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July 28, 2017
I have been here over a year and have yet to see a sign of Wealthy Affiliates true design for me. Why is that?
I am going to be a s brief as possible with this. If you have any ideas for training that may help others . Please feel free to send those ideas my way , so that I may create that needed training for others.
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So, decided to create a blog sharing my training created thus far here at Wealthy Affiliate.Feel Free to go through comment let me know what you think, like and share! = Breakdown of what to use for videos and live streaming for free = Free Office Suite Libre Office = how to ignite your feedback
December 10, 2016
Finally, made it to the top 200 here at Wealthy Affiliate!First and foremost would like to thank Kyle and Carson for creating such a wonderful platform. Secondly , just as important I would to thank all my present and future followers for your continued support. Additionally, for all the newbies reading this ,anything is possible as long as you work and train hard to achieve it here at Wealthy Affiliate.Yours Truly,Carlton
November 28, 2016
Now I am on my to going through course 5 training.
November 09, 2016
Please Welcome My New Friend Erin to the CommunityProfile Link: Truly,Carlton
October 04, 2016
One Doesn't Care to Blow One's Own Trumpet, however..It's Authentic, 1, 000 Followers Here at WA:The Wealthy Affiliate Community has developed after some time and there are numerous individuals, new and more propelled, who truly have any kind of effect on this stage. It's great to have associated with a bit of the individuals who have joined WA in the course of the most recent decade. Instead of unpredictably taking after different individuals (or amassing numbers for contending or gloating), t
May 19, 2016
That I get to celebrate becoming 36. Best part is that I get have it at home with my family this year.Yours Truly,Carlton
Wealthy Affiliate Community and Friends,Please give a Nice Warm Welcome to my friend Brandi.Wealthy Affiliate Profile URL: Everyone In Advance!Yours Truly,Carlton
January 19, 2016
This is my very first training video.I would like to receive feedback from All Wealthy Members on this link: would like pros and cons, so that I can improve upon this training and future training.Yours Truly,Carlton
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