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I'm Ron Knod, 77 year old dude from Fresno, Ca. USA. and a Korean War Veteran with 51 years of offline marketing experience beginning in 1959 with Amway. When my wife was alive we had large teams in Avon, Fuller Brush and Watkins. She was a GREAT woman who went to heaven at 68 years of age. I miss her dearly. 3 years of online marketing experience.....mostly BAD! Glad to be with WA where I can "plant my feet on solid ground"! May my efforts and determination produce the kind of results I've always hoped for. Love to gamble and sing country music songs. Got a few years left to build a fortune for my grandkids. Looking for a NEW CAR TOO! Love to give away "GOLD" How about you?
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smokeywins Premium
Welcome to WA!
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Hi Ron, Welcome wishing success for you here at WA. Cheers!
Alex J Premium
Hello Ron, cheers to you for pursuing this at a young age of 77! I commend you and know that we're all here to support you in this journey. This is definitely the right place to learn the proper way to be an internet marketer. Best of luck to you!
Labman Premium
Welcome to WA
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Welcome to the WA family
cash4ume Premium
Thanks...MR Music..AKA Jamie, Glad to be onboard. Love your high ranking.. What a man!, Ron Knod cash4ume