WA Chat Gets a BIG Upgrade! - Feedback Welcome

Last Update: September 22, 2011

Since we launched WA Chat we have been working in the background on many upgrades.  We have just released a number of upgrades which I would like to outline here:

More Space - the chat window is now larger and it allows us to display a real-time list of what chats are happening at WA.  No need to open and close windows anymore, you can flip between your chats right within a single window.

Like - If you like a message, click “like”, the more you click like, the better a chat will become and it will let others know where to find the best information.  Clicking like is completely anonymous so no one will know if you like something or not.  So, when you see a helpful message, click “like” and help others find it too!

Summary Tab - there are new tabs within the chat rooms now.  The summary tab is a list of messages that have received a “like” from you or others.  The idea is that the summary will be made up of messages that people like and that are helpful.  The summary is a good place to read some of those GEMS within a chat room.  You can view any chat message from the summary in the live conversation by clicking on the “View in conversation” link.

@Messages for me Tab - When someone replies to you, these messages are now stored in the @Messages for me tab.  This will easily let you reply to others and bring to your attention that someone is talking to you!  When you reply to a message from your @Messages for me tab, the message will be displayed in the Live Conversation.

Likes Tab - When someone likes a message that you’ve written, that message goes into your “likes” tab.  This helps you keep track of what kind of information people have found helpful!  It can also help you remember how you have contributed to the discussion in the past.

Spotlight - You may see some chats light up on your dashboard and within your chat lists.  Spot light chats are meant to draw your attention to them.  Kyle and I control the spotlights.  If we see something that is highly active, helpful, and that everyone can benefit from, we’ll give it the spotlight!

This conversation is about (Beta) - we have developed a system that can help determine what content is about.  This system is being tested in the WA chat windows and you will see a number of phrases at the top of a chat.  These phrases are meant to give a summary of what the chat is about, hot phrases, hot topics etc.

Off Topic - Discussions are always more helpful if we stay on topic, so if at anytime you want to give someone a little reminder to keep things on the topic, you can click the “off topic” link.  What this does is gives the recipient a little message within their chat window reminding them to stay on topic.  This is completely anonymous so feel free to click off topic if you feel the conversation is going astray.

We are constantly working on upgrading WA and feedback from members is always welcome.  If you have any feedback, suggestions, or have things that you may want in the future, please let us know! 

Leave me a comment below!

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Could not find any better place to say "Thanks for all you do here!"
Labman Premium
Had a question on one of the new features. I see a chat on my Spaces page. If I wanted to work with a member privately in a chat is this where it is done? Is this chat posted over to the main chat page or is it a semi-private feature?
Jamie Smith Premium
Cheers brother Carson, thanks again for all your hard work! In my opinion, the new WA live chat is awesome. WA continues to get better and better, and it already is kick ass. Oh yes, the future looks very bright.
Labman Premium
Thanks again for all of your work. You guys are making this place even more awesome than it was before.
Not sure if I like the new format but I'm getting the hang of it. Old fart's are set in their ways ya know.
Malablues Premium
I'm lovin' the new chat! Not sure if it is part of the upgrade, but it appears that the entire chat history is now visible, whereas in the past you had to keep scrolling down to see more. That was a pain. Likes - what a great concept!