Questions by Cali 6

Editing my theme? I lost all my content.
I was editing the theme of my site and it did not work and now giving…
5 months ago 19 Replies
How do i insert my verificaion code from google?
Hello, I am trying to verifiy my website and I dont know how to insert…
7 years ago 25 Replies
How do i get my site back?
Trying to get google webmaster link on my site and now my site is gone.…
7 years ago 28 Replies
Structured data testing tool does anyone know about this?
Home Structured Data Testing Tool Structured Data Markup Helper Help with:…
7 years ago 4 Replies
I cant load zip file to my website?
I upgraded to pro version and now I can not upload zip file becuase it…
7 years ago 19 Replies
How do i remove the monkeys from the cyber chimp template?
I am using a mobil ready website template by Cyber Chimps and I can not…
7 years ago 7 Replies