Redesigning Your Navigational Experience.

Last Update: March 29, 2018

One of the most important aspects of any user experience (UX) is the way in which you can navigate the platform, and whether the navigational properties of a website are inherently intuitive.

One of the problems with any software or internet company that grows their offering, is that often times their original idea for design is not suitable for what the future of their platform will become.

That is certainly the case with Wealthy Affiliate and the current state of the design. You will find that many of the ideas that came after the last design are integrated, but often times not as seamless as we would have liked.

But there is a catch 22. You cannot “redesign” a platform with every iterative release, and this is why we typically update the UX here at Wealthy Affiliate every 3-4 years. We Are Being Diligent, We Are Planning for the Future

When you design something, it is often times difficult to take into consideration the “unknowns’ of the future. Fortunately though, there are A LOT of unknowns in our/your future here at WA as we have already slated out our roll outs right through 2019.

This will give us 2 years of anticipated updates in the design, but we will always remain flexible based on what the WA community wants, demands, and needs to operate and scale their business. So to a certain degree, there will always be a certain level of unexpected updates. In saying this, the navigation and design we are rolling out leaves room for what have planned in the foreseeable future, but also leaves from for additional features, platforms, and technology.

Running out of Colors in Rainbow

One change you are going to see is that we are moving away from the Rainbow. It had a purpose when we rolled it out, to draw natural attention to certain items. But as we integrated new platforms and offerings, with the latest being Jaaxy, it started to get out of control.

To be completely frank, we feel that our current menu looks tacky.

In our new design, we have moved away from colors and moved towards a much more interactive, responsive, and user focused menu structure.

Let’s look at the comparison between the old menu and the new one.

You can see there are some vast differences in the main navigation, and these decisions have been made to remove a lot of the redundancy (duplicate ways to find the same thing), clarity in terms of naming conventions, and the design is much more clean, crisp and easy to use.

Name Conventions Are Critical. Formerly, We Failed.

If I say “SiteRubix” or “Jaaxy” to you, you likely understand what I am talking about. SiteRubix is the website platform here at WA, Jaaxy is the Research platform built into WA.

Affiliate Bootcamp. Get Started Here. What the heck do those mean? Yeah, you start to understand the differences and where to go once you go through the walk-through video (which explains it) or you spend some time immersing yourself here at WA. But it isn't logical where to go to see the training.

SiteRubix was brand move, but was illogical. Sometimes ideas and a focus on branding can be self-motivated, but ultimately they make absolutely no sense, especially to someone who is brand new, excited about getting rolling with starting their online business. The last thing that people should have to worry about is navigation that is not intuitive.

For example, in the new UI, if someone wants to get training they now click on "Training". Training and the portal into all training at WA is found in ONE button, with ONE click. Seeing your courses, navigating to OEC or Bootcamp, or to training that you have recently been working on is now visible in one place...naming conventions make sense!

As you can see, the organization has been vastly improved and this of course is iteration #1, we have lots of really cool stuff planned for the Training platform here, and people are going to be able to create, manage, and track their training in entirely new and interactive ways. The labeling conventions and using proper labels will lead to newcomers being able to understand where to go to actually get their training. Labels like "Get Started Here" in the menu, didn't reflect that was the location where the "core" training was housed.

You are going to see advances within all the main menus, and proper labeling to help make the navigation much more intuitive and understandable for our collective audience.

We have also included "Live Events" within the menu now. All Starter members will now see the Live Events taking place (formerly they couldn't even see them, ugh). Premium members will now be able to see the full schedule of events that have taken place, and that are scheduled for the future within our beautiful new Live Events platform.

It is going to make navigating much more efficient and it is going to create excitement about upcoming live classes that will be taking place. As with ALL platforms here, we have some awesome plans for the Live Events platform as we move through 2018 and into 2019.

The Two-Click Approach

One of the objectives that we focused on with the new UX is allowing for things to be found much easier, quicker, and without so many "hops".

For example, our new Website menu has a similar feel to it as the current design, but we have an added element that allows for you to get to your recently worked on websites and recent SiteContent drafts right from the menu. This means logging into your website with fewer clicks, it makes getting to your website details a cinch, it means knowing where to find your websites a non-issue.

