The WA Engine is Full Speed Ahead!

Last Update: Aug 24, 2016


Hi Everyone!

Today I want to talk about a new messaging platform that we've just released at WA that is going to make communicating with each other incredibly easy and efficient! The WA Engine is full speed ahead, ok let's go...

The WA community is bustling, literally...there are tens of thousands of communications between members on any given day. Our goal is to make this communication better by making it more efficient and down right easier to have conversations with one another.

We've just released the ability to hover over a fellow member's image in WA to pop-up a box where you can learn a bit more about them, see a larger image, read their description, follow (if you aren't already), and leave a profile message!

Here's an example of what this looks like!

Go ahead and hover over any user image within WA and you'll see a pop-up similar to this one :)

There are many cases I am helping folks out and I want to leave them a message on their profile. This is a new way to do this without having to leave the page that I'm currently working on to do it. When you start to type your message in the box, a "Send" button will appear like this:

Click SEND and your message will be posted to their profile!

Easy Right?

We're always keeping a very close eye on engagement, communication, and usage of the features and services that we offer at WA. When we see ways to improve, we get right to the drawing board and come up with solutions that we feel will raise the bar for everyone!

Talking about raising the bar...

This summer has been the most productive that we've had since the creation of WA back in 2005. We've been busy working on some of the biggest and most exciting projects to date. In the coming weeks and months you're going to be hearing a lot from me with updates, new features, and projects released. Kyle and I have never been this excited about the direction of WA.

We've got big things coming in relation to:

Your Websites
Your Hosting
Your Domains
Your Research
Your Training
Your Communication
Your Content
Your Success!!!

I hope that this update today is one that you will find useful in relation to your communications and building your network here at WA. :)

I welcome your feedback and thoughts as always!!


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Recent Comments


This is great, Carson!

We haven't heard much from you this year, so it's great to get such an exciting update from you. I think because Kyle is so socially active here, people might forget that you're there too, working hard in the background to make WA as great as possible.

I look forward to the exciting updates to come...

Thanks Carson. Yet another gem in the evolution of the WA empire. I can't over-emphasise how valuable the training and information has been in my business (and still is!) Not just from you and Kyle but from everyone in the community.
Obviously I am not in touch with everyone in the family, but to those who I follow and who follow me, a heartfelt thanks for your contributions and I hope I am also helping in some small way.
Best regards

Hey, Carson. I love this feature. It makes it so much easier and quicker to respond to people.
Especially when I haven't interacted with them much before and I want to know a little more about them.
Now I don't have to close down the page I'm on go look up their profile and then go back and respond to them.


This is an amazing feature a way to get even more out of everything you and kyle rock and youre success personally makes me push to do better and the same goes for the person reading this youre success drives people like me to do better because if you can do it i can too

Thank you, both Carson and Kyle and the staff for raising the bar yet again. This is why WA is such a great community to be part of. I don't think of any other place that cares more about their members than WA. Kudos to all
Take care be well

PS proud to be a WA Member

Hi Carson. I tried it on my handphone. Your profile pop up but within the next few seconds it takes me to your full profile page. Is that what it is suppose to do? I have not tried this new feature on the desktop yet as I am now at the airport reading your nessage on my mobile.

Great new feature, handy!

slight bug with it though...

I hovered over your image, Carson, Typed in a couple of paragraphs as a test message to leave on your profile, but as soon as I went for the send button, my mouse hovered OFF the message and the message disappeared. This would mean a lot of people are going to have to type in a message twice...

Try it out, see what I mean.


incidentally, just did it again and this time the message did not disappear.

It's a great new feature, but Robert (boomergp08) and Kyle have some great feedback. I'm confident that Carson and his team will be able to "tweek" it.

What's even more exciting is the projected upgrade list as we go forward. Is there any training platform like this one anywhere else on the internet? I don't think so ... this is "state of the art" stuff.

Thanks Carson

Hi Carson, another great innovation, every new development brings so much value to the community enabling us to get on with it. There is so much "clunk" out there in the wider internet space it is a breath of fresh air to be involved with a streamlined platform that keeps getting better. Thank you guys.

Though I most times like your new site-wide updates, this new one is EXTREMELY annoying!

Any time my mouse pointer runs over a profile name or picture I get the pop up when I didn't want it to. This means that no one can drag their mouse pointer across the majority of screens on WA without the pop ups appearing.

Frankly I think they should only appear either when you click on a name / image or better still make it so that you have to be hovering over a name / image for 2 seconds before the pop up occurs.

This will prevent unwanted pop ups from appearing when moving your mouse pointer across the screen, that happens to run across a name / image.

What about if when you mouse off of it, it disappeared (or clicked away). This way you wouldn't have to explicitly click the X in the corner. Thoughts?

This makes communication much easier, but I am honestly on the fence about the "forced" close as it can complicate navigation and sometimes the opening of these will be completely accidentally. Might be a good idea on the delay as well.

This is great feedback Rob, the kind that helps us improve new features. We'll play around with the timing of the pop-up, and ways to close it over the coming days as we get feedback and we see how it's being used.

Very helpful, thanks again :)

I think that would be a great idea, Kyle. That is the only thing I do not like about the new addition.

Though the mouse off image would be a good solution I think it could still be a bit visually annoying having pop ups appear and disappear as you move your mouse pointer across the screen.

I feel that a time-based hover of a couple of seconds would be best because this would be a deliberate action indicating that someone wanted to know more about a member than just an incidental action of the pointer running across an image / name.

You are welcome Carson. It is just my Quality Assurance Engineer experience that never seems to leave me, even though I retired from that profession a few years ago. lol

2 seconds is a lot of time. They are definitely time based now, you can't scroll over quickly and have it pop up. It takes a second or so, but this is something that we have actually had in place for a long time now and it hasn't ever been an issue, if anything it is very handy.

There are definitely a few annoyances that we are going to eliminate and thanks for your constructive feedback Rob. We will take this all into consideration with an updated roll out early next week (if not earlier, all changes go through rigorous testing though).

Thanks man!

You are welcome. Yes, 2 seconds is a lot of time, that's why I revised my response to a couple of seconds, which could mean 1.25 seconds. ;)

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