Transferring Your Domains to WA - It's Now Possible!

Last Update: Mar 31, 2016


Hi Everyone,

We have just rolled out a very highly requested feature of the new SiteDomains platform at WA. This new features allows you to transfer domains from other Domain Registrars, to WA!

In early February 2016, we introduced our SiteDomains platform that allows for anyone to register their own domain names right here at WA. It was requested many times right from the get-go to be able to transfer domains from other Registrars (i.e.: Godaddy, Namecheap etc) over to our platform. This is now a reality, it's LIVE, and anyone can now move their domains over to WA SiteDomains.

How do You Transfer a Domain?

Transferring a domain from a registrar is not the same as pointing your domain's DNS. A domain transfer is actually moving the domain to another registrar. For example. If you originally purchased your domain at, you could transfer your domain over to our SiteDomain platform where all features of your domain (including payment and renewals) would be handled right here. For a full list of features included with SiteDomains, you can read my launch post here.

There are really just a couple things that you need to do in order to transfer your domain over to WA.

1 - You need a Transfer Code

Domain Transfer Codes (sometimes called EPP Codes) are codes that your current domain registrar will give you. It's like a secret key that you need to give the new Registrar to verify that you own the domain and are in-fact authorized to transfer the domain.

2 - Transfer or Domain Lock

Many domain registrars, including SiteDomains here at WA, will have protection called domain lock or transfer lock. In order to transfer a domain you must turn transfer lock OFF at the existing registrar.

3 - Verification by Email

Once you initiate a transfer here at WA SiteDomains by entering your authorization code, you'll be sent an email to the registrant email address of the domain. In the email there will be a link that you need to click to verify that you own the domain and want to transfer it. Click the verification link and the transfer will start.

How Long Does a Transfer Take?

Transfers usually can be done in just a few hours, but it can take up to 5 days to transfer a domain to WA. When you are sent emails from your registrar, read them carefully because in many cases there are links that you can click that will transfer the domain IMMEDIATELY vs waiting for the typical 3-5 days. for example gives you the ability to transfer it immediately, and it actually only takes a few minutes. Namecheap is another that allows you to transfer your domains in about an hour or so. It's very quick.

Does it Cost Anything to Transfer Your Domains?

Yes but it's not a fee. In order to transfer a domain from one registrar to another you typically have to renew the domain for 1 or more years. With WA SiteDomains, you can renew your domain for just one year if you like. What this means is that you add one year to your existing registration. Some companies charge fees transfer your domain, but we've kept the cost as low as possible and simply require you to renew your domain with us before transferring.

Domain Transfers are now integrated into the SiteDomain platform. If you have domains registered at "Other" registrars, you will see a "Transfer to WA" button beside them on your Domain page here:

You can transfer the domain over to WA at any time and you will not incur any downtime on your websites. We've tested many of the top registrars and there is zero website downtime when transferring a domain. Your DNS will not change when you transfer a domain so regardless where your web hosting is, you are only transferring over your domain with this process.

We're really excited with this new feature addition to the SiteRubix platform and we look forward to being able to accept your entire domain portfolio so that you can keep things under one roof!

I look forward to hearing how your experience is with transferring domains to the WA SiteDomain platform!



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Recent Comments


I have made a mess out of transfering from to WA. First I had stated the wrong code. I tried to cancel but was still charged $13.99. Sesond time I got the right code but i had not enabled the permission to transfer. I was charged another $13.95. I have now enabled the permission to transfer and also got the right code. However. if I try again it seems to cost me another $13.95. It should not cost me more than one time $13.95. And in the future I just as well purchase the domains from WA. PLEASE HELP me to solve this problem

Let domain expire and then purchase on WA. KISS principal . . .

I am now in the situation whereby I have transferred four domains to WA..

I have the nameservers pointing to WA. and should be active now.

I am looking at changing the registration from the old host to WA.

I noted that a years subscription be paid before changing registration to WA.

The sites have expiry dates as follows:

Sept 10 2017
Jan 13 2018
April 18 2018
April 22 2018.

How would I get a one year advance on these sites, do I go to their registered host and just 'renew'?

I would appreciate some help with this,


I suggest you send Carson a Personal Message. He will definitely be able to give you a precise answer. Keep us updated. Thx.

Hi Usiba, thank you for that, I shall certainly look to contact Carson.

It is just trying to follow the system, I sometimes get a little confused on how to proceed.

But I am a die-hard, and will never be guilty of giving up.

Thank you again for your comment, and I shall keep you updated.

Too success,


Thank for your reply Tom. All the best my friend.

