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Just today I had a go with Jaaxy's site rank feature, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had managed to hit the first page of Bing with a number of keywords (around 8 or 9) whereas only 1 or 2 (fairly specific) keywords had hit Google's first page. While I was super happy to see some results of Bing, it seemed odd that I would rank so much higher on one search engine over another (surely both have access to the same number of webpages?).
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Hi guys! I recently finished the end of Course 2 within the training and, as per Kyle's advice, thought I would create a blog post discussing my progress thus far!So what is my niche? My niche is essentially focused around beginner card magic- a sort of hub that directs people to the right places to become magicians, rather than offering training- although this is something I may delve into in the future. Since I have a lot of passion for this, and also experience in blowing money in this field