Hands On Learning. Constantly. Methodically.

Last Update: February 20, 2021


I have a ton to learn yet, after 1 and 1/ 2 years...and I'm looking forward to it.

They (Facebook) make it sound easy, and I've found with everything else, it's quite a challenge to be proficient in a short amount of time.

Yes, we all learn, and become efficient at different paces. We start with a bachelors degree (you might say), and move on to a doctorate of affiliate marketing. Are you that committed?

The message is the same for all the items listed below, I chose to do. It's all methodical, constant, hands on learning, with all the time you are able to commit to it.

ONE MORE THING... Setting up an initial, beginning, no frill's website, can happen in a very few minutes. That's the beginning, and only the beginning. There's much more!

Be prepared to appreciate what it's going to take to have a good, passive, income. It bares repeating: methodical, constant, hands on learning.

On the WA platform, we never stop learning, and WA guides us through much of this process. That's why I chose their affiliate program over others.

I didn't choose them for the quick buck (That almost never happens). They provide the : "Go to steps", and you provide the "Get go".

If you want it, here it is. Come and get it.






WA Training




CJ Affiliate (AWIN)

Toll Free Number

Live Chat








There's More, But Why? You Have The Idea.

Till next time.


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Cali Premium
Don't look at the top of the stairs, look at the next step! I am pro mode for making it on your own. I have worked for K-Mart, they're gone, Monkey ward, they're gone, So many others and in the end, they do not worry about my welfare! That is for me to concern myself with. So today is another day I am working on making my future for myself, not another company but my company, my business. And if I go in thinking I know it all, the fall is gonna hurt!

Jesus said it best, with a child on his knee he said unless your willing to be like one of these, you will never be able to enter the gates of heaven. A child's mind is a sponge and takes in everything, has no fear of the unknown.

Action makes all the difference in the world, today I commit to taking action, if it does not work out, I will comment to changing course. I am the captain of my own ship!
drjec Premium
You sure laid it all out very clearly. We have so many tools. We just have to use them.
Carson2 Premium
It's like going to school for each one, no doubt.
AlexEvans Premium
Well said, Carson, theory is one thing, hands on learning and application is the only way to go and certainly takes things to a totally new level.

Great reminder, Carson.

Chipping away daily is the only way to go.
Carson2 Premium
I'm chipping and I know you are too. Thanks for dropping by Alex.
Lazyblogger Premium
Nice approach and very good affiliate programs you mention there. My favourite for this month is ShareASale. Great post!

Carson2 Premium
Appreciate this, David.
Lazyblogger Premium
You welcome
Newme202 Premium
Really helpful blog Carter. Which social media are you signed up to?
Carson2 Premium
Every one on the post. How's it go?
Newme202 Premium
Really, that's awesome