Last Update: February 19, 2016

Well I am into my 4th month and I am still doing research. I did a review on my website on WA. When I did my research, I always end up, on some ones site from WA. We are all talking about the same thing, just that there are more advance (smart) people out there, They say not to copy, big but. My plane with the 300 is still at the top of the page , has not taken off yet. I have two websites but one does not show up, on my profile page.

I do spend a lot of time on the computer, I do get distracted a lot. looking at other peoples work, I do understand about that red line that tells you about your website health, It is moving slowly. I am learning new things everyday.

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Newmediasupp Premium
Hi bustervik,

Add website to profile:
When you go to your profile, and scroll down.. to the right you'll see 'manage my sites' It then should show up in your profile.

Progress site:
Look at the progress bar, there is a button at the end saying 'view'.
If you click on it, you can see details about the progression. What parts are good, and which needs attention.

I am able to get my site health fairly good, except the site trust.
The others are like:
- Posting frequently
- Ask for Feedback. See on the left of this page > siterubix >
- Comments. Same as above.
- Plugins: I just have a few pluging and my meter shows 90
- Google ranked: Is you website ranked in Google? That could take
5 - 14 days.

What does your meters show.. ?

Yes, Getting distracted. I have the same problem. I see a lot of possibilities, and information and news on the internet.
I think we have to stick to a plan and just steer a little bit, but not steer 90 degrees to the left or to the right. I have to make a plan for let's say 3 days, and stick to it. And then think over how to adjust just slightly the plans where really need.

bustervik Premium
Hi Robert, and thank you for your help.
PF -20%, VEC 30%, Plugins 10%, Google 100%, Content 100%,Visitor 10%, trust 20%, Feedback 0%.
Plugins I must have to many picture/products from amazon. My site health, red line is over half way.
My other website I have not put up because I don't think I know enough about WA yet. experience? it is on the web How is your plane has it taken off.?
If is 12 pm of to bed.
TheOldGuy Premium
Pictures or products would/should not affect your plugin score. How many plugin's do you have? I am bad about collecting plugins. I am told that over 8-10 is too many.