5 Income Streams Are On The Rise

Last Update: Oct 20, 2020

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Let's not beat around the bush. Your primary reason for being a Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Member is to build an online business - or 2 - and earn consistent income.

You know the potential that exists for unlimited income, without the 12-20 hour daily commute and grind. You want to be your own "boss" and lead yourself to attain the goals and lifestyle that you have been day-dreaming about in front of the office computer or while stuck in claustrophobic commute.

  • No rent to pay.
  • No labour to manage.
  • No commute.
  • No security concerns for your inventory.
  • No stock to transport across the country.

There are numerous ways to earn an income online. The beauty of this path is that you can do it with less outlay than an offline venture.

So what is holding you back?

Since starting at WA, almost 1 year ago, I have been able to get 5 income streams rolling.

1. Consulting Retainers

Whilst this would not be considered Affiliate income, these retainers happened only because of my professional website and my email list activity. The work is not at all demanding and most of it is done in the comfort of wherever I am.

These retainers are earning me 5-digit income. I expect that they will continue to grow as I am seeing a rise in proposal negotiations with businesses outside of the Caribbean.

In 2021, I will be launching a Professional Development Coaching Series for individuals.

2. Wealthy Affiliate

There are numerous opportunities to earn income at WA, excluding MMO. So far I am earning income from Site Comments, (although I have put that on the back-burner until year-end), and from my 101 training series, which is being very well-received.

May I say "thank you" to everyone who has supported those tutorials on WAchievement Wednesdays and provided me with feedback. I will continue to carve out untapped areas where I may be able to offer training and learning to help you grow your business and develop entrepreneurial fortitude.

3. Website Hosting & Management

I have 1 Client for whom I provide hosting. It started as basic hosting and has evolved over the past 6 months into a contract for design support, recommendations and all the other bells and whistles.

COVID-19 has forced this Client to cut back on resources and we are now in discussion for the provision of content for their website and social media platforms.

This is an international Client and I am looking forward to doing work with their other offices in 2021.

This is also providing 5-digit income.

4. Affiliate Marketing

I knew coming in, that it would take me some time to really learn about Affiliate Marketing and get myself established online. I was in no rush and in my first year all I wanted to do was get to the point of establishing a solid foundation.

I have achieved that - and more!

In the last 4 weeks, I have seen my organic traffic rise exponentially and referrals to my affiliate programs have increased with the same trajectory. The highest so far is 5 referrals in 1 night, 3 of those referrals are now paying customers and I will soon be receiving commissions.

6 of my affiliate programs (including WA) are now attracting referrals and I am working on conversions.

5. Domain Investments

Thanks to Jeff, I now know that I made some great investments with my domain names. My 5 domains are estimated at over $6,000. and I will be investing in 3 more this week.

Remember, domains are online real estate and therefore assets. The right names, like well located property, are in high demand. They are assets.

I have stumbled upon a little domain niche based on naming protocols that result in domains jumping to over $1,500 in estimated value once purchased. Not a bad ROI at all!

So there you have it. As you know, there are numerous other avenues to earn income online. I haven't even spoken about lucrative areas like blogging and drop-shipping which are on my strategic agenda for 2021.

As Eugene so rightly shared, we are in THE BEST place to learn about online entrepreneurship!

The only thing standing between you and success is, well . . . YOU!

Have a fruitful week.


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Recent Comments


Hi Cassi, Happy Friday.
This is delayed response to your post, as I was away for a few months, and playing catch up.

I am renewing my mnd here at WA, and going through a relearning process, and I was glad to see the other options to build various streams of income.

It sounds like you have been working on this for some time. I wish you much success moving forward, and will be checking up on your journey.

I will keep you on my to conact list, if I need to reach out for advice.

Have a blessed weekend.


Love that image, Carla!

The possibilities are endless for us at WA!
It all depends on how creative you are prepared to be.

I look forward to keeping in touch.

Yes please lets keep in touch. I woukd like to learn from you.

We will learn from each other, Carla. 🙂

Thank you.

Cassie, I really enjoyed the post (as usual....👍) I’m especially loving the “Domain investments” as an income stream. too read a couple of posts recently about this type of income stream and have to say had never even considered. But to be able to increase the value by $1500 post purchase is some kind of wizardry.

I think this needs closer inspection. Did you say Jeff B wrote the post? Could you possibly add the link?


Here we go, Cordelia: Jeff is doing great with his investments. 🙂

Like you, it was not something that I considered before Jeff's great series.

Thank you for your contribution.

Hi Cassi,

Amazing post, and more for the achievements you got. You truly have the Midas touch I would say.

Also, you are right: the only one to blame for our lack of success is that one we see each morning at the mirror.

Thank you for sharing and I hope to hear more about your promising endeavors.

- Felix.

That is exactly my point, Felix.

The potential for us here is limitless.
We just have to leverage the opportunities.

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement.

Well done Cassi, well well well, you are well engaged in business. What I like about you is that you don't kid around, you are moving and making things happen. I told you the other day, your "top of Mount Everest" moment is fast approaching. Thanks for the mention of one of my blogs, I really appreciate.

Can you see me beaming, Eugene? 😊😀

I LOVE your blogs and am going to seek out more opportunities to promote them - internally and externally.
After reading them, few can say "no" to our WA opportunity.

You can't beat that!

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