Do You Even Conference Bro?

Last Update: Oct 30, 2017


I've been in Thailand for about 3.5 weeks now, and have spoken to literally hundreds of other internet marketers over the past couple of weeks.

It's been amazing.

I don't know the best way to get my point across except by just telling the story of the past month, and why it relates to you.

I flew into Krabi at the start of October to spend a week relaxing with my wife and getting over my jet-lag, before flying back up to Bangkok a week later.

I'm in a few online communities besides WA, and one of them has a conference every year in Bangkok. This was my third year attending, and I was looking forward to catching up with friends I'd made in previous years, and making new friends as well.

When a conference is tied to a community (rather than being just a big cash-grab exhibition conference with thousands of people), there are more hugs than handshakes, so it's really great to hang out every year with these people, and I usually look forward to it for months.

This year was extra special for me, because I was going to be one of the speakers, talking about how I'd scaled up my team of freelancers.

As awesome an achievement as that is, it's only a small part of the story.

The conference was 4-5 days of meeting, networking, and exchanging business ideas. The Friday took on a "mastermind" format where you sit around a table with 7 other people and talk about an issue your business has, while people brainstorm ways to solve it. I had some people on my table who are professional business coaches, so I guess I got lucky there ha.

After the conference, I flew to Koh Samui with about 14 other guys to stay in a massive villa for 4 nights (actually it was 2 villas side by side). This was like an intense extension of the conference really, because while we were all very good friends, we were all also very much into business, and we'd sit round the pool with beers giving each other business advice and sharing tips we'd learned over the year.

As an example of the company I was in, there were people from the Thrive Themes marketing team there, as well as people who were involved in buying Long Tail Pro last year, and some other successful people.

So with the 4 nights of business brainstorming behind us, some of us have flown up to Chiang Mai (all of these places mentioned are in Thailand, FYI) for another week, where we'll attend another SEO conference at the end of the week. Again, it seems every day I'm in a coffee shop or dinner environment talking about business and internet marketing with other people.

It's been incredible.

Communities are great and online ones like WA are fantastic for that purpose, but there's something about in-person discussions that you can't quite get anywhere else.

I wish WA hosted a conference, but I know that K+C have their reasons for not wanting to do so, which is fair enough.

So my advice for those of you who don't go to conferences isn't necessarily to run out and sign up to the next big one near you (there are definitely some conferences that aren't as good as others), but definitely to look in your area and see if there are any smaller meetups or in-person groups you can hang out with from time to time.

It's definitely true that some meetups I've been to I haven't connected with anyone or I've felt they aren't the right fit, but when you find a group of people who do exactly what you do, it's amazing.

I've levelled up my business acumen in the past few weeks way more than I did the rest of the year, and it's all because of my willingness to meet more people and grow more.

Getting to attend the VIP speakers dinner helped too!

By the way, Chiang Mai is crazy. It's like a digital nomad mecca!

P.S I've deliberately not mentioned the names of either of the conferences I'm attending in case it sounds promotional.

Recent Comments


You forgot to take me with you! John

One day I hope to see you all in Bangkok or Chiang-Mai. I'm on the outskirts of Bangkok slaving away at my computer and I intend to get to the top no matter how long it takes!

It sounds like that was a fantastic trip, loaded with good business-time and most certainly you hit some of the nice spots to be found in Thailand...

I am a great believer in face-to-face events like the ones you participated in, you are right that there is much to be gleaned from others during them.

My goal is to start attending a few with my partner as we continue to grow the online/e-commerce business. I believe surrounding yourself with others who are like-minded is a winning recipe for your own business.

I used to do this all the time with the offline business (military and military support related stuff) and have been to places like Miami, Las Vegas, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, China, and etc. - this suits me...Because...

The other thing I like to do is travel, and organizers of these events normally try to seek out some unusual places to have them hosted at where you can also experience something new, from foods, people, learning about their attitudes and lifestyles, their music, etc...

All valuable things for your personal development...

Congratulations on growing your business to the point that you have a voice in such venues, and most certainly this is more value for all of us here too!

Dave : )

I remember my first conference as if it was yesterday althoug it was about six years ago in the Netherlands, I heard Less Brown talking that man really inspired me

lol, I'm also heading to Chiang Mai this Friday. All that you mention sounds fantastic!

Going there for a specific reason?

just fulfilling an small dream- to look around Thailand and Cambodia for two weeks :) I didn't know that it was the home of many digital nomads as you mention. sounds cool.

Yes my friend. I truly believe these conferences are great networking tools. Thanks for sharing.

What a great share Dom, thanks so much. You're definitely rubbing elbows with the big leagues and you're one of them! We are definitely lucky to have you here in this WA community. I also wish to have such experiences one day, I could imagine it to be nothing less than amazing.

Just put yourself out there and it happens.

I go to supportive conferences Dom. There's noting like em!

In the IM niche or other areas? Curious if this applies to all niches.


Hi Dom, thanks for sharing your recent experiences. I totally get what you are can't beat that feeling of a group get together with people who are as passionate about the same things. It kinda all boils down to the same break through that barrier and to get to that next level will always involve a community of like minded people supporting us, giving us new ideas to grow are businesses, re enforcing our confidence that we need to take action and move forward. Thanks again for sharing.

Yep so true! There are also a ton of people smarter than you at conferences, and they love giving advice.

Ain't that the truth :)

That’s an amazing experience Dom! Thanks for sharing!

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