Websites at WA Even More Powerful and Secure than Ever!

Last Update: February 19, 2015

Today we have completed a significant update to the entire website network at Wealthy Affiliate.

The website industry is struggling with protecting WordPress websites from hacking and from a massive botnet which is constantly trying to break into your website by guessing your user passwords. No web hosting company in the world is doing a good job at protecting passwords, managing them, and keeping the hard work of the website owners safe and secure at all times.

We see this as opportunity to do what no other company is able to do, while at the same time create a password management and security layer that is unparalleled, and quite frankly light years ahead of the "rest" of the hosting industry.

I would like to spend a few minutes here to explain why websites at Wealthy Affiliate are the most secure, powerful, and streamlined anywhere in the world.

Password Management & Auto Login

How many times have you forgotten your password and had to request it using the forgot password function? This is one of the most prevalent issues with owning a website, but it's no longer an issue at WA because we now allow you to reset your passwords and enable auto-login right from your SiteManager details page. You can now auto login and manage passwords for all Administrator users of your website.

If you have a custom password right now, we won't know what it is, so you will want to SYNCHRONIZE your password. This will reset it to a far more secure password, and enable auto-login for that user.

In many cases you will already have a secure password that was installed with your website. In this case your auto login will work right away like it always has.

If you ever want to change your password, simply click on RESET, and we will generate a brand new secure password for you.

So, can I choose my own password?

Part of our new security for your website is password management. We now create passwords for you that cannot be guessed or hacked. Along with the security benefit of us creating secure passwords for you, comes our ability to maintain the auto-login feature for all of your admin website users. This means that you can click the "log in" button and be instantly logged in. Never worry about manually logging into your website again or forgetting what your passwords are, just come into WA and you will be right into your websites with one click!

If you would like to access your site directly without logging into WA, you can still do that and all of your existing passwords will continue to work. However, in order to use our auto-login feature you will need to synchronize the password to ensure it is secure and safe.

Adding New Users, the New Process

When adding new users or editing users within your WordPress admin area, you will notice that there is no password field. As mentioned above, we generate your secure passwords for you, and email you with the password for your records.

You can see all Admin user's from your Website Manager area right here at WA, so if at any time you want to know your admin password, you can see it right there.

It is not necessary to remember your passwords anymore because you can auto-login directly from within WA!

Security Taken to a Whole New Level

A lot of what we have done with this update has happened in the back end and it's not something you will be able to "see". We have done something that no other WordPress hosting provider has done, we've disabled the botnet from being able to attempt to break into your website.

The botnet breaks into millions of WordPress websites and uses them for DDoS attacks, spam, malware, and other malicious activity. In a lot of cases you will never know if you have been compromised. We have now protected you and your hard work from being compromised and used for malicious activity.

Part of the reason most web hosts have trouble keeping WordPress websites up and running (they are constantly having mass “outages”) is because of botnets and the massive strain these attacks like this put on servers. We have completely eliminated the ability for the botnet to hit your website, and this means that your website is going to function better.

Less load on your site equates a higher performing site too! This will lead to many benefits including faster loading pages, higher rankings in Google and the major search engines, and a better experience for your users.

The website platform here at Wealthy Affiliate is truly breaking new ground in the hosting industry and is moving faster than industry standards. No more password trouble, no more trouble logging in, no more having passwords hacked, no more being locked out of your websites, no more hassle, period!

Our ongoing goal is to provide you with the absolute best website building experience that you can get anywhere in the world. These updates have taken WA yet another step above any other Wordpress website host out there and we are proud to make this available to everyone at WA today!

We are just getting started with our SiteRubix website platform innovations and we cannot wait to release the next batch of improvements and features that we are already in development!

We really think that you will love these changes, but as always, we would love to hear your feedback and comments below :)


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pbar47 Premium
Thank you so much Carson !! I was just looking at my site speed yesterday. This is great news ( and timely too) Thanks again!!!
Carson Premium Plus
Hey there Paulette!

A lot of sites on our network are loading faster than 95% other sites out we're incredibly happy with how our security measures have given WA hosted websites an added boost! First and foremost - security has been improved and password management has been made a lot easer!

pbar47 Premium
I just used the regenerate feature!! Excellent!!! Thanks. I might just do this once a week. Thanks again for taking care of us!!!
Alan Hocking Premium
It just gets better!

I'll be moving my site over when my present hosting comes up for renewal :)
Carson Premium Plus
Looking forward to it Alan!
LucindaF Premium
Thanks Carson. I wondered what that was about when I logged into my website. Great news.
Carson Premium Plus
Hi Lucinda - glad that you've been able to make use of the auto-login feature, it's a huge time saver! Thanks for chiming in :)
Lamburg Premium
Thank you for everything you and Kyle do for this community! :-)
Michelle04 Premium
Thank you Carson. I really appreciate what you guys do behind the scenes to keep our sites as safe as possible. The added security feature is great, thanks again for all you do!