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A Complete Money-Making Site Isn't. Are you ready to put this in high gear? The sooner, the quicker... "We'll See You At The Top!"If you are not affiliate business friendly, to begin with, you will be. BUT it doesn't come easy folks. It's intentional learning to achieve a successful future,(whatever that means to you.)Rest assured, the more you learn, the greater you'll eventually earn. TIME spent on this endeavor is essential, (whatever free moments you have.)Whatever excitement brought you to
March 07, 2021
Absolutely Beautiful Day In So Many PlacesI wish you all a terrific day, whatever your schedule holds for you. This is basically my day off with my wife.Just dropped by to wish you all that life can bring, and trust the WA program is productive every day in some way.That's it. Blessings to all and share your blessings to others, as well.Carson2
FacebookI have a ton to learn yet, after 1 and 1/ 2 years...and I'm looking forward to it. They (Facebook) make it sound easy, and I've found with everything else, it's quite a challenge to be proficient in a short amount of time. Yes, we all learn, and become efficient at different paces. We start with a bachelors degree (you might say), and move on to a doctorate of affiliate marketing. Are you that committed?The message is the same for all the items listed below, I chose to do. It's all met
If I Tried. (Thanks to the Monkeys)No monkeying around at my age. If I weren't in WA, I wouldn't be looking around for anything else...but:I'm Caught In A Trap. I Can't Look Back. (Elvis)Because I love you too much baby! Why can't you see, what you're doing to me? WA that is.Well The First Thing 'Ya Know...(No Clue)'Ole Jed's a MILLIONAIRE (I'm next). He finally come clean, with some new underwear. So he grabbed hold his family, and did what he could, stepped on the gas, and moved to Hollywood.
Up There...Somewhere.You are still my guiding light, Mom. Happy Valentines Day.
February 08, 2021
Last FridayI shared about a FREE website Optimization Course. Check that out, as all information is there. No need to be redundant.My Follow UpChanges had to be made. Improvement was essential. I was not qualified to accomplish this to the extent I wanted. Quite honestly, I wasn't qualified at all.Enter My Freelancer. This will be short. It took about 6 hours to rectify my problems. On a grading system that was used during different stages of repair: I started with an F, moved to a D, C, B, and
February 06, 2021
One Suggestion To Improve Your SiteTake a look at Hubspot Tools/Website Grader powered by Google. IT's FREE and really informative with very quick 3 minute results. Basically it is a quick website optimization course.Did I say FREE? Take a serious look. I did, and my results are as follows before I make improvements which are also FREE.1. Performance 7/30...oops. Help to improve comes FREE.2. SEO 30/30... Nice. Thanks WA3. Mobile 20/30...Needs work. Help to improve comes FREE4. Security 1
February 04, 2021
TIME.T otallyI mportantM anagementE xperienceWhen it comes to WA, quality time spent is so important...just like life in general. If we totally manage this important experience called WA, good results can come.How are we spending our time at WA? Can't answer for you. We all popped on board for a reason (probably money goals).Time really can be on our side at WA. However, whether an hour a day, or more, we must put in quality time for quality results. None of what I've said is new, but someti
February 03, 2021
No Big Deal. I'm Getting A Leg Up On This! In the time noted, I'll be able to walk again. OK. Enough of the "Poor Me" diatribe. Forward!I've Been Really Up During This Down Time. How about all of you in WA? Have you had those moments of "Too Pooped To Pop"? You know what I mean? How do you get yourself out of it, and back on the road? Can't speak for you.My Personal Challenge & How I've Handled It. My feeling is, almost everyone here has learned to approach challenges in a positive way. Tha
February 03, 2021
Your the end of the pot of gold. Your daddy's little have and to hold.Your sugar and spice andevery thing nice.And your daddy's little girl.