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Last Update: Jan 18, 2018


Hi Everyone,

Today is an exciting day, we have just rolled out the new video technology and a full redesign of our video player. This is going to lead to more efficiency in your training, faster load times for videos, and more control for you as a reader and student while you move through the training here at WA!

First things first though, we have vastly improved technology behind the videos here at WA and this is the first thing I want to discuss.

We Detect You. We Deliver Optimized Video.

We are leveraging the latest and greatest technology along with a unique integration into the WA Video platform. We are utilizing what is called HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), which is an encoding standard in adaptive bitrate video. The advantage to using this technology is that it will recognize your connection speed (bandwidth capacity) and we will deliver the videos here at the most appropriate format.

If you are on a fast connection, you will get a higher resolution video. This happens in real time and if your bandwidth fluctuates, the video platform here will remain elastic in nature and continue delivering the "best quality" video to you while retaining its delivery speeds.

Here is a diagram (from, that breaks down how video can dynamically change based on the connection speed. If your bandwidth gets better, the video quality gets better, if bandwidth gets slower, then your video will step back to a resolution that is more efficient.

HLS technology is very much compatible across all devices as well. Whether you are on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, you are going to get excellent playback with the videos here.

Quality...Well how about full HD!

Going forward, all new video at WA is going to be encoded in full High Definition. We've added a new "settings" option to the video player which allows you to choose the option that you wish. As mentioned above, we will choose the best video quality that your internet connection can stream, but if you want more control and want to force full HD, you can do that as well. Click on the "settings" icon and you'll get a list of video qualities that you can choose. Jay looks pretty darn good in FULL HD I must admit!!!

Choose Your Speed. Ogre, Normal or Chipmunk.

Some people find video training voices too fast, some find them too slow. Most find normal play speeds just perfect. But we want to cater to everyone's preference, so we are offering you a wide range of play speeds for all the video training and live classes here at WA.

As you can see below, you have the choice between 0.25x, 0.5x, 0.75x if you want slower video play speeds. If you are watching Kyle's video, you could probably anticipate a very slow Canadian accent. lol

1x is real time sound and play speed if you want to watch the videos in the most natural form (which is typically going to be the preferred option).

If you want to speed up the play speed, you can certainly do that now as well. You can move anywhere from 1.25x the speed, all the way up to 2x speed.

This has been one of the most requested features within the video player here at WA and now we have put you in full control of the play speeds. You requested, we listened, we created and now have integrated!

Fastest Loading Speeds, Ever.

Regardless of your connection, location in the world, or WiFi upload/downloads speeds you should be able to watch the videos efficient here at WA. The requirements for your connect were a slight issue for some on the past, but this is no longer going to be an issue moving forward as our videos now load in "segments", versus requiring much larger renders to load the videos.

In layman, it's a lot quicker for you, and for everyone watching the videos. Regardless of your connection speed, your videos will play smoothly and efficiently. If you have a fast connection, you may not notice much difference because videos already load fast for you anyways, but for those on a slower connection or that experience intermittent WiFi lag will have a much improved experience.

Currently all new videos from this point forward are using this technology and this will be followed by us moving many of our core videos to HLS. If you build video training and add it, it will be using this and all live classes moving forward will be using HLS.

Here are a few video's that are already using our new video player:

Alphabet Soup Technique - 2018 Edition

7 Brilliant Traffic Strategies You Must Know in 2018

7 Unconventional Ways to Amplify Your Brand in 2018

The Future of Training at WA is Almost Here.

We have further updates to the video training platform that are very close to being released, so I figured I would give you an "inside look" as to what we have going on behind the scenes.

Video training is great, it is by far the easiest way to deliver content and explain a process. The problem is, it is difficult to navigate video efficiently to the most important stop points. Well not for long.

We are going to be introducing "internal video navigation" and providing playlists within each video. This will allow for quickly browsing to particular points within the video - really helpful stuff. Think of a table of contents, that is exactly what you are going to be able to utilize within video's at WA!

This is initially going to be rolled out to the core training here at Wealthy Affiliate and is going to be integrated into the Live Classes moving forward. But availability of this functionality is going to be opened up to everyone at some point within Q1 of 2018.

