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December 02, 2016
Hey everyone.I wanted to talk to you all today about opportunity cost, which in other words means, when you do one thing, you lose the time to do another.We've only got so many hours in the day, and when you're new and most likely doing everything yourself, that means there are only so many things you can do.Now the danger here is that beginners often try to do too many different things at once.I'm not talking about the essential things, like keyword research, writing articles, learning wordpre
You're going to have to do things that make you uncomfortable if you want to succeed at pretty much anything.There are a lot of things about working online that naturally work well for me. I like being able to type articles, send emails, and work from home...but there are a lot of things that make me uncomfortable too.Over the last few years, I've got pretty good at outreach and networking with other influencers online. It's pretty easy for me now because a lot of them have heard of me, but whe
September 01, 2016
I passed my four year anniversary at WA a couple of weeks ago, and I only noticed because I got one of those notifications from Adsense about having used them for 4 years.Time flies!I was thinking back to the things I thought about when I first came in through the WA doors, which were very different back then, and how much of it lived up to my expectations.Back then I was a 27-year old who was supposed to be a fully-fledged adult, but who hadn't really found his way yet. I expect in another 4 y
Hey all,I've been using a paid tool recently called JungleScout which is good for showing you the amount of sales a certain item gets on Amazon.I just found out that there's a free version called UnicornSmasher, so I wanted to share it with you.The ProblemSometimes we have no real way to know if a product, or type of product, sells well on Amazon.For example, I built a watch site once, and knew that even though not a lot of people would buy luxury watches online, there would probably still be S
Hey,Today I'm going to talk about things that are working well for me right now in every day business. It's not going to be basic SEO tips or advice on getting more conversions, but more general aspects of running a business.I know that some of the things might be a little over your head if you are quite new and still trying to find your feet and earn your first dollar, but these little bits of advice can be gold to some people, so I feel it's worth sharing them.WA needs more "Advanced" tips an
March 25, 2016
I can still remember the day back in August 2012 when I discovered what Internet Marketing was.I was researching some online business things after having read Tim Ferris's 4-hour Workweek book, and I stumbled across one of those "Make money by posting links in Google" scams. I knew it was clearly a scam, but I didn't understand how they could be paying for adverts and not getting shut down, so I googled it to find out what people were saying, and I found Steve (@IveTriedThat) through his websit
I've long mentioned that I would write a guide on outreach, and I've long delayed doing it because I couldn't decide where to start.Everybody has a different understanding of the word "outreach", and everybody's site is at a different stage. Therefore, I decided to just make some shorter blog posts as a more digestible version of the guide. This is the first one!What Is OutreachI use the term outreach assuming everybody knows what it is, but clearly you don't all know. Essentially, "outreach" i
I see it all the time:"Amazon aren't the best affiliate program, they only give 4% commission and it's only a 24 hour cookie, don't waste your time with them."It's true that Amazon only gives you 4% (but you only need 7 sales in a month to get to 6%), and it's true the cookie is only 24 hours, but I'm going to repeat what Steve (IveTriedThat) said to me once when I was a relatively new marketer, and was moaning about how lame the Amazon affiliate program was:It would be foolish to ignore the wo
The following is a list of some of the tools I use most when running Amazon sites, and a few others I recommend. These are by no means essential - you can succeed with Amazon sites doing everything manually, but I get asked a lot about these things, so it makes sense to blog about them here.Of course, these tools are here to complement the WA tools and Jaaxy, not replace them.Some are free, but others are paid, that’s just the way it goes.Tool Number 1: EasyAzon (Free/Paid)I actually only
Does Google hate affiliate links? This is a question I see all the time. Actually, I don't see people asking this question as much as they should be. Most people just announce flat out that Google hates affiliate links, or worse, Google hates affiliates in general.You'll see quotes about how Google hates having affiliates messing up their search engines, and how they're out to get sites that have affiliate links.You'll see people citing the Panda algorithm (which is a "Site Quality" algorithm f