Currently it's actually quite tough to find where your websites are when you are brand new to WA. You have to know that "SiteManager" is the dashboard for your websites, and you have to guess that "SiteRubix" is where you access your websites from. In our new "Websites" menu it's just one-click away to get see our recent confusion is the goal.

And Yes, Mobile IS Coming.

We have be developing a mobile experience alongside the desktop/laptop experience that you currently have. We have put a lot of thought into the mobile experience, and this includes the navigation as well.

Although the complexities are vast with making a mobile experience useful, we realize that it's something we absolutely NEED at WA. We're working hard on it.

With the first iteration of the new UI we will not be including the mobile experience. This is on purpose so that we can learn from the real-life engagement and use of the new platform. We want to get feedback on the new UI, see how YOU like it, how YOU use and interact within it. We can then make adjustments to both the desktop version of WA, and build this into the mobile version.

The desktop version of WA will certainly work on mobile devices, but we'll quickly be updating the platform to allow for a much more polished experience on mobile devices.

Influence Comes From Everywhere.

Everything you do in life and in business, is in some way influenced, or is the result of a past experience (or your interpretation of it).

The design of our navigation is no different. When we sat down to decide on what should be put where and why, we leveraged a lot of experience, feedback, and our own intuition in our thought process.

We also use outside influence, naturally. All companies do. We have looked at what is "current", the latest technologies that we could utilize and over the past 3 years, we have taken a lot of the best design ideas/experience and created a "design board" that we are leveraging with the implementation of the new User Experience (UX) at WA.

Nothing is perfect and this release is no different, and that is what excites us. Our strive for perfection though will continue to evolve to levels we could have never imagined. The new User Experience within WA will be a great one, we absolutely love using it ourselves and we have been using it as we put the final touches on the platform prior to release. We feel that the new experience is truly our "best yet" though and we are really excited to get this into your hands in the coming weeks.

We would love your feedback and thoughts on the new navigational designs!

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Shawn Martin Premium
Love the whole experience. The only suggestion I have right now is the search bar is almost impossible to see until you click on it, then it turns white but the text is still grey. Maybe make that text bold and maybe make the background of the search bar white all the time? Nice work peeps!
marycmiller Premium
Carson, I am fairly new here and when I first started I was so confused. As time rolled on I started to find things. This new platform will simplify my life even now that I kind of know my way around, but it will be so much easier for first time users and that is exciting. One thing I would love to see is a tab titled Etiquette or something similar. Everyone is so respectful here, I have never had a problem, so it is not to solve any issues like that. But I often come across posts or comments about things that are not considered proper at Wealthy Affiliate. It is like unspoken rules, however, I don't know what the rules are and often worry that I maybe saying, or doing something that would be considered wrong. I guess I am referring more specifically to one post where a woman was banned from giving reviews on a website, because her comments were posted in the wrong area. I didn't totally understand the situation, but don't want to make the same mistake. So I often find myself questioning whether or not I should offer help, suggestions or advice because I am not totally confident in what I am doing, but I want to give back to so many who have helped me. I hope I am making sense in this long winded message, I guess to sum everything, it would be great to have an area laid out for someone new coming in that laid out instructions on commentings about each others sites, promoting your webpage ect.
LeeMcQuay Premium
Kyle does discuss the difference in some of the training. Also a couple of us members have done a tutorial on it as well.
I know as someone who was just starting out, I still didn't understand everything about commenting and feedback.
Which was why I created a tutorial on it.
marycmiller Premium
I will check ot out thanks
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Mary!

You make absolutely crucial suggestions here...the Rules or Guidelines are outlined in Kyle's "Spam is a No No!" blog can find it in the search bar or I will find it and post after this comment!

I have asked Kyle and Carson and Jay to create a formal Starters' Guidelines Video as these issues continue to come up for new members and scare many into the shadows!

