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Hi Everyone, We have just rolled out an update to one of the most widely used aspects of Wealthy Affiliate and we're really excited about it. Live Chat has been updated, improved, and redesigned to make it more accessible, more compatible with mobile, and offer an overall a better experience!Accessible from Everywhere! Live chat is now available in a pop-out from the main menu. This makes it easy to stay involved in chat while working on your training, websites, or other aspects within WA!
Today we have completed a significant update to the entire website network at Wealthy Affiliate. The website industry is struggling with protecting WordPress websites from hacking and from a massive botnet which is constantly trying to break into your website by guessing your user passwords. No web hosting company in the world is doing a good job at protecting passwords, managing them, and keeping the hard work of the website owners safe and secure at all times. We see this as oppor
Hey everyone, Today I wanted to let everyone know that we have upped the ante with commenting at WA! All Premium members can now add images when commenting within questions, training, blogs, or Private messages. Have you ever wanted to include a screenshot of something that you are needing help with? Or how about when you are helping someone and wanting to show someone that hard to explain setting in Wordpress? Now you can do this and attach any number of images to your comments to help
Hi Guys and Gals, I hope that your 2015 is kicking off very well and that you are motivated and excited for the year ahead! Today I want to share some personal news with you and give everyone a heads up with what my family has been going through. Just before Christmas, my son Kai got quite sick, stopped eating and became weak. He's 9 months old and has always been a strong little guy, so this was totally not like him. Over the course of a few days his health continued to get worse
November 12, 2014
Hey everyone! Today marks an important day at Wealthy Affiliate. We have just released one of our most significant updates to date. We have some exciting new improvements, systems, and innovative approaches to “websites” that we think that you are going to absolutely love. We’ve been working diligently behind the scenes for the good part of 2014 on this rollout and we are pleased to be able to tell you about them today as ALL members have access (Premium members with additional
Today is an exciting day and a milestone here at Wealthy Affiliate. For the first time since we released the Ambassadorship program nearly two years ago, we've increased the number of ambassadors from 12 to 25. We're so thrilled to invite into the ranks 13 of the most helpful folks here within the community. What? 25 Ambassadors? The simple answer is that there is an abundance of helpful people within the community that are frequently reaching out to others, lending a hand, and truly payi
Hi Everyone, Wordpress has just come out with the latest version 4.0 labeled "Benny". This update includes some nice new features that will be available to everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate after updating from your current version to version 4.0.Updating your Website is Easy To update your website to this latest version you will need to login as Admin, then click the button up near the top that says "Please update now". After clicking this button you will be taken to the
Today I want to address a very common question that we get here at Wealthy Affiliate regarding updating their WordPress websites to the latest version. "Should I update WordPress?" The answer is YES and I'm going to get into the reasons for this below because there is a major security vulnerability that has been exploited in WordPress that there is a fix for in the lasted update. First, how do you know if there is an update available? Here is what it looks like when there is an update availabl
Today we have a couple of WA Affiliate related updates that I am really excited to tell you about!WA Comparison Tables Today we rolled out a new tool for everyone that is recommending folks to join Wealthy Affiliate from their websites. We've been testing this tool for quite some imd now and we've made all the right tweaks and adjustments that we think you will really find helpful. Today we released "Wealthy Affiliate Comparison Tables", which allow you to compare Wealthy Affiliate to other c
Hi everyone! I hope that your summer is going well and that you have had a great first half of 2014. We've been working hard on many new, exciting, and groundbreaking updates for Wealthy Affiliate and you are going to see them start to be released steadily in the upcoming weeks and months ahead! In the past week we came out with a few subtle yet really important updates that I wanted to discuss before I talk about what's coming and what there is to look forward to for the second half of the