Questions by Bullet 30

Wealthy Affiliate Ebook
Can I create an Ebook using some of the content from within WA and use…
6 months ago 20 Replies
How & where do you embed the verification code from youtube?
I Need to verify my website with my YouTube Channel. I have the code but…
2 years ago 3 Replies
Why 2 or 3 h1 tags on a page when I do an seo check?
An SEO check on a page tells me I have too many h1 tags. I have gone back…
3 years ago 6 Replies
Do you think pop-ups work?
Hello WA, I've just added my first exit pop-up. It's a video pop-up rather…
4 years ago 17 Replies
How do some websites have a list of posts on the home page?
Been looking through the site trying to find the answer to this.I want…
4 years ago 15 Replies
What do you do with your images?
I know to put in place an alt text for my images but not sure what to…
4 years ago 10 Replies
Can you give out your own bonuses to entice referrals?
Hi Guys, if you have your own bonuses say a plug-in, can I use this to…
4 years ago 8 Replies
How do you reply to a comment in site comments?
I've seen replies to my comments using the site comments feature. How…
4 years ago 4 Replies
Do you fill out the all in one seo plugin for every page?
When I'm in the back office of my site every page or post says no keywords…
4 years ago 14 Replies
Can You Review My About Me Page Please?
Hi fellow members can you please give me some feed back on my About me…
4 years ago 46 Replies
Custom Video For Sign Up Page Won't Load...EH!
Hello everyone,When I try to load a video in to the custom sign up page…
5 years ago 17 Replies
Can You Please Review My Getting Started Page
Morning everyone, this page needs some other eyeballs on it. Don't hold…
5 years ago 65 Replies
OMG! Same Headline Part 2/ Part 3 duplicate content, See Image
Hello again, I didn't know how to write the headline, but I have an image…
5 years ago 17 Replies
When I click on a page it takes me to a different post, eh!
I have a page on building a wordpress site when I click on it it takes…
5 years ago 11 Replies
My Policy Page Has Been Indexed is That Duplicate Content
Hi People,As you can read from the headline I'm worried that the WA Policy…
5 years ago 15 Replies
Subscribers to my WordPress site as users, are they of any value?
Hi Guys, some of these subscirbers have rediculous email addresses and…
5 years ago 32 Replies
Are you thinking of buying views for YouTube, then don't !
YouTube is starting to catch up with spam, they're still behind Google…
5 years ago 8 Replies
Screenshare for chat with the techy bits
Would anybody use screenshare when trying to tell a newbie how to do the…
5 years ago 11 Replies
Hi Guys, I made a subdomain on WA but how do you access it. I thought…
5 years ago 7 Replies
How do you change the size of contact form 7
Hi Guys, the form is going right across the page, how do you change the…
5 years ago 12 Replies
Restaurant online booking plugin
Hi Guys does anyone know of a good plugin for taking online table reservations…
5 years ago 3 Replies
Big row over domain name, what can be done.
Hi guys,I wonder if anybody out there knows the solution to my problem.…
6 years ago 7 Replies
Pressed something I shouldn't of!!
Hi Guys, I need a bit of help,I was just finishing off a new post I was…
6 years ago 1 Reply
What is going on!!
Hi Guys, Having a few techy problems ( what a surprise) Every time I post…
6 years ago 2 Replies
What on earth is going on!!!
Hi Guys, everytime I add a post on my site I get a comment back straight…
6 years ago 9 Replies
Blog Posts
Hi everyone I need to start a blog post apart from the review of WA.What…
6 years ago 6 Replies
Post image
Hi Guys how do you get an image on your post reply or comments
6 years ago 3 Replies
SEO affiliate programs
Hi Guys, I want to sell SEO services are there any good affiliate programs…
6 years ago 5 Replies
Getting started
Hi people, could some of you please take a look at…
6 years ago 4 Replies
Waiting for name servers to propagate.
How long can it take!!! Mind you, made a youtube video while I wait. Tell…
6 years ago 4 Replies