TeamIceCream Premium
This is exciting Carson, we are looking forward to it.
Naming conventions makes a huge difference, that is indeed true. I remember years ago, pre-smartphone days, how Nokia took the world by storm just because of their intuitive menus and resulting ease of use and great user experience!
We can't wait to take the new WA UI for a test drive!
Wishing you and the Team all of the best in adding the finishing touches to it!
Sharlee (Chocolate) + Vanilla IceCream
EOPolini Premium
Hi Carson, I know accessibility for the disabled is one of those issues difficult to implement when it was not considered in the original design, which is typical unfortunately, but gladly much of the improvements mentioned here in terms of logical and intuitive structure should also favor those of us using assistive technology to interact with the platform. Even with my current struggles as a screen reader user, I'm happy to be part of this forward looking team, and I trust I will be able to continue growing and evolving with it. Thanks for your good work!
OGguitar Premium
I started with WA back in 2014 and one of the most difficult things was understanding site navigation. I spent a couple of days in affiliate bootcamp before I realized my mistake.
I've noticed a major improvement this time around especially in the site rubix menu. The templates are a tremendous time saver. I'm looking forward to the changes moving forward. For a tech challenged guy like me the easier it is the more useful it is.
Thanks you.
ThePriceMan Premium
Honestly.. I'm really glad I came back to WA after being gone so long. I feel like reading this was a sign that I made the right decision. Hoping for a good 2018 and with this UX it seems like it'll make this alot better/easier. Will look great for new people coming in as well after the update
Debs66 Premium
I feel I have to say something here you came back and so many do. You wear your heart on your sleeve.

The amount of people that come back is amazing. Yet I have to meet one that comes back and says I made the right decision.

I have met many that have returned but none quite like you. They come back and use the years they have or once was here. They can be Rude and come back because here is good. !!!!

They come back and I have to say this they messed up cause they gave up. They failed. They come back but none quite as you do.

You say it quite as it is and I like that. Yet most CANNOT come back and say look I left I shouldn't have and I wasted my time with other platforms I thought I was better but I wasn't, yet I come back!!

I think it's amazing and guess what there is nothing out there at all like this platform.

Fab to see you back
~debs :-)))
DelorW1 Premium
Hello Carson, as a newbie I prefer not to critique the new against the old as I have been finding my way and am truly engaged with where WA will take me. I believe that with you and your enhancement group, this change will be valuable going forward into the future, especially for newbies. I'm a color coding junkie and I'm very happy to observe that the colors will remain, in their uniqueness. Thanks for the preview.
ColtonJames Premium
It's definitely a lot more modern. I've wanted the UI changed for as long as I can remember since it has honestly felt out dated...

These new designs could go a long way and it seems that it'll make the move to the mobile platforms easier as well. Mobile will be an insane step, I'm looking forward to it.

Now when we explain how WA is used, it'll be a lot less confusion. No more "You see, there is the SiteRubix platform which helps you design your websites and it's a separate thing blah blah" now it's simply getting inside of WA and using it.

Whole lot of appreciation to all of you for keeping WA updated and focusing on ultimate growth. Looking forward to the future here.
Stella741 Premium
Hi Carson,

I am now used to the interface of the current site, but it looks like the new site, as you mentioned, will be simpler to navigate.

Also, we won't have to discover 'hidden' training that was present all this time.

I can see you have put plenty of thought into 2018-2019 projections and that is comforting for all of us to know.

Thanks for keeping us all updated...

Slow and steady wins the race.
KatieMac Premium
WOW certainly some good updates coming along once more, the new look is very pleasing on the eye and well defined and it is true designs and functions always need to change to the demand and the speed of technology. thank you for giving us the break down on what is to come.. wish you and your family a very Happy Easter
Roybretton Premium
Thank you for your blog post-Carson, I'm sure that any change to your website takes a huge amount of thought and preparation. I must admit when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate it took me quite a long time to find my way around, in fact, today, I still find new functionality! I'm sure the new navigation will be good and I look forward to trying it out very soon.

