WA Profile Makeover - A New Look, Plus Badges!

Last Update: Nov 7, 2016


Hey Everyone,

We've been busy in the background at WA and we're continuing on with the trend today with our latest release...a makeover to the WA Profile!

The new profile is an updated look to take us into 2017, but it's not just been made to look "pretty". We packed this release with some brand new stuff that I'm going to tell you about right now!

Introducing WA Badges (Accomplishments)!

We've long wanted to release a system that can track your progress in a fun and motivating way! Badges at WA are now part of everyone's profiles at WA. Badges are earned at different milestones of your time here at WA! We've released 11 badges with the initial release, and we've got many more to come.

Current badges include:

  • Account Setup
  • Community Join
  • First Website
  • Google Index
  • Premium
  • Certification
  • Dedication
  • Ambassador
  • Rank
  • Website Posts
  • Website Comments.

Hover over your badges and you'll get a description of what the badges are and how you achieve them! Badges that you've achieved will include color, badges that you can work to achieve are light grey!

You'll be notified when you achieve badges with pop-ups like the one below - fun right?

You can view badges on your profile, you can blog to let others know about your accomplishments too right from the pop-up.

A Brand New Blog Too!

The updates today extend to your Blog page as well! You're going to notice a fresh blog page, an updated look, and links to popular posts that you've made, and new posts! The updated blog is gong to give your content posted here at WA much more exposure, and it's a lot more fun to read!

Have a look:

and...a New Question Area!

Questions have been updated to show all of your questions! It's now much easier to keep track of your questions in the system, and you'll see how many responses you've got from folks!

You can browse your fellow member's questions too - learn from what they've asked, and the answers they've received. Of course, as always, questions are part of the main "search" in WA, so if you ever have a question, pop it in there and you will see similar questions asked with answers!

Finally, a Totally Updated Training Area to manage Training you Created!

View your training and see metrics associated with it. You can see your training credit levels and what levels you're working towards. You will see latest questions that you can access right away and head over to answer. You're also able to see updates that have been requested!

We all know that the internet changes very frequently, that means that content can become outdated. So, we've built a new feature into all training here at WA where you can request updates and leave a message to the author of that content!

Look for the "Request Update" button in training throughout WA. If you feel that something needs an update, leave the author a message and tell them what you think. We all benefit from constantly updated content and this is a great way to keep everything up to date!

When you are on your own Training Tab within your profile, you'll see training items that require updates highlighted at the top. You can mark them as resolved once you've made updates to the training :)

Phew...that was a lot!

Today's update to the user Profile was vast. It is all geared toward better communication, more thorough training, more help, and a more interactive and FUN WA experience!

We would love to hear your thoughts and what you like/dislike about the new updates. There were over 200 changes that went into this release, so I definitely left some of the fine details out...hopefully you love what we've done!

Leave us a message below :)


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Recent Comments


Awesome new ideas, Carson.I love the badges. They bring a credability to my ownership of my part in WA. It also boosts my self-esteem.
The SSL badge I think is a plus for our websites. In this day and age of hacking, it will put our traffic at ease.
The more I use WA the more I like it and the eaiser it is to navagate. It's like viviting a monster castle, at first you don't know which way to turn.
Wonderful changes, keep up the awesome work, Keith

Hello Carson,

Just want to tell you that the New Look is awesome,you and Kyle are always introducing new features that gives us additional tools to pursuit our goals.

I am so very Blessed to be here with ALL OF YOU AMAZING PEOPLE! To God I Give The Glory and I ask Him to continue to Shower His Abundant Blessing UpOn Each and EveryOne Of You.

I Praise His Holy Name;
Hallelujah and Amen;
Your Brother In Christ;
P.S The WA Profile Makeover is absolutely magnificent,Great Job Guys.I Love It.

From a marketing perspective the changes are pretty awesome. From a members perspective I think you and the team have to a spark and motivation in us. Just the badges alone, that is all I have been reading about for the last hour, have made members feel good about what they have achieved, including me. Thanks a lot Carson and the team.

Fabulous Makeover. Many thanks Carson and all involved.
I especially like the Request Update button on trainings.

You may have this one in the pipeline...
On questions we ask could we have a button to say that it's been answered when we've received the solution & that it's tagged accordingly.
Many a time comments are left on a question (which is great) but because they count as replies it can be deceiving that the question has been answered/solved. In my mind it would be a great time saver for all when researching or when looking to help someone out.


You don't stop to impress me, don't know why I didn't find you before, but I'm so glad I found you now.
As a newbie, here, there is something that can be helpful.

In the training - add some info/popup, letting new readers know that there were changes to the UI or other content.
Something like the popup that you get in YouTube when you have an updated video.

Promises made - Promises kept. I am thrilled with the changes Carson as part of the rollout you previously mentioned. I appreciate the instant shortcutting that bridges so many intermediate steps to find personal data. One thing. When you change classroom training sequences and content every so often, does the training accomplishment track get updated to adapt to this?

It's a fantastic upgrade Carson. Thank you so much.

I like having the list of training showing the latest first instead of the oldest first. Good call.

The badges are inspirational and motivational. Kudos!

The only thing I don't like is the questions in the right-hand column being squashed up with just a single line for each question. I know that you've done it because some people were having difficulty seeing the questions lower down in the list. I think having only one line per question makes the question harder to understand at first glance and could lead to some questions not getting answered quickly.

Apart from that it's GREAT!

This is really value for money - it is so hard to find something that is so out-of-box and yet have a tremendous value in it.

Thanks for keeping WA continue to live up to it's name.

Not sure if there will any feature to have it more mobile friendly as I am often on the road and keep scrolling left and right of the screen to reach to click on a function.

That's al for all and I am sure one day this mobile friendly will be there.


Earlier today I was catching up on new followers. I always thank them for the follow and follow back if I'm not already following them.

I clicked to a new followers profile and it looked really different. I hadn't seen your announcement Carson, but this totally explains it. Wow, you and your team have been working hard. I'm still getting over the excitement of the SSL Secure Certificates announcement.

It looks like a lot has changed on our profile pages. I'm really interested to see how the Request an Update function for WA Training is going to work. Another member and I were discussing the need for something like this more than a year ago.

WA just keeps getting better and better ... thank you.

Love this update. The request update button on training is a nice touch.

I'd love to see an active/inactive member indicator too when you're viewing someone's profile. Maybe for when someone doesn't login/pay for a period of time. Would save you private messaging someone who is no longer active on the website.

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