2021 Blog - 2022 ORGANIC Comment Leads To $2,000 COACHING Client

Last Update: Jul 28, 2022

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Managing Another Growth Spurt

I am at it again.

Pushing the envelope and the boundaries of our online profession. Trust me when I tell you that most of us have not yet even skimmed the surface of what is possible.

My biggest business challenge continues to be getting more achieved with the limited time resource that I have. That means continuously improving how I manage my time.


A Simple Blog In 2021

In January 2021, I wrote a very simple blog post on Career Coaching. No frills. Nothing fancy.

Career transition, with the Great Resignation and all, is a major global focus these days. Our website's traffic has been growing steadily.

We rank on the 1st page of Google, Bing and Yahoo for some unique keywords like congruent behaviour. So, I have started to capitalise on that to build our ranking and credibility using other keywords like Career Coaching.

1st Organic Comment On The Blog Post

Yesterday, I was so happy to read my first organic comment on this blog post.

Of course, I had to jump up and down a few times, exercise my lungs and do a soca dance.

After that though, I responded via email and shared a brief career coaching guideline and assessment.

No pressure. No selling.

I ended with a simple note to inform that I would be happy to explore IF my intervention could help him or his sister.

Simple. Clear. Direct.

A New Coaching Client

And here is the welcomed surprise.

At around 6:30 PM last evening an email notification came in. I checked the email to discover that it was from this gentleman. He said he was available at 8 PM ET. His sister would be with him and they would "love to have an initial discussion."

Zoom meeting set.

We spoke for a little over an hour.

Again, without asking or selling, they both enquired about my availability and if I would be willing to work with them - both!

You know that meant another happy soca dance, right?!

2 new Clients. Initial fees of $1,000. each.

Embrace The Grind

I cannot say enough about the benefits of investing the time and effort needed to build your online profession and business.

You cannot simply pay Wealthy Affiliate (WA) - or anyone for that matter - a heap of money and expect to succeed.

That is absolute madness!

Get off the fence.

  • Work at it.
  • Take the grind.
  • Establish yourself.
  • Work some more.
  • Be consistent.
  • Have patience.
  • Follow the training.
  • Reach out for any help you need.

You CAN Change YOUR Script!!!


Recent Comments


Good morning Cassi,

It's so good to see all your hard work paying off! I know that you have been very focused and determined since you first arrived on the Wealthy Affiliate platform!

I'm also glad that you can see the power and potential of the Internet! I like your wise words, entitled; "embrace the grind" very wise and true words indeed.

Thank you for your very encouraging post, I know it will inspire many members to move forward.

Have a great day.


You are very welcome, Roy.

Your support means a lot to me.

Have a good weekend.

Hi, Cassi

You are unstoppable! 👍👍😊

If you’re not already outsourcing work, I’m sure you’re thinking about it.

As you continue to scale your businesses you’ll be looking to hire for full time positions.

All the best, Cassi! The Skies the Limit!

Frank, I outsource keyword research and blog structure to 1 Copywriter at the moment.
She is progressing very well and I am working with her to become my 1st full-time outsourced Writer.

I took that approach for her to understand my writing goals and my personal style.

By year-end, I will be adding another and starting the training cycle again.

It is the best way to grow and scale.

The sky IS the limit!

Have a great weekend.


That is an excellent strategy, Cassi!

Enjoy your weekend, too!

Thank you, very much, for your endorsement, Frank.

The weekend will be wonderful.
We have a Public Holiday on Monday to celebrate the emancipation of slavery.


Hi, Cassi

Ah, Yes - The Slavery Abolition Act of 1833. What a landmark event! Stacy & I will celebrate it with you!

Unfortunately, racism continues to exist in the US and all areas of the "civilized" world. How stupid do you have to be to believe that one person is any better than another, for whatever reason?

I hope you have something fun planned for your three day weekend!

Nice work Cassi!

Kyle, all of these successes are because of WA.
I can never thank you and Carson enough.

Your recognition means a lot.

Soca dance indeed, Cassi
Well done and congratulations
I'm so happy for you
This is the first of many, many more to come

They have been flowing in slowly, Simone.
I am working on improving the frequency and those revenue figures. 🙂

Thank you.

Hold on tight , Cassi
Be prepare for the overflow ;)

I will, Simone!!

Thank you. 🤗


Awesome :)

Great advice and an even better achievement.

Thank you, Jim.

You're welcome.

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