Have You Stopped To Check Your Progress Recently?

Last Update: April 08, 2014

Hey all!

So I just got back from a short 3-day trip to a music festival down in the south of Taiwan, and while I was there, I mused about one or two points that I'd like to make.

I've lived here since 2008, but until this year had never got around to going. Even though some years I could have got the weekend off, I never really wanted to. I'd have been losing money if I went, and would have had to use up some holiday leave etc.

This year, I thought "I've got no boss now, I'm just gonna go down and have some fun. I've got a smartphone and 3G, I can take my business with me".

While I was making up my mind to go, I suddenly realized:

Wow! How Awesome Is This? I've Got Nothing To Stop Me Going!

I'd been so busy working on my business, and growing my income, and trying to get more visitors, and generally being a bit of a nerd, that I'd not even noticed how far I'd come.

I work for myself now, I have an income, I can go away for a few days and my income will not suffer, and it's just an awesome feeling.

I blogged more about it on my site (and there's even a pic of me trying to "suck in the gut"), so you can read more there, but I just wanted to drop in and say to you all that no matter how far you've come, it's important to stop and take stock of what you've got going for yourself.

No way am I satisfied with what I've got, I definitely want more, but I'm absolutely delighted with how far I've come.

You should be too!

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necopam Premium
Congratulations. I look forward to the day.....
bryonbrewer Premium
Make sure you share it with us.
Starcreator Premium
Good going. I haven't made money yet, but it's nice to be able to take a break when you want to.
bryonbrewer Premium
Your time will come if you keep at it.
Progress1983 Premium
I like this, i all to often focus on how far i have to go. Forgetting how far i have come. Cheers
bryonbrewer Premium
Exactly, my problem too. This just leads to frustration!
ThomasPaul Premium Plus
I think my gut is bigger than your gut... :p
bryonbrewer Premium
lol. suck it in man!
tommo1968 Premium Plus
Awesome news Dom! I remember the days when you were juggling writing posts and going to classes. Now you can choose how your day runs.

I am still working to that end but now that I am in a joint venture with a local business man the eBay shop has taken on a new life and things are starting to improve. I also made a few sales on clickbank and amazon over the last few days so the blog is also growing again.

I made a few drastic decisions recently I dropped my ekm powershop and one of my blogs so I could concentrate on the others. Pushing those 5 snowballs up hill was too hard, to use your analogy.

Something had to give and now I have more time to work on the others so hopefully I will be in your position soon.
bryonbrewer Premium
Yeah, I always have too many things going on as well, but that's how I seem to work. I think it's a case of seeing which snowballs are the most promising and letting the other ones go.