Jaaxy.com Keyword Data Explained

Last Update: November 10, 2012
By popular request and to answer many questions that we get on a daily basis I would like to explain differences that you may see when comparing Keyword statistics from Jaaxy.com to other keyword tools on the market (Including the Google Keyword Tool).

Jaaxy data is a mash-up of data derived from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Live, and other major Search Engines. It not just Google Data. Many people compare the data that is provided by the Google Keyword tool to Jaaxy and question why there can be a difference in the search and traffic estimates.

First I'd like to explain that traffic estimates and searches on the Google Keyword tool are completely useless as they inflated. Some keywords from the Google keyword tool will tell you that you will get millions of searches a month. There is absolutely no way that you are going to get millions of searches from a single keyword, even if you could get ranked for it. Secondly, the Google Keyword tool, or any other keyword tool on the market does not give you the SINGLE most important piece of data you need with regards to getting rankings.

I'm referring to QSR or Quoted Search Result..

Whether search estimates differ or not between other keyword tools and Jaaxy, this is irrelevant. QSR is what you need to know to get ranked, and you can only get this at Jaaxy.

Please do not confuse QSR with "competition" that you see within the Google Keyword tool because they are not the same. In the Google Keyword Tool, competition is "Advertiser Competition", not "Website Competition". Website competition or (QSR) is super important when you are researching keywords that you want to get ranked for in the Search Engines. A keyword with less than 400 competing websites (QSR) in Google, means that you have a very good chance of getting ranked.

Another point that I've always said over the years is that you SHOULD NOT choose a keyword based on traffic estimates. You choose keywords based on relevancy to your audience, and website competition. There is absolutely no difference between a keyword search estimate that says 1 million searches per month, and 1 thousand searches per month. Bottom line is that the keyword is a great one if the QSR is within the correct range of less than 400. Traffic estimates are just that, estimates, and you should not choose your keywords based on monthly searches.

We do recommend choosing keywords that have more than 100 searches a month so that you will get SOME traffic, but even that is not a rule set in stone. I’ve seen many, many occasions over the years where a keyword tool will spit out 0 monthly searches, but the keyword actually does get searched and produces traffic.

To recap:

  • Jaaxy keyword search results may vary from other keyword tools including the Google Keyword tol simply because Jaaxy results are are pulled from a variety of Search Engines. Remember, Google is not the only search engine out there where you will get ranked
  • QSR is the single most important piece of data you can have as it tells you how many websites are competing in Google for the particular keyword. Although QSR is derived from Google search results, if you choose keywords based on QSR below 400, you will rank well in all search engines.
  • Do not choose keywords based on traffic estimates. Rather, choose keywords that are relevant to your audience, and have below 400 competing websites (400 QSR).

I hope this clarifies a few common questions about data from Jaaxy.com, and Keyword data in general. Cheers!

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Kyle Premium Plus
What is QSR again?

Anyways, just wanted to add a few points of importance here.

QSR. The closer the QSR is to 0, the better. That is, if I find a keyword that has a QSR of 95 and one of 395, I am more than likely (99% of the time) going to focus on the lower competition one first. The lower the QSR, the more likely the rankings. And remember, we are going for rankings here.

Carson also made a point on low search volume keywords. Just because Jaaxy.com (or Google) tell you that you are going to get little to no traffic, it doesn't mean that you are not.

No keyword tool is perfect in terms of monthly searches and if the author of the 50 shades of gray article (on StreetArticles.com) listened to the low search volume under that term, they would have missed out on 1,000,000 article views and $10,000's in earnings for their 30 minutes of work. Just an example, but someones for predictive or "green peach" keywords, the monthly search volume just won't be there yet.
Shawn Martin Premium
Thanks for the clarification Carson. there have been a lot of questions on this.
Carson Premium Plus
You are welcome! Next time we'll have an official post to direct people to ;)
jjonas Premium
In regards to QSR, I use some other keyword research tools as well as Jaxxy. What if the 400 or less competing websites have a high pr, optimized really well etc. I know that Market Samurai allows you to look at the sites that way. I am a newbie and just looking for the best tools out there.
Carson Premium Plus
At Jaaxy you can look at the Page Rank of a website by using the Website Tab. You can learn all about the keyword density, page rank, meta tags etc. Jaaxy has everything you need.. Go ahead and give Jaaxy a try because it's free for the first 30 searches.
reefswimmer Premium
thx for this, Carson. Your posts always show such a depth of research/experience.

And now if you would, help me understand the term QSR (Quoted Search Result) . What's the history of that term, which feels quite enigmatic to me... just doesn't seem at all self-evident .

who came up with the term?
powell-m Premium
Google loves Google. Jaaxy works for me.