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I know 2015 hasn't quite finished yet, but I was tallying up how many websites I'd sold this year and noticed that it recently passed 300. As I sat there thinking "Wow, what a year, there must be a thing or two I've learned from all this experience that I can pass on", the idea of this post slowly formed. The vast majority of sites I sell are starter "done-for-you" sites for beginners (not always, but probably 80% of them), and as I'm also fairly activate in WA, I've seen a lot of beginners com
As many of you know from my last post, I'm planning to write a guide to my outreach successes.I'm by no means the ultimate expert on outreach, but I've learned a thing or two over the last couple of years, and as I said in the previous post, I can draw a straight line from the day I started outreach, to the 5 figures per month I make now.Therefore, I think I know a thing or two about outreach!What I DON'T KnowWhat I don't know though is exactly what outreach is to you guys? Do you know what it
Well the title should give it away, I'm thinking of starting a podcast.This is something I've thought about/wanted to do for some time, but it's only now that I feel I have the audience to justify it.Here's the thing; a podcast is a big commitment. It's the same as writing a blog, you need to do it regularly and consistently.I'm only going to commit to it if I know I can put out some solid content consistently for a good few months, and part of doing that is thinking who I should aim the podcast
Hey everyone.I see a lot of people ask how many keywords they should use in one post, and a lot of people answer "One keyword per post".This isn't exactly correct, although as a general rule it works.So How Should We Do It?If you pay attention to how Google displays results these days, it's very rare to see a post title that matches a keyword exactly. So if the keyword is "Best shampoo for hair growth" It's unlikely that you will see all 10 results on page 1 having that exact combination.Therefo
All of you have one skill that a lot of other people don't have. You know how to build a website in WordPress, and you know how to change a theme. Here's a plan for you to implement this weekend. 1.) Search in Google for some local business-related terms, such as "Chiropractor, New York" or something (the list is almost endless). Do this on your mobile. Not on desktop or even a tablet. 2.) Look at the search results. A lot of them will have a little "Mobile-friendly" line next to them. A lot of
April 02, 2015
I'm sure most of you saw the post over the weekend where I asked for votes to get me featured on I figured I might get somewhere around 100 votes if I was lucky, which would *maybe* be enough to make it into the top 5 and get the feature. You guys really stepped up, and gave me close to THREE HUNDRED votes. I received this email yesterday: I really didn't expect to finish in first place, but it was awesome to do so. Don't think I've won something since I had a fight with
I've seen a lot of noise about bounce rate recently and wanted to make this post to talk about it in more depth. There's a lot of "Stat watching" that goes on in the IM world, particularly when you're new. There's also a lot of misunderstanding, and some good old BS thrown in too! So the question I'm answering today we actually need to care about bounce rate as much as we think we do? Making a cameo will be a few other questions: Is lower bounce-rate always better? How do we reduce boun
Hey all, How's it going? I've been having one of those crazy weeks where I come up with the content idea for my Thursday post on my blog about five different times. On Monday I thought, "I know, I'll write it about that thing..." (I would tell you what 'that thing' was, but I forgot by Tuesday). On Tuesday I thought "No, I'll just write about XYZ. That makes so much more sense". Fast forward to today and when I was getting around to writing, I had already forgotten all my previous ideas. What d
Before there were penguins and pandas, there was a hilltop (presumably for them all to slide down). Google acquired the algorithm known as Hilltop in 2003 and immediately started using it to help return search queries. It still forms a part of Google's algorithm and philosophy today.What Did It Check? Initially Google created a special "expert index" of sites that were hubs of useful links. Where a page had many links to useful sites on a given topic, it was known as an expert site. Hilltop wou
No, I'm not talking about your WA rankings, sorry to disappoint you :) For those of you struggling with your Google rankings though, read on. One of the most frustrating parts of playing the Google game is that we really don't have much control over it. We write our content, we wait, we write some more, we wait. We check our Amazon accounts, we wait. Lot's of waiting! However...there are some things about SEO and ranking in SERPS that you have 100% total control over.On Page SEO There's not eno