A very happy Easter to you.

gcd Premium
Thanks for the update, Carson. It looks great.
Not entirely sure what you mean by "mobile is coming" but I did read a few comments/thoughts below, about interpretations.
I am finding it frustrating on my phone sometimes, when clicking on a link in my email (eg the link to this article here, or a reply to my comment) which launches the site and after a minute or so, suddenly having my screen freeze briefly while it brings up a log in/join screen (which is also super large i.e. WAY larger than my screen - I have to scroll around to find the X to close the window)
Not sure why it does it and not sure if it's just me or if others experience it too. It didn't seem to do it the first few months.
Anyway, other than that minor inconvenience, I love what you're covering here.
Thanks again to you and the team at WA for your continued support and efforts to help us become Wealthy Affiliates using the best tools out there! Thank you! :)
kvimont Premium
Perfection is always an ongoing thing, once you think you reached it, you find even better ways to improve on it. That's what makes WA such an awesome place, you guys are always improving on perfection!
And I totally love the new design, just can't wait till it's released, it's just like having Christmas again. lol
Carson Premium
Thanks for the message Kim - the second you think that you've got something "perfect", you've likely let your foot off the gas pedal and will soon find yourself behind. Christmas is coming early this year at WA and although it won't be perfect, it's the future and will allow us to evolve :)
Armlemt Premium
My question is this: will you be updating the training to reflect the new designs as well? If not, I think you are going to get newcomers confused.

I am looking forward to the new design myself. It will take some getting used to as anything new does, but I think it looks great!

Thanks for all your hard work!

Kyle Premium
Yes, we are going to be updating the training and both fo the core courses (level 1) will be completely updated upon the release of the new UX. ;)
Armlemt Premium
That will be great!
Steven-A Premium
Carson and Kyle,

Here is a thought as you continue to think through the UX redesign.

As an educator and technologist, I understand why the Certification and Bootcamp training are organized in the present structure. It works to have students learn and build step-by-step as they go through the lessons.

In this way students are building and seeing a website develop before their very eyes pretty quickly as they learn new skills and apply them. It's good learning theory put to practical use.

At the same time, it would be good to be able to access training by category. For example categories could include:

- Writing Content - tools and methods
- Images - communicating and selling visually
- Site Setup - behind the scenes and visual presentation
- Affiliate Connections - signing up for and using affiliate links
- Social Media - setting it up and making it work for you
and so on.

This is not a request for new or additional information. Just another way to access the training we are working through.

As I am completing Certification and making my way through Bootcamp training I find myself having to go back and search for specific content to answer a question. It can take time to find what I'm look for. It would be nice to have another way to access the information much the same way some of us use sidebar menus to restructure our content.

Just a thought. Thanks for listening.
I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts on this matter
Kyle Premium
Steve, these are all great suggestions and your thinking is going where we are headed and what we have planned for the training design.

Our training should allow for a lot more segmentation and granularity within the classrooms as we have many experts in many areas, and also many people that want to learn many topics.

Providing an environment for this is going to be an immediate focus post release and this is something that you are going to see taking shape through 2018!
Steven-A Premium
Kyle, please let me know how I can help.
dchapman3 Premium
I really like the calendar for training, the reduce number of clicks, and the mobile aspect now.

I personally like to check my businesses when I am on the run using my android.

The calendar for training is a better visual for knowing when and what I signed up for.

The new look is clean and pleasant to the user.

thanks for the continual improvements.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, that was a big one for us. Currently people have no quick access to classrooms, it is buried within a secondary menu. Not only that, from a marketing standpoint, new members cannot see what the upcoming courses are and that they could potentially attend as a premium member.

The Events platform truly does excited us (along with everything else) and is something that you are going to see evolving in 2018.
hagstf Premium
Thanks for the update Carson, everything looks great!

Currently, there seems to be a lot of confusion as to where to go for support for issues such as membership, billing, SiteContent, SiteComments, Jaaxy etc. and people seem to want to contact SiteSupport for everything.

I noticed there is a help center button on the new interface, does this mean that getting support for various issues will become more intuitive?

Have you set a launch date yet?
Kyle Premium
Yes, absolutely and that is what we are going to be discussing next week in respect to the new UX. Help is front and center and much more clear. Stay tuned!