I think now I've read this that I finally understand why even though I already have my hosting at WA, I don't have anything registered in the 'Site Domains' section in my Site Builder. Aha! Only thing is, I recently renewed my domain name with Name Cheap, (literally about 2-3 weeks ago) and I have no money to pay any more fees. So does that mean I can't transfer it until I do? Wish I'd seen this before I paid it, could have done it in one.

Well, you could transfer it over now but WA domains would charge you for a year or whatever you wanted for the domain. You could just put a date in your calendar when you have the funds and then initiate the transfer then.

Thanks Steve. I will have to do that.

Hi Carson,
I did submit a new domain transfer with the verification code, and did pay the $13 for the additional year's subscribtion. That has been almost two weeks ago. When I go to the site manager to start building the site, it says that the request has been submitted. Does it sometimes take longer?


Rick you might want to submit a support ticket on this one. It should not take this long.

Okay, will do.


I'm not tech savvy so I don't understand the terminology, how is it different transferring domain and transferring hosting?

I have a domain in Godaddy and another one in HostGator that I'd like to transfer to WA but in the transfer page there are 2 options and I don't know which one to choose, why and where do I get the transfer code?

Why don't you just point the servers to WA Ana? It is much simpler than doing a full transfer right away. I use GoDaddy often and it is pretty easy to change the server address. Not familiar with host gator. That training should be right behind this one or before it. Not sure at the moment.

Tks! I'll look for that training, I still don't understand the difference, and why is it better to do what you suggest than transfer them?

It is not necessarily better Ana but for some just easier and it is done almost immediately. The transfer can take some time to complete. You don't need a 'code' when you change the servers to point to WA. You are not transferring when you change the servers to point here.
At GoDaddy you just have to click on your domain name and then change the DNS (I think I have that right) There are instructions for this as well in your training.


I'm having a problem with following this process for a .uk domain. My registrar is requesting the IPS Tag of my new provider (WA), rather than giving me a transfer code as described above. I think this may be because it's a .uk. Does this mean I can't transfer a or a .uk to WA?

I suggest you get in touch with Tech Support.
I'm in the UK and never had any bother.

Hi - thanks for the reply. So you've managed to transfer a domain to WA with a .uk or With my registrar, .com etc are fine - it's just the uk extensions I'm having problems with.

I don't have a dot uk with WA but shouldn't be a problem.
Get in touch with Tech Support Kathy and they WILL sort it out for you.

My first support ticket submitted :)

They're usually pretty quick getting back to you.
I have to say that there are lots of members with the dot country of their preference so you should be ok as well.

You're right - they WERE quick. All sorted - I couldn't transfer the uk sites to the WA registration service but they can host the sites when the nameservers have been pointed. This only took a few minutes and the website is now showing on my SiteRubix.

Great you got it fixed though I am surprised you couldn't transfer a Dot UK.
I've seen lots of dot country sites within WA so maybe as you say they have just been pointed to WA and SiteRubix.
Anyway enjoy the rest of your Friday.

Thanks for this insight. Today I purchased a domain name with Godaddy and tried to point the DNS to Hostgator - but after I purchased the domain name, it said I could not transfer the DNS for two months.

Is there a way around this? I don't want to use Godaddy's webhosting. I've been with Hostgator since 2008.

Question: I know that we can host a max of 25 domains here on WA. What about the purchase and registration of domains with WA's registrar? Is the max number also 25, or could I buy and register more than that? I have domain names on other registrars that I've bought first but won't be using yet, and which I'm thinking of transferring to WA.

I wanted to transfer one domain from I paid already here, at WA for it one week ago. Unfortunately, verification email did not respond, something failed and now WA asks to pay again. Without it, I can not transfer this domain. It does not matter that I got a new authorization code from Maybe it is a glitch in the system, who knows?Anyway, if it is paid for one year already, it supposed to let transfer the domain here.
I guess that authorization codes are time sensitive.

OK Carson,
i have done all that and I still cannot access my domain name and transfer my content from siterubix to WA. Received the code and placed it, set web managers to point to WA and still when I go to move it says It is locked or not old enough (60 days). Whats Up? this is getting very frustrating!!!

Hello Paula,

Sounds like a technical issue that comes from Wealthy Affiliate end (:
I'd suggest you to contact with Site Support to get technical support for your website.

Support is super-fast in WA, I believe you get it solved in no time, you just have to ask to give it a try.
Be so kind & let us know what solution they come up with & if you need any further assistance.


Well after my 2nd call to support and 3 days of going crazy it finally happened!!! I am now transferred and working on my site the way I wanted. Thanks to everyone who tried to help and to all those blogs I read and posts and ....... Well, you get the point. THANKS! Mission Accomplished.

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