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Last Update: February 06, 2021

One Suggestion To Improve Your Site

Take a look at Hubspot Tools/Website Grader powered by Google. IT's FREE and really informative with very quick 3 minute results. Basically it is a quick website optimization course.

Did I say FREE? Take a serious look. I did, and my results are as follows before I make improvements which are also FREE.

1. Performance 7/30...oops. Help to improve comes FREE.

2. SEO 30/30... Nice. Thanks WA

3. Mobile 20/30...Needs work. Help to improve comes FREE

4. Security 10/10...Thanks WA

My Site Is OK.

Not too shabby, but needs improvement. I strictly took the FREE website optimization course. I will also follow up with more Free courses to improve my grades shown above. My website grader took only 3 minutes. Follow up may be longer for each area you want to improve.

Warning...My Advice.

Don't accidentally sign up for the FREE 14-day trial. I don't recommend at any point. That will be your decision.

Just get the basics FREE.

I'll Do A Follow Up For Improvements I See.

It will be interesting to look at results from these FREE very short courses. I'll post results on Monday or Tuesday.

Till next time.

P.S. This is strictly something that may help you. I get no fee for this.


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ChrisM21 Premium
I checked this out and found that I had to be very careful when selecting the results from my search. I did manage to find the website grader powered by google but when I used it to check my site I received the response "sorry our graders are all busy at the moment, try again later" patience is a virtue.
Carson2 Premium
Did you check hubspot website grader?
Carson2 Premium
Optimization course.
ChigsGohel Premium
Thanks for sharing this, Carson 😊👍🏼
Carson2 Premium
You bet, Chigs.
Newme202 Premium
Thank you for sharing Carson
Carson2 Premium
Sure enough.
james5273 Premium
Thanks for your great advice Carson!
Carson2 Premium
You bet, James.
drjec Premium
Thanks. This is something I am going to check out. That's a great thing about WA. Something I have never heard of I find out about because great folks like you share your experiences.
Carson2 Premium
I hope it will be helpful.