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I've noticed that some people who comment on my blog posts display their pic while others, myself included, have only generic gray profile image. What's up with that?How do I get an image of my choice into my wordPress comments and replies? I can't find anywhere in settings or profile that enables an image upload. Is there an upgrade or widget that I'm missing?
November 19, 2013
Okay, gang, I've fine-tuned it, thrown in some colorful additions and added a couple links - - - so how do you like me now? Check it out, your comments will be appreciated.
November 19, 2013
I've completed my WA Review and posted it on my website. Your comments are welcome. You can find it here. What's up with this? My link won't take. maybe it's Monday somewhere! I guess anyone who is kind enough to comment on this review is gonna hafta find it on their own cuz I can't establish a link or even put the blog address in like this.
November 04, 2013
C.E.Associates is pleased to announce that our website is 'started' (because I don't think it will ever be 'done') and we're 'open for business' I welcome your feedback so please go check it out! -- Wishing you 'Fair Winds and Following Seas', Cap'n ERyc sends.
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November 03, 2013
Greetings, salutations and hello, even; thanx for dropping by, glad to meet you. I'm a native-born American hailing from Maryland's Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, but my point of origin is the Great Black Swamp area of the Buckeye State. My first venture outside the great state of Ohio was for a four-year sojourn in a small trade school in Annapolis which suited me up for six years of "Join the Navy and See the World" cruises which spanned the three (3) largest oceans, the largest sea, t