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Last Update: March 07, 2017

Hey everyone, today I want to (officially) let you know about a few changes we've recently released and some improvements that are coming to your WA account soon...we've been extremely busy in 2017 behind the scenes, and our focus on education has never been higher!

Brand New Main Menu for Training

For a long time we've wanted to update the "Get Started Here" green button which tracks your progress through the Certification set of courses. Same goes for the Affiliate Bootcamp set of courses (Black button). Previous to this update it was very hard to figure out where you were in the courses, what lesson, how far along you were in the overall progress of a course. It was even difficult to know what course was next in the set, or what that course topic was.

Welcome to the New WA Course Training Menus:

Now when clikcing on the Green "Get Started Here" (Labeled Certifiation after you're complete course #1), you get this beautiful new menu that gives you all kinds of information about your progress.

  • Quickly see which course and lesson you are currently working on
  • See the overal member ratings of the courses (nearly all 5/5's thanks!!!)
  • Tasks you've checked off as complete
  • And we've added brand new images to the courses (which we are rolling out to all course homepages soon).

Lesson & Task Tracking

Earlier in 2017 we updated to a brand new interface for training Courses. This includes a cleaner look, less clutter, more simplicity, and access to better navigation.

Lesson and task tracking has been added to the right hand side column. You can now quickly see where you are within a course, what tasks are available to work on, and what other lessons are available within that particular course. This menu docks to the side and is always visible as you scroll through training. You now can see an overview of tasks, and where you are within the overall course!

We've also added an "Ask a Qusetion" button near the bottom which allows you to quickly ask a question at any time within the content. Previously to this, you needed to scroll to the bottom to add a question or comment, most of the time losing your place in the lesson. This has been widely used and has taken communication and getting help within training to a whole new level!

Everything we are doing at WA surrounds simplicity, improvement to common processes, and making technology disappear so that you can focus on learning and building...obviously with a goal to facilitate the most success possible!

Request an Update - with Extreme Ease!

See something within the content that you feel requires an update? Something out dated? No problem, you can now notify the author of the content and they will be able to see your message and work to update the content :) Access this by clicking on "Request an update" at the top of course lessons - we track what lesson you are on, so it's easy for the author to find the content that you are referring to!

Updated Training for 2017!

Coming very soon is brand new updated courses with new video's! Although most of our content is kept very up to date, some of the walk-throughs and video how-to's related to your website, the interface here at WA, plugins, themes etc is slightly out of date. WA alone has gone through an enormous number of changes and upgrades and these need to be reflected in our training video's! We're working on brand new content too, so you can expect to see new content related roll outs very soon for both Certification and Bootcamp sets of courses!

We've got some real doozies up our sleeve as well that are having finishing touches applied right as we speak. To date, we have never had so many projects going on, a larger or more dedicated team, or more motivation to take WA to new heights! It's exciting to be an Internet marketer in 2017 and being here at WA amplifies that ten fold!

Let us know what you think about the new menu and the training courses interface updates. We want your feedback!

Have a great week!


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littlemama Premium Plus
Glad to hear the videos will be updated as I've answered several newbie questions on where to find things because the video is outdated.

Hope you guys will add training on Site Speed as I had to research this topic all on my own and find solutions. It would be good to have that training here.
Carson Premium Plus
Hey Grace - oh we have something up our sleeves for SiteSpeed, that's for sure ;). Stay tuned...
littlemama Premium Plus
Awesome, thanks Carson!
leoemery Premium Plus
I noticed the right hand sidebar menu a few days ago - and now the new layout for the getting started button is very cool.

Nice and clean - I see these changes making it so much easier for new members to complete their training and speed up their success of creating a thriving online business.

Well done Kyle and Carson - your smoked pulled pork sandwiches are on there way!!
Carson Premium Plus
Always appreciate the thorough feedback Leo!
Paullamb777 Premium
Thank you for the new updates. I have been using using the new training menus.......Awesome! Always working to see to it that everyone at WA has the best tools at our fingertips. I always figured you were behind the scenes,Carson. Wealthy Affiliate just keeps getting better. Keep up the awesome behind the scenes work Kyle and Carson!
Defiant6 Premium
Thank you for mentioning this Carson. It shows that you are making Wealthy Affiliate the best place online to learn how to create an online business and I LOVE the fact you guys update the training. It just shows that nothing here is stagnate and whatever new things are introduced that can help anyone here have a successful business, you guys make sure that we know about it and that it can actually help us. Thank you for all that you do here!
Ha! I just saw that new menu inside the Certification Course less than two hours ago, if even that. I thought it had been there for awhile. Speak of the Devil :) I needed the link to add to my automatic messaging revisions and noticed the menu. Awesome with the progress bars in them and much more user-friendly..
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome Daniel, glad you like and it and thanks for the feedback. Definitely something that we have need for awhile and we are making big strides in terms of how the training is presented as well as how people interact with it.

More efficiency, more clarity, and more technological advances coming (along with new training).