SiteProtect - Spam Blocking Measures Added to Your Websites!

Last Update: April 22, 2019

Hey Everyone,

Every week we are rolling out new features to our SiteRubix website and hosting platform here at WA. We've got a powerful and feature rich platform that we've built to make sure your websites run extremely smoothly, are protected from hacking attempts, and monitored for malware.

This week we've rolled out a significant change to the platform which is going to block millions of comment spam attempts across the entire network each and every week.

Let me tell you about how it works because it's ALWAYS ON.

Bots (computers) are the foundation of the spam ring out there and they are able to quickly find and attack any website. There are specific bot networks that focus on finding WordPress websites and exploiting many areas that are susceptible to accepting spam content.

When I say spam, it's content with backlinks, it's content that is duplicate, it's content that is not posted by a real's content you DO NOT want.

With our new SiteProtect Comment Spam blocking system, we've stopped 100% of bot comments from even hitting your website.

...but Carson, there's already plugins out there that help protect my website.

"Yes, yes there is...but plugins are not protecting you at the same level as SiteProtect"

With a WordPress plugin, the spam comes through from the bot-net and it hits your website. The plugins then figure out what to do with the comment by accessing eternal databases, and following patterns that known spam networks use.

The KEY point here is that your website is still doing work to determine if the comment is spam - and this is totally unnecessary and inefficient. Preventing a spam comment from being published on your website is how plugins work. SiteProtect is blocking the comment from your website entirely.

With SiteProtect the comment never hits your site, never clutters your database, never sends you an email asking you to login and review the spam comment, it doesn't cause your server to do any work. In turn, your website experiences much less stress, and that in-turn makes your website run faster and more efficiently.

Can you remove your Spam plugin(s)?

The answer is YES! We've got a lot of feedback on the new SiteProtect system and there is no spam making it through our new system. You can ABSOLUTELY disable your spam plugins from your website. Less plugins help improve the stability an speed of your website. We're protecting you at a higher level than a plugin can protect you, so you're safe to disable, remove, delete etc, any spam plugins you have running currently.

How do we do this?

Magic...just kidding!

We are able to use proprietary technology to determine if a human being is actually hitting your website, filling out the comment box, and submitting it in the way a real human would do. Bots are computers and they act very differently and cannot FAKE that they are real people (although they try). We detect this, and we stop the comment from even hitting your website and causing your site to load the entire framework (preventing load). 99% of comment spam you receive is from computers, not real humans copy and pasting content - we've got you covered :)

Very soon we will be expanding this mechanism to all input forms on your website because comment forms are not the only places you can get spam. Contact pages, 3rd party plugin forms, etc, these are all places where bots focus and spread spam.

SiteProtect is next level website comment spam protection that doesn't exist's part of our continued initiative to offer the best hosting platform for WordPress in the world.

Compare WA hosting to $99/$199/$599 per month hosting and you'll see that we offer more, we offer a fully integrated experience, we offer connected services unique to WA...not to mention blazing fast support. All Premium members at WA are getting the best WordPress hosting that exists out there and we're nowhere near done - you know us better than that...our plans continue!

Today I wanted to let you know that we've upped the ante for website security with SiteProtect. For Premium members, it's already working hard protecting your websites here at WA - Starter members can upgrade to Premium and this will instantly be applied to all of your websites! We hope that you notice less spam, more real engagement, and a faster loading site from this "ALWAYS ON" feature of our SiteRubix website platform.


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Freedomseekr Premium
Another awesome update! This is great news to hear that now we no longer have to deal with any Spam plugins. One less thing to have to worry about! This is one of the many reasons I've been and Kyle are always looking out for us.

Thank you Carson!
Best wishes :) ~Sherry
37mikew736 Premium
So lemme get this straight, site protect is built in to all premium members websites? I don't need to activate anything? And I can deactivate my WP spam shield? I had to deactivate the spam shield because comments were not allowed with it lately. So I'm protected now by site protect? And don't need to activate it? Am I tracking with Carson on this?
Alan Hocking Premium
Hi Michael

I deactivated my wp spamsheild plugin last week and I haven't had any spam comments yet so I would say yes
37mikew736 Premium
Awesome! Thank you!
Alan Hocking Premium
You're welcome :)
Carson Premium Plus
You're right Michael, it's built into the platform so when you go Premium here at WA, you do not need any plugins to protect you from spam!
Alan Hocking Premium
I de-activated my antispam plugin the day you rolled out the Site Protect Spam Blocker and I'm pleased to report that not only have I had zero spam, my site is actually loading faster as well so kudos on this one Carson! :)
Yuko Premium
How about SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam? Can I deactivate and delete the plugin as well?
Alan Hocking Premium
Hi Yuko

I don't have the Si Captcha antispam and I haven't had any spam coming through at all so I would say it's not needed
Yuko Premium
I wonder how I got it in the first place... I thought it came as a default with WA hosting but maybe not, huh. Thank you, Alan!
Alan Hocking Premium
Yes it was a default installation from before Site Protect but you don't need it now and as far as I know it has been removed from all the new installations
rcsamra Premium
This is great news! I needed this today, specifically, as I am about to go into a meeting with some Doctors to help launch a website. They currently host all of their sites through GoDaddy and I am going to convince them (especially since I will be building their new site) to join WA for hosting. Thank you!
NWTDennis Premium
I've said it many times before, but WA's state of the art internet business training platform just keeps getting better and better. The technology is pretty amazing. Kind of Google like or Amazon like only on a smaller scale ... right now.

There are many features of this world class platform that add value to our membership and C&K's commitment to continuous improvement is what is driving it all.

Thank you Carson ... you and your technology team are the best.
tclough Premium
Being able to get rid of a spam shield plugin is great. BUT, don't do what I just did.

I deactivated WP-Spamshield right after I read this post from Carson - seemed like a good idea. Today I just happened to look at my contact page and saw that my contact form was missing!

You guessed it, I was using the contact form from WP-Spamshield!

If you are doing that too, you will have to keep WP-Spamshield activated or use another plugin like Contact Form 7. Either way, if you use that contact form you will not be able to reduce your plugin count.


startouched Premium
Thanks for posting that I am not using but was about to start :-)