We don't do launch dates, simply because you never know what can happen as we are still actively programming the new UX. We are anticipating mid month though (April) for a full release.
ChrisG2 Premium
Thanks for giving us such a detailed preview of things to come Carson.

In teaching HOW to teach, the proven model is 1) Tell your students what you are about to teach them, 2) Then teach it 3) Now tell your students what you have just taught them! You seem to be tuned into this approach - very helpful, especially to us new folks.

One minor critique - Watch out for typos! I know from experience how easy they are to miss, even on second reading. But reader confidence is undermined by even minor ones.

Thanks again for your thoughtful communication with all of us. I can see I have come to he right place for the help I have been seeking. - Chris
DynamicDavid Premium
I like what I read and what I saw in your blog.

One thing that struck me, is that a lot of videos and blog here and a lot of content developed by WA members (in WA and on their own websites and other websites) over the years will have screen captures of the current interface. This will become outdated when the new user interface is released, including a lot of content by Kyle and yourself, Carson.
So what should people do?

Will WA members be able to flick between the 'current user interface' and the 'new user interface'? Or will be implemented in one go, that is log off one day using the old interface and the next day when logging in, it will be using the new interface, with no access to the current interface?
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Carson,
Thanks for the update, the new platform interface looks really sharp and streamlined, I think that making some of the links that are currently doubled up will lead to a much better user experience for all, especially the new folks, currently, it can be hard to point people in the right direction sometimes.

Shinning a light on the live training and events will make them more accessible and folks more aware of the value that they contain. There are so many resources and interfaces at the moment so the new changes are going to be awesome.

Thank you to you and Kyle, Jay and the rest of your team for making our journeys that much easier to thread.

Much appreciated.
Trujunco Premium
As platforms go...the current user experience here at WA is certainly friendly but as any, requires basic understanding to navigate, as is referenced in the first course

That said, and in reviewing your post, I believe in your
understanding of the benefits these updates will bring to us... and after all we are here to learn about a process of Web-building...including revisions

Kudos, Sir, thank you for the planning and application you all put to bettering our experience.

Respectfully, David
Squiresp Premium
Just as i am getting used to the current one however i like the new changes.
I am just blown away by WA so far. Not that i have earned anything yet but i am confident i will.
In the 3 weeks i have been a premium member my brain has been on overtime and i cant stop it spilling out ideas and new ways of doing things. All down to WA.
I just wish i found WA years ago but as they say better late than never.
DWestbury Premium
Hi Carson,
Firstly it's great to see you profile picture and your loving family!

Thanks for the communication and the fact that its about making it easier for members to navigate or communicate makes it even better.
A huge failing of most companies is their inability to communicate to staff or members.
I'm glad you always do it so well.

It looks awesome, can't wait to try it out.
CJDodaro Premium
As usual, WA is moving in the right direction. I think the new changes look great. It may save some of the redundant questions from newcomers, such as: "where do I go to start?".

One suggestion is for the SiteContent Platform. Could you make it website orientated for people that use it for multiple sites?


KenPe Premium
Hey Carson,
Thanks for the update and can't wait to try the new experience.
The feeling that I get is that of "Onward and Upward" is the theme
of the day and certainly the motto that I go by when thinking
about the user experience at WA. Always looking out for everyone in the community and especially "Newbies" who are
so overwhelmed by all that is going on trying to fathom their
new surroundings and are AWESTRUCK, TO SAY THE LEAST!
I speak from experience and I am sure many in the community will
say the same. I feel so excited about all the forward leaning
here at WA. You and Kyle are great in that regard.

sukumarth Premium
I still remember when I was very new asking a fellow member here through PM how and where I should be writing my first content. He directed me to click SiteRubix and then to go to SiteContent. Perhaps, it was my overenthusiasm that I didn't watch the many walk-through videos in the beginning lessons of Certification to know where SiteContent was. But still, I had wished the SiteContent to be "outside". I think I'll like the new "Websites" menu for an easy access to my websites.

Maybe it'll look too Facebookish but I also wish we knew who all clicked the "like" button in the blog posts here.

