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I’ve really enjoyed the last week or so as I’ve been able to finally work out a rhythm / schedule that works to me. Out of the blue a few of my posts suddenly started appearing on page 1 which was awesome, for posts I wrote ages ago and had almost forgotten about in cases. That was a huge bonus! I’ve been so busy trying to get my new posts to rank that my older posts have snuck onto page 1 without my noticing. Great motivation for me and a reminder to everyone not to panic if
I've got to say that it feels great to finally have this one ticked off. I completed up to the end of level 4 before I left WA for a couple of months and it's good to finally finish it up! Feels a little strange to have nothing to 'complete' in terms of my niche website, but I guess that is where affiliate bootcamp will come in. What did you do when you finished certification? And of those things, which were least/most useful? Stats:Visitors last 7 days: 95Visitors last month: 343Money earned:
I thought I would make todays update post about SiteComments; I've seen a few other people post about this, and I think that there is definitely some changes that might need to be might regarding the way we get comments to our sites. As of now I have an active requests on SiteComments that has sat there for the best part of a week, and I also have had a comments refunded due to lack of responses. Has anyone else seen dropoffs in the activity and response times within SiteComments? And if so, wh
So, this isn't the first time an article of mine has hit page one for the keyword, but it is the fastest I've ever made it, so I thought to write today's blog post a little early. (For those who are new, I'm currently blogging my progress over the next two months.)Yesterday, I read JerryHuang's 'Google Page 1 Ranking Tips: Position 4 in 3 Minutes!' post and thought I would try my hardest to follow the instructions to the max. I wrote a 1500 word post targeting a long tail keyword, and tried to
I know, I know. 2 blog posts in the same hour. But I just couldn't help but let off a little steam the best way I know how!Today, I realized that for 6 months I have been using the Amazon UK affiliate program to target my main audience of US based visitors. I genuinely don't know how much this has affected my site, and whether I would have earned anymore if I had done things differently, but it seems pretty obvious to me that US based visitors would not want to buy a product I linked to if they
Hey everyone, just thought I would drop by and create another blog post of my progress so far. For anyone who hasn't seen my previous posts, I'm currently blogging my daily efforts over the course of two months as I try to go from nothing earned to £100 or so. Today I had a huge realisation that hit me as I was watching one of Jay's training webinars. Up until now, I had been selecting products from Amazon with prices of around £10, figuring that people would be more likely to place
For anyone new, I’m currently blogging my my progress daily as I work over the summer to create my passive income. Don’t feel any pressure to comment, this is more about keeping myself going than getting lots of attention for it! So I had to take a bit of time off over the weekend for a wedding (not mine!) and unfortunately wasn’t able to get a whole lot done, but luckily today I was able to get back to work on my site.Naturally my stats have suffered a little due to my neglec
Once again for anyone seeing this for the first time, I'm currently blogging my daily progress over the course of a couple of months as I try to go from £0 earned to a lot more while I have the time. Hopefullly this will help keep me motivated as I have the support of the WA community behind me. So thankfully today was a lot more productive than yesterday!I started the day off (as always) by checking in on my analytics stats from the day before. Visitors and sessions had gone up, but boun
For anyone who missed my initial post, I'm trying to document my daily progress across the nexy few months while I have the time to work on my sites as much as I can. Hopefully this should motivate me and keep me going as I have the support of the WA community behind me. Well, unfortunately today wasn't quite as exciting as Day 1. England had almost all my attention today with their semi final (although if I'd known what the result would be beforehand it might have been a different story), and
Hi everyone! As I'm a college student, I have a huge patch of holiday in front of me right now during which I plan to work full time on my website(s). I thought it would be fun to set out my goals here at the beginning, share my progress day by day, and then see just how far I can get in the next couple months! I'm still hanging on for that first sale, so hopefully you guys get to witness it happening. Technically I actually started this push a few days ago, but for all intents and purposes thi