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August 25, 2014
It's funny, when August rolled around I noticed I was coming up to my 2 year anniversary and planned to make an update post to celebrate. Then I got busy and forgot. I suddenly remembered this afternoon that the two years has passed now and I should be making a post. The original plan was an update on what I've been through from months 13 to 24, following on from the post I made this time last year. To be honest though, doing a month by month breakdown doesn't appeal to me right now. I feel lik
Hey everyone. I just finished writing an article on my site where I detail all my experiments with email lists, and the question came to my mind afterwards...when should we start building lists? I decided to share my thoughts on this with WA, and also ask for your opinions.Is It Ever Too Soon To Start Building A List? I honestly think a lot of us wait too long to build a list, I know I did! Here are my thoughts for why we tend to dawdle (let me know in the comments if you have any other suggest
It's been a while since I last made a blog post here on WA. This is partly because I've been busy managing my sites, partly because I'm on a month-long travel, but mainly because I've been waiting for something to really "strike" me. There are plenty of "theory" and "motivation" blogs posted here on a daily basis, so I felt like I'd wait until I had something based on experiences that I really had to share with you all. Huzzah! The time has come. Inspired by Nate's niche site reveal post, I dec
So I've seen the same patterns in almost all of my websites, they go through stages and it's very reassuring when you realize your site has "leveled up" and moved into the next stage. I thought it would be useful to share with you what I mean, as it's sometimes hard to explain, and newcomers find it difficult to recognize if their site is really making progress or not. Time and time again I see people (and I do it myself too) asking if such and such technique works, or the best way to do this a
So I am often tweaking my site and looking for small things to improve usability and engagement, and in the last post I implemented 3 such things. It would probably have been better to do them 1 at a time to track results, but if I've got an idea of something I want to change, I tend to just run with it. Here's what I did: 1. Added an embed code for Infographics. I've seen this a lot recently, particularly Neil Patel's infographics. Essentially what you do is, create an infographic or other hig
So yesterday I received a package in the mail that was signed "From Kyle and Carson - Wealthy Affiliate". I knew it was coming, but that didn't make it any less amazing to see it there. When you have all these "e-relationships" it's funny to see something in the "real" world that's come from WA. Until now, even commissions had been all online, going through paypal etc. As a little thankyou for being a helpful member of WA for however long I've been considered helpful, Kyle And Carson sent me a
Hey all! So I just got back from a short 3-day trip to a music festival down in the south of Taiwan, and while I was there, I mused about one or two points that I'd like to make. I've lived here since 2008, but until this year had never got around to going. Even though some years I could have got the weekend off, I never really wanted to. I'd have been losing money if I went, and would have had to use up some holiday leave etc. This year, I thought "I've got no boss now, I'm just gonna go down
Just a quick tip here everybody. I've noticed a lot of people trying to get help in live chat, or classrooms, or blog posts or training, (everywhere basically), and trying to explain their problem with words. Stuff like "In the top corner on the 5th line it's kind of italic and I want it to be kind of bold instead" or "I'm trying to publish this thing and it's not jumping like I expected and I can't see it at the front anymore. Help!" I know that you might have a hard time describing your situa
Hey all. So in 2013 I focused mostly on one site, and that site focused on one product. Sure there were other products I reviewed and other things I got affiliate sales for, but it was mostly just one product and I did pretty well off it. At the beginning of this month, I found out that the product was being discontinued. WHAT??!! I was the number 1 affiliate for this product (thankyou, thankyou), and my earnings were going *pop* in a matter of days. After I finished hyper-ventilating, I starte
January 28, 2014
So today is my final day at "work"! The school I work at in Taiwan is closing down for various reasons, and I've decided that this is the perfect time to go pro with this online stuff, and won't be searching for more employment. My online income isn't at the level yet that would've caused me to quit my job, but it's enough to support myself, and most likely this will be the kick I need to move things to the next level. Besides, some of my students will keep me on as their private tutor. It's Ch