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Since the digital camera has grown up it sure has changed the face of photography! Years ago you'd go out and buy a roll of film. Then run it through the camera taking pictures. When that was done you'd go into the darkroom, take the film out of the camera and place it into the film tank. Pour in the developer, turning the film reel constantly for the number of minutes stated on the film sheet. Then pour the developer out of the tank and pour in the shortstop. Turn the film reel for approximate
June 14, 2014
I'm back. Gonna try it again. Got a good feeling about this time. Just a few facts about myself. I'm 77 years old. Been married to the same woman for almost 55 years. Wouldn't have it any other way. Her names Susan by the way, I'm retired now, but do work one day a week at an antique store south of town. I've got three booths there and have quite a time keeping them filled! I've had three books published so far. Two are young adult novels published by Publish America. The third is a light heart
February 05, 2014
Well folks, I am a very sad individual today. I have made up my mind to unsubscribe from Wealthy Affiliates. Hard as I try I can't seem to get my almost 80 year old brain to grasp what I need to do to succeed here. I appreciate everyone here for what you are doing, and wish you all the best of luck here. However, no better than I'm progressing here, I feel the money I'm spending here could be put to better use on paying some of my other obligations. I do want to thank Kyle and Carson for their