Further, I hope in the new WA site, we get to see lot many new banner designs. The designs here are too few and they look old (sorry I had to say this). For the beginners who haven't heard of Canva and other designing tools, I feel it's necessary that we have many banner designs to choose from. Or can we have WA's own designing tool (something like Canva) to customise our own designs?
TedP Premium
Looks like the new platform will be very nice
julpoopscash Premium
well, as far as ican remember all thati have read, and seen, the old navigation, i like the big bold colors, i would have to see as i go through my beginner training, virsus, new navigations to start seeing how easier getting to different platforms will be......but great job!!
TonyHamilton Premium
Wonderful Carson!

The new User Experience improvements that will be launching soon look to be nothing short of amazing!

Thank you, Kyle, Jay and the entire WA Support Team as well as the Community for all that you do for us all.

I am even more motivated to share Wealthy Affiliate with everyone within my networks across the internet that have an Entrepreneurial Spirit!

Mobile is really going to be a game changer in today's world and will move us even more above any competition that is chasing us in our pursuit of being the #1 Elite Affiliate Marketing Business Community on the Planet .

What an awesome place to be!

Thank you Carson,

I really enjoyed this article. The new platform looks much cleaner and therefore easier to navigate. Coming from an IT/electronics background, I value the effort you put into making these changes and communicating that these changes are coming. I think the biggest value your site brings is the communication effort put forth by everyone here, which was something that was severely lacking in my last place of employment and one of the main reasons I left there.
JY2018 Premium
Carson, you are the man!
I have been waiting for the mobile version for way too Long and I am Glad it is helpful as I am still typing away using my mobile phone at home because that’s isomething that everyone would reach out to in the morning not laptop.

Am glad to give opinion on this new mobile WA platform. And this is my first experience and journey in engaging my network I’m using WA mobile version.

In future this WA mobile version would certainly play a pivotal success for WA to continue to be the good and by far the best mobile WA platform.

Best Regards,

bpais1 Premium
Everything is looking much cleaner and simpler, Carson. I'm sure it will take a bit of getting used to - but, if it gets me around the WA website quicker, with fewer questions, and more accuracy, I'm all for it.

But, I will definitely pass along any questions I have after the rollout.

This may be a dumb question - but, should we do a website backup before the rollout?

CraigUKTV Premium
Hi Carson,

I'm super happy that you have decided to integrate mobile into WA. That is important for me since I regularly have to access my account on my mobile.

I like the new design, it's much more current and appealing. I look forward to testing it prior to mobile being rolled out.

Do we have a launch date yet?
DenzelSr Premium
Carson , Thanks for a great presintation M/S I fell this is the most
outstanding navigation you have updated this seame4s to be the best way to address this to the new WA members.
If you keep this up no telling where we will be by this time next year.
I believe this might be a technology that will expand across to
all our Wealthy Affiliate, World.
Just like i have said before in my comments watch out World Here we came.

Have a Great Day ,An Thanks
I enjoyed
jennyjewel Premium
Hi Carson everything looks great, but I am not good with change so I'm FREAKING OUT, only just got use to this layout!
It's OK I know change is good,I will get use to it, I just may be asking more questions than I usually do, Oh No LOL.
Kyle Premium
Haha, this is exactly why we are "easing" folks in and the transition is going to be dealt with in a way to handle for those that freak out with change (me being one of them).

I think it will take no longer than a day or two to totally get used to, but the design makes much more sense now and we have taken everything into consideration with the existing shortfalls to make WA that much better.
jennyjewel Premium
Thanks Kyle, that is reassuring. I AM very excited, just a little scared also. All Good.
Debs66 Premium
Everything you do just gets more exciting gosh I wish I was there testing it first hand.

Hey I am here ready for the changes and more so for the excitement to follow.
Thank you so much.

This I must add to you Yourself Carson and to Kyle too. Please thank your Wife's and your children for sharing your time with us all.
Gosh my life here in W.A. changed completely and my children's too even though they are teens now they are so proud of me.

They know who changed their lives. They happen to love the W.A. platform. My kids are great kids too.

So Thankyou so much to both your wife's
and your children.

Thank you so much.

