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Keyword research is addictive. Fact. It doesn't take long to hone your skills and learn how to interpret the keyword tools we use here at WA or Jaaxy. You know what I'm talking about if you've used one. Your eyes get trained to look for those green dots. Anything with an orange or red dot gets ignored. So does anything with a <10 in front of it. Not so fast. Those keywords are telling you something. When you put a couple of words together and throw them into Jaaxy, you don't just get 1 resul
Hi all, So Dean (@Apina) and I have created a plugin for people who create sites for others. We'd love to have feedback from anyone here who is in this industry, maybe you create sites for people, maybe you do local marketing etc, and so we want to give out 5-10 review copies to anyone who might be interested. About the plugin: It's not a free plugin, which is why we are just looking for a few testers and not advertising everyone to go download it :p It lets you add your own custom training on
November 14, 2013
So, while lurking recently and randomly hitting "report abuse" buttons, I've seen my name crop up a few times with questions like: "where is that handsome devil?" "Are his fish OK recently?" "Why is my inbox so empty?" and so on. I noticed that my activity has been down a bit. This is unfair on my 1,533 followers, so I've decided to give an update on what I've been doing. First up, my fish are fine. I have indeed been very busy though, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Back in Septem
They say the headline is the most important thing in sales copy. I'm starting to agree with them. I've read lots of great tips here on headlines before, but have just read some others which are just as good, so wanted to share. These are the ABCS of writing headlines.A - Automation People are lazy and want stuff done for them. Give them an automated headline. No..I'm not talking about "Make money overnight on autopilot!!!!!!111!!" headlines. I'm talking about something happening for the custome
October 15, 2013
The power of words. There was a beggar sitting by a sign in a city which read: "I'm Blind. Please help". There was nothing extraordinary about the sign or the blind man, just the usual patience and sporadic offerings of change. Most people walked past without noticing, some would stop and offer a few pennies which the blind man would fumble for and put into his jar, stating his gratitude as he did so. Then at one point, a lady walked past the sign, read it, and carried on. A few meters past th
...on yourself!Have you treated/rewarded yourself lately? I'm sure you have made the achievements to justify it. Let me go back a little bit. I've been working away for some months on a new project, and on September 27th it "went live". A few days later on October 1st, I made my first sale from this project, to the sum of $125 (all mine). Obviously, I was pretty happy with this and am now in the process of turning that into many more sales, but that's not the point of today's little story. Whi
I've been scheduling posts a lot more recently, I find it helps me to just focus on one site for a few days at the beginning or end of the month, and schedule those posts to publish throughout the month. It leaves me more time to get on with other things, and also keeps me focused when doing the actual writing. One of the things that makes WordPress so convenient is the ability to schedule the exact time and date that your post will go live, and you can even use plugins to link your site's RSS
September 04, 2013
This is just a quick one as a semi follow-up to my "What SEO is really" post, and also because I think a lot of people don't exactly visualize keywords and search engines correctly (It took me a while to really "get it"). I also think things like Twitter, FB et al with their #hashtags are training people to think that putting a keyword on a site is similar to putting a hashtag on a tweet or whatever. In fact, I think sometime long ago, maybe manually entering a list of tags and keywords into yo
So I've seen people asking various questions about this plugin before, and seen various other members recommending it to people, so am wondering if people would be interested in a training video/tutorial for it. A little bit about the plugin: It's a free plugin that adds A LOT of functions to your WP visual editor. Instead of the standard "Bold, Italic, Underline" etc buttons, there are 40 other buttons (font type, size, color change anyone?) and various other cool features. It's like a swiss-a
August 23, 2013
I see so many people asking what SEO stands for, and even more people asking how to master it, what it involves, what you need to do to get rankings. How many times have you seen a success post here, and somebody has asked "Wow, excellent stuff, how did you do it?" Usually they are referring to a page 1 ranking or similar. I know the feeling, that was one of my biggest questions when I first joined too. "How do you get the rankings?" In truth, the answer is to forget about the rankings. "There