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May 06, 2017
I read a great book some time back called "The Fifth Agreement" by Don Miguel and Don Jose Ruiz.The first Agreement is to be "Impeccable with your Word"The Second is "Don't Take Anything Personally"The Third is "Don't Make Assumptions"The Fourth is "Always Do Your Best"And the Fifth Agreement is "Be Skeptical, BUT Learn to Listen"I believe that if we could apply these principles in our life, we would soon be living our personal dream! A book I highly recommend!
May 03, 2017
I am slowly but surely moving upwards having completed the first 10 lessons and now I'm looking forward to more training Building my own Traffic producing Website Level 2.
I am so excited to be on the road to success with Wealthy Affiliate. I am sure I will not regret my decision to become a Premium Member. So far the support has been brilliant and I'm overwhelmed at the help offered! My first online Journey Woo-hoo!