Am I being Scammed?

Last Update: June 26, 2016

Have you ever been in a position where you literally have "No idea"?

Well I have and I felt like that after joining WA " what in the world was I thinking"?

I have been in business for decades and have done rather well so I wasn't in dire straits nor discontent with my lot in life however how I came across WA was simply trying to help someone who I thought was being scammed and No she was not with WA and Yes with all my research (which I'm relentless with and reasonably good at) I'm convinced that she is being scammed.

What could I do as she is investing money which will no doubt disappear some time soon ABSOLUTELY NOTHING......... Until I came across WA!!!

So that is my motivation as you would likely understand it's almost impossible to convince someone about something until you have concrete proof....... hence me being here.

Here's my Dilemma????

She has been promised 130%+ return on investment........I've been promised Nothing!

She doesn't have to do a darn thing.......I'm working hard!

She has really know idea what she's investing in........I know!

She doesn't know anyone involved especially not the founders.....I have the opportunity to know as many as possible including the founders!

She hears marketing hype and promises of Riches.......I interact and learn from real people with realistic goals that they personally work at achieving!

So what can I Do at this stage?

Workhard to be able to help her and others....which is exactly what keeps me Motivated.

I I know sooo many smart, interesting, hard working, diligent and Amazing people that for one reason or another have never had their value truly appreciated and realised so I'm hoping with my diligence and hard work I'll be able to be the difference in their livesand helping them achieve their Worth!

Scam free zone

Carla xx

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LinDash01 Premium
Great blog Carla.

JudeP Premium
You sound as though you are doing your very best to help and no-one could ask any more of you. All the best Carla :)
Carla1 Premium
Thanks for your kind comment!
Loubelle Premium
That's positive what you are doing for your friends. All the best for your business
Carla1 Premium
Thanks and all the best for you!
Kind regards
Carla1 Premium
Absolutely..... if it smells and looks like a rat it ain't anything but one!
Cheers Carla
Josh From Oz Premium
Sounds like a ponzi revenue sharing scam to me. There's no sustainability in these programs that promise 130% ROI after just a few days. Where does the money come from? From recruiting other members to pay out older members.

I was brainwashed into thinking these programs were legit and I would get my money. I never got a single cent from the several programs I joined over the years. I hope you can convince your friend to not throw any more money in.

Congrats on being one of the smart ones and realizing that one must work for there money :)