~Deborah :)
Carson Premium
Hey Deborah, great feedback and it really makes me happy to hear that WA is having a positive impact on you and your family. Your kids have a mom who is an internet entrepreneur, learning very cool and cutting edge skills. I can see why they are proud!

Our wives and children are very good with sharing our time with WA. They believe in what we do, why we do it, and know that we are passionate about our work. They are the #1 supporters of WA and truly allow us to do what we do :-)
LeeMcQuay Premium
Thank you Carson for all the work you have put into this for all of us as well as new comers.
I think the way you are introducing it is awesome and will let us ease into it.
Although I am REALLY excited to get right into it.
I really appreciate you , Kyle and Jay as well as all the members here.
Like Dorothy said " there's no place like home". : )
Y'all have made my second home feel AMAZING.
Lee Ann
manne13666 Premium
This does look very interesting. While this, what I consider to be a nuisance, doesn't really apply to navigation I've been meaning to put something out there.

When we write our blog posts here at WA and we go to the next line it will automatically give us that bit of white space. When we are commenting we actually have to hit the enter button twice.

I haven't found a way to change that and it's a little annoying. Will that also be getting a bit of a tune up eventually?

Take care!
Carson Premium
Hey Michelleanne, there is a technical explanation for this which I’ll spare you the details of. Definitely something we can address, thanks for your attention to detail and suggestion here.
TomMarchido Premium
Thanks, Carson. Your approach to the new UX is refreshing and I'm glad you're rolling out the changes slowly instead of all at once. I also appreciate the fact that you're always looking ahead and staying current with changes in technology and how the changes can improve the community's experience here at WA!
Dashnow Premium
Looking forward to the new design. Have you thought of having some focus groups to give feedback on certain aspects of the design? One that looks at say the Bootcamp, another the video training etc. Also offer the focus group to various levels such as new, experienced and average etc users.
Stella2 Premium
Wow! Can't wait to try it out.

I love the way it looks because I am a big fan of the clean crisp look. Especially when it removes any guess work. I'm a bit of a minimalist at heart. lol

And, appreciate the way you are preparing us for the roll out.
Thanks again for all of the effort that goes into making WA such a great place! :-)
hugh9905 Premium
Hi Carson, thanks for the headsup on the new UI. It looks modern, simple, and easier to navigate.

I'd like to ask for 2 more little things if you are seeking some input:
- An option to shrink the navigation left panels into icons, so that we can maximize the real estate on the screen, and maybe add a title for the icons when mouse is placed on them
- A drop down menu on top that can be customized, maybe replacing or adding some items in the "pen" drop down menu, I'd love to save the most visited places in the menu if possible

Thank you,

RogerHumbke Premium
I support projects which promote the use of blockchain in increasing trust within Affiliate Marketing. To me improving trust is the number one priority for WA members in expanding and retaining prospect visitors to their websites. If individual believe what we say about WA then they will all become visitors, clients and fellow WealthyAffiliates.
AK007 Premium
Very nice. It looks like you have done a lot of careful planning and that you have put a lot of thought into this. This is very much appreciated! Thank you!

One small thing I'd like to ask from Kyle and Carson:

Could you please add a video in the official training, where you show perfect examples of existing WA websites and within those WA websites - specific articles, blogs, pages that are known to be veritable money magnets?

I'm referring to things such as what type of language is typically used, psychological approach, page organization/page structure, illustrations, videos, pictures, where inside the actual page to typically place the affiliate links or affiliate shops for the purpose of increased customer attention and increased customer turnout etc. I suspect that quite many people would be interested in that. I'm convinced that all "money magnet pages/articles" have a few things in common that make them successful. SEO is of course important, but bringing in traffic is one thing, turning the visitor into a paying customer is something different.

I'm really looking forward to the vastly improved WA platform!
Lazyblogger Premium
Could you repeat that? Lol. I am reading this from my phone so corect me if I miss anything.

New is good, you guys have our back, wish Google had felt the same way. A New training was mention way back but was never discuss further or implemented. Is this going to be included as well?

PS: Most of my traffic is from mobile.