We are really excited about the introduction of our new video platform, along with some more advanced features such as video navigation which are going to be included in near-future updates and evolution of the video training here at WA.

OK, that wraps up our last release in 2017. I want to personally wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we truly are looking forward to a bright, exciting, and energy filled year here at Wealthy Affiliate in 2018.

If you have any feedback, questions, or comments about the introduction of our new video player, the new technology behind it or future iterations (and suggestions you may have), I would love to hear it.

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Recent Comments


Hi Carson and many thanks for this awesome update in the video platform.

These improvements will create absolute flexibility for all WA members, wherevever they are located and will certainly provide great enhancement to those who are in marginal WIFI locations.

The proposals for early next year are the icing on the cake and will (if I am reading it correctly) enable the ability to go back and/or forward in any particular video to recap on a point or an action item.

Another massive leap forward in the training world and congratulations to you and Kyle for sharing this massive foresight.

Happy Christmas to both of you and your families and bring on 2018!


This is awesome Carson. Absolutely innovative and exciting.

Will you also be adding transcripts (text-based follow of the video) at some point? These I believe are autogenerated from closed caption and contain the ability to go to any position in the video.

They are also downloadable.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


An exciting news for all. Thanks to Carson for much-awaited integration. By the way, how to download videos? Can I watch them offline after download? That would be really Great!!

Hi Gaurav!
The videos are to be watched inside your premium membership here at WA. However, if you miss a live training, a recording of such is made available within a few hours. You are notified via email as soon as this is done.

Have a great day!

As usual you guys blow me away with your efficiency. So many times in the business world people are so afraid of someone else getting ahead of them and aren’t willing to show new techniques for that reason. They keep them to themselves. Once again you proved to me that I’m in the right place at the right time. Thx

Wow...that sounds awesome and I don't even understand it! Lol. After being a member for a year, I am so impressed with the idea that WA is constantly changing and improving. I never feel like I am a member of some obsolete, stagnate company that takes my money and is satisfied with the status quo. Best wishes to you and your family during this holiday season...really looking forward to 2018.

Hi Carson. I just tried the new video platform and played with the speed settings and features and it was AWESOME!! I absolutely love the upgrades, thank you and the team so much. This is a great upgrade for sure. :)
Merry Christmas to u and the team as well.


Thank you for this update Carson, you guys are doing so much for us every chance you get that sometimes it's hard to keep track of all the amazing tools we have here at WA. We have so much to be thankful for in our efforts to learn this craft.

You're more than welcome Tomas :) Every month there are 100's of updates to WA behind the scenes and it's all done with the goal of being the best we can be in the Affiliate marketing and Internet business space. TONS more planned!

Video platform in WA is really part of the mainstream now and potentially can be the best video tool ever built and integrated in the online commmuitu with the encoding technology that is being used for video streaming.

Weren’t YouTube also using the same encoding technology, and I believed WA is really moving into the right direction and I believed WA is going to up the game for future video platform l release as video and audio is going to be the next big wave in the online space.

Our community is drive with picture content and audio, wonder if WA is also going to do something on podcast by creating a podcast plarformnas audio in WA community.



Wow! This is fantastic. What will you guys think of next? This will be very helpful. I don't always have time to watch a slow video. Or sometimes, I've watched it, but want to go back to one particular topic and there wasn't an easy way to do it. Now I can.

Wow! WA continues to rock my world!!

2017 has been a great year and I look forward to what all the new features launched this year will do to help me continue to grow my business.

Merry Christmas Carson, and your family as well! Thanks for all you do to keep WA such a great place to be!

Thanks so much Howard! Growth for everyone is our goal and we will keep pushing the envelope and adding more to our platform. 2018 will be a great year!

Awesome Carson!

Wealthy Affiliate is an always will be the leader and #1 Online Affiliate Marketing Business Learning Community on the internet and on the Planet as well!

Plus, the most amazing support, training and community available anywhere for anyone wanting to learn to earn an income online with Affiliate Marketing.

Thank you Carson, Kyle and the entire WA Community for all that you do for us all!


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