Introducing New Private Messaging at WA!

Last Update: July 09, 2013

Today we are very happy to announce the release one of the most anticipated Wealthy Affiliate updates of 2013!

Premium members will now enjoy a brand new Private messaging platform!

The new Interface

You will find your new private message inbox and outbox within the Private Message tab of your profile. You can also browse to your private messages from the Private Message Icon within the header of Wealthy Affiliate when you have a new message waiting for you.

Sending a Private Message is Easy!

There are two ways to send a private message to someone.

Method 1: Clicking the "Private Message" button from a user's profile, or click "Contact User Privately" within the Live Chat Actions menu.

Method 2: Browse to your own private message inbox and click "Create a New Private Message".

When you create a new Private Message by clicking in the box shown above, simply choose a username, enter the title, and say what's on your mind!

Inbox and Outbox

Your INBOX is a list of messages sorted by the last message sent to you FROM someone. Your OUTBOX is a list of messages sorted by the last message you sent TO someone. Messages are sent instantly the second you click the "Send Private Message" button. Your Outbox does not mean that the message has not been sent, think of it as your "Sent Messages".

New or Unread Messages

New or unread messages show up within your Inbox with a red Envelope beside them. You will also notice a "count" within the Message notification area of the header of WA, and within your Private Messages tab.

Stay on top of Spam

There is always the potential for Spam to reach your Private message inbox. There are very few people who have malicious or wrong intentions at Wealthy Affiliate, but historically the Private Message system is where this can happen. If you find another member performing any of the following within a Private Message, mark them as spam and block them if you wish.

  • adding affiliate links
  • asking you to call them
  • promoting any product whatsoever
  • asking for your personal contact information (unless you trust them)
  • asking you to visit a website (unless you are working with them)
  • anything fishy or where people are trying to get you to buy or join something

You have full control over who can send you PM's so if you do not want to receive messages from anyone in particular, you can block them after they send you a message.

To delete, block, or report spam, simply select the message from your Inbox and click the blue Options menu located towards the top right hand side of your messages list.

Reporting as spam will notify us and we will take action to prevent the user from doing the same to others.

Who can Use Private Messaging

Private Messaging is for a Premium service only. This means that Premium members can send and receive messages to other Premium members.

What about the old Private Message System?

The old private message system that is attached to the forum is going to still be accessible for the time being to allow folks to migrate over to the new system. To access your old Private Message inbox, simply click the "forum" link from the main menu and proceed to your private message inbox. You will maintain all of your old PM's for the time being but we will be restricting the ability to send and receive message in the old system within by August 1, 2013.

Kyle and I are both really looking forward to the new Private Message system here at Wealthy Affiliate and we know that it will allow for better communication and higher efficiency!

So, now it's your turn!

Tell us what you think because your feedback is how we make Wealthy Affiliate better! If you love it, tell us how awesome it is! If you hate it, by all means speak your mind ;)



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Rick Jantz Premium
It's working great. Quick and easy. I suspect if you track the usage it's going to soar. Thanks much.
Carson Premium
Thanks Rick! We know that even some of our most active users at WA use email to communicate for the single reason that the PM system needed a big update. Now I hope that people will be able to more easily communicate privately.
leoemery Premium
Digging the new PM system - just not a couple of pretty faces you and Kyle - great job - thanks for making the WA the best of the best.
Carson Premium
Haha.. glad you're Diggin' it Leo! Onward and upward right?
welshy Premium
Another great addition/update to WA.
This is something that will make many members happy.
Carson Premium
Hey Craig, I was hoping you'd chime in and give us your feedback! Let us know how you like it over the next little while.. Thanks for taking the time :)
Stacydee Premium
Very cool, awesome upgrade guys!! :)
Carson Premium
Thanks Stacy - certainly something that Kyle and I have been really looking forward to. Anything that makes communicating easier is a big deal for us!
Stacydee Premium
That's great, I'm always impressed at the non-stop improvements you (and the team) make here. I stopped using the pm/forum system a while ago, it felt very dusty...even though it was the only way to talk to anyone when I joined!
jespinola Premium
Thank you, Thank you,Thank you. You guys are awesome :)
Carson Premium
This update has been a long time coming and it's one that I know you are going to really like Jorge! As you use the new Private Message system, let me know what your thoughts are on how it works. We are itching to get some feedback!
jespinola Premium
I know Takes a long time but now Its here. I really love the way how to send PM. I tested now. I sent a message to @RICH to test it out. So far is very very easy to use and send PM. Yeah this is a Great milestone here at WA. Once again Thank yuo Carson :)
Carson Premium
@RICH was one of the first folks who I sent a Private message to as well :) I'm sure his inbox will keep him busy. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement Jorge, much appreciated.
jespinola Premium
LOL poor @RICH, You are right he will be busy for long long time!
Hey no probs you are doing great. as you know I love WA :)