu23 Premium
I'm just loving the 'grand' entrance and the 'sailing through' you're on Cassi, this is truly great stuff. The way I look at it is 'each day is a learning day', so although I'm aware of some of the stats, and many of our approaches may be 'no-brainers', I personally harbour some of the old traditions like...'first impressions count' etc, so our journeys will have certain unique tinges plus you will feel the right time.
This only verifies the fact that your decision to 'go for it' is awesom! Do keep the traffic campaign going and look out for the online road codes, as I hear there are many, and I hope you build a massive following that generates mind-boggling amounts! :-))
All the best
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Reuben, so good of you to share such great feedback.
I really appreciate it.

I hear you with the online road codes and I will do everything I can to manage the journey well.

Looking forward to seeing you in the space.

Thank you.
Reu23 Premium
You're welcome Cassi, and a big congratulations to you (*=*)
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Thank you, Reuben.