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Hey Everyone!Today I’m excited to talk to you about the latest and great version of Jaaxy! After 14 months and basically rewriting the code base from scratch, we’ve created a released Jaaxy 3.0. It is beautiful, it is fast, and has brand new features and it is in position to evolve and innovate at a faster speed than ever!You can check out Jaaxy 3.0 and login here:https://www.jaaxy.comThe new version of Jaaxy may have familiar aspects to it, but it’s been recreated from the
Hi Everyone!Today I am going to be outlining a band new, significant, and very exciting platform that we have just released to the entire WA community. This platform is for both Starter and Premium members alike...we call it...SiteContent!Let's talk about what we define Internet business as here at Wealthy Affiliate. Since 2005 we have been offering anyone wanting to have an internet presence with a place they can learn, interact, get help, and build that presence to any level they wish. I'm ta
Hey Everyone,Recently Kyle blogged about "The Google PageSpeed Insights Code Has Been Cracked" to let folks know that website speed, efficiency, and the experience that people have on your website has a profound impact on how well your website does...and we're extremely aware of this.Today I am excited to let you know that we have just raised the bar in terms of Managed WordPress Hosting. Our goal with this project that we began working on 9 months ago, was to deliver the fastest WordsPress web
Hey Everyone!Today I want to let you know about an update that we've just made to our SiteBuilder here at WA! The process of building a WordPress website on our SiteRubix network has just got a lot easier.First though, I want to talk a little about our ideologies and goals in regard to building websites and what WE think a great website builder should be.When we started WealthyAffiliate back in 2005, we were a simple keyword list delivery site. Kyle and I hand-picked keyword lists after doing m
Hey everyone, today I want to (officially) let you know about a few changes we've recently released and some improvements that are coming to your WA account soon...we've been extremely busy in 2017 behind the scenes, and our focus on education has never been higher! Brand New Main Menu for TrainingFor a long time we've wanted to update the "Get Started Here" green button which tracks your progress through the Certification set of courses. Same goes for the Affiliate Bootcamp set of courses (Bla
Hey Everyone!Today I wanted to do a little post to introduce my beautiful baby girl Naia who was born in December 2016! She's just over a month old now (time flies). She's absolutely adorable and she's already got quite the little personality! Momma and I are sleep deprived like most parents at this stage, but we couldn't be happier with her! Our son Kai is also quite intrigued by his little sister and he's really starting to want to take care of her too, it's so cute.I can't help but share
Happy New Year!Today is an exciting day for us because we are now ready to release a brand new feature to WA that is going to really set your website up for 2017 and beyond. As technology evolves, it is important to stay ahead of the curve and that is exactly what we are doing with our FREE SSL and the roll out of our SitePlus+ platform. Introducing our latest addition to the SiteRubix family of services, SitePlus+SitePlus+ is a new set of features and services that is associated with all of yo
Hey Everyone,We've been busy in the background at WA and we're continuing on with the trend today with our latest release...a makeover to the WA Profile!The new profile is an updated look to take us into 2017, but it's not just been made to look "pretty". We packed this release with some brand new stuff that I'm going to tell you about right now!Introducing WA Badges (Accomplishments)!We've long wanted to release a system that can track your progress in a fun and motivating way! Badges at WA
Hi Everyone,Today I'm here to discuss something extremely exciting that is coming to WA. Today marks the day that we will be allowing SSL Secure Certificates to be installed on websites hosted here at WA. This is a big deal, but to make it an ever BIGGER deal and to continue to put the SiteRubix offering into a new league, we're making SSL completely free...Yes FREEOk, I'm going to back up a minute here to give a quick explanation about SSL and what it is exactly.What Exactly is SSL?SSL stand
Hi Everyone!Today I want to talk about a new messaging platform that we've just released at WA that is going to make communicating with each other incredibly easy and efficient! The WA Engine is full speed ahead, ok let's go...The WA community is bustling, literally...there are tens of thousands of communications between members on any given day. Our goal is to make this communication better by making it more efficient and down right easier to have conversations with one another.We've just re