Mobile-Friendly - Algorithm Update

Last Update: May 16, 2015

I don't know how many people are aware... but on April 21st, Google came out with an algorithm update which factors in your website's mobile responsiveness when determining mobile rankings at a page level..

Meaning, if your site isn't mobile-friendly, you're going to notice a drop in traffic as you'll be dumped down the mobile SERPs. Depending on your niche, this can either make a huge impact, or one that you will barely even notice. Again, depending on your niche, the vast majority of your traffic could come from mobile sources (up to 60%!! or more!).

Here's some more random facts: Did you know that this year (2015) mobile searches are on a course to surpass desktop searches? Did you know that 71% of people expect a mobile site to load as fast as a desktop site? Or that 60% of them want it to load in under 3 seconds? How about the fact that 57% of people wouldn't recommend a site based on a low-quality mobile experience?

here's a super-basic infographic with some of the same stats (please don't steal it - make your own)

These are some very good reasons to make sure your site is properly optimized, from utilizing caching to properly compressing images :)

You can use Pingdom or Google Pagespeed Insights to get an overview of your site's load-time.. Pingdom will show you the exact elements which are slowing down your site, and pagespeed insights will basically tell you to compress your site and give you a ranking /100 for both mobile and desktop, 90+ is ideal. 95 is basically perfect and it's really hard to get any better than that.

Lastly, Google has put out a tool very similar to pagespeed insights (which is linked below) that will tell you right away if your site is mobile-friendly (in the eyes of Google). It's still strongly suggested to check your loadtime on pingdom & pagespeed insights though. I don't think the pagespeed variable is factored into Google's mobile friendly test too much... So even if the mobile-friendly test passes your site, it might still be bogged down by poorly optimized images or various other reasons; which will still turn visitors away.

Pingdom Speed Test:
Google's Pagespeed Insights:

Google's Mobile-Friendly Test:
Google's Mobile-Friendly FAQ:

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ExpatMark Premium
Thanks for sharing.
Added WPtouch. My speed is 77/100 and user experience is 100/100. Now if I could only learn coding (I'm already familiar with Python since I was In the automotive diagnostics field.). Thanks bthiel.
bthiel Premium
Awesome, good to hear!

html, css are much more basic than python, once you learn the basic principals. I'm not gonna lie, I dont know a whole lot about Python, but it looks very similar to php, so that should come pretty easy as well!