Hey gang, remember when I was obsessing about the difference between a blog and a post, and you were all trying to explain things to me and convince me that I did not need to do anything additional to create a blog?

I just couldn't seem to get it through my hard head that my blog consisted of the posts I had been writing to share with the community, and that I already had one.

I thought that the illusive blog was something I had to do in addition to the posts I was writing. Well, you'll be happy to know you all knew what you were talking about!

I already have a blog...IT. ACTUALLY DOES EXIST! (is that true of Santa, too?) Anita finally got through to me yesterday by showing me where to find her blog on her profile.

After finally figuring out what everyone had been trying to explain to me for several days, I accidentally stumbled upon that pesky blog this morning! And it was right there on my profile all along. How does that saying go? There are none so blind as those who will not see?

I was checking on a message on my profile this morning and happened to notice the header for the first time. There it was, big as life....the blog button on top of my profile with a beautiful "4" inside the box! WA had magically been creating my blog for me each time I wrote a post for the community!

All that wasted time and energy is a good reminder to me that I must to be ever vigilant about allowing myself to obsess about inconsequential details that have already been taken care of by this wonderful creation of Kyle and Carson's called Wealthy Affiliates!

In addition to finding my blog for the first time today, I discovered that I'm now in the top 100 at 91 this morning!

Life is very good at WA!!


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Dhind1 Premium
Glad to hear you have what you are looking for already. LOL. 91 is great.
CarolMeador Premium
DEversley Premium
Great news Carol.
I always make it a habit to poke around. Nothing wrong with clicking things and see where they lead.

"There are none so blind as those who will not see?" Love that!!

All the best!
Urolin1981 Premium
Hi! Carol,
It is nice to know you got a higher lifting and now you can see farther than ever. Congratulate on such push and move; you did it.


CarolMeador Premium
Thanks, Chin.
AlexEvans Premium
Everything we learn is another building block in our road to being successful, things just fall into place as we move along. Congratulations on your rank Carol.
Armlemt Premium
I'm so glad I could help! Congratulations on your WA rank!
JeannineC Premium
That's wonderful news, Carol! Congrats! See, you did it!