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Morning All, I am making a community site, that people can login and have an account and use a forum etc. How can I customize the standard login form please? I want to change the wordpress logo to my own logo and also change the login bar colour at the top if possible :) ?Thanks
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Strategy... Do You Have One? Let's Hear!Sometimes we get things done by luck, I can find myself making progress on auto pilot and at the end of the day be happy with what I have achieved. Other days, I feel busy, but get no where...WHERE IS THE HAPPY MEDIUM? :O Well, to progress steadily and effectively, we need strategy. Strategy comes in all shapes and sizes. Everyone has their own technique but some struggle and like me, prefer guidance. That's what is great about WA and other bespoke traini
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It is great that WA is moving forward all the time, the new and improved layout is a modern but subtle step up. My favourite update are the badges on profiles. It is a nice idea to give a more in depth over view of that person and their time at WA. I do miss the full view of the description slightly, however I think I will just edit mine so the words. What is your new favourite feature and if you could add something to WA, what would it be? Have a great day everyone, Bryan
October 01, 2016
It is very easy to get side tracked and caught up in other things.You can be on the internet, surfing around, knowing full well you have a plan in place and goals set.It is very easy to follow what other people are doing with social media around, Getting side tracked can completely mess things up for you! It slows down your momentum, it decreases your motivation and it can in the long run make you feel like you have got NO WHERE!What I am trying to help you realise is, stick to what you need to
September 26, 2016
One of my favourite pictures that makes it 100% clear,If you WANT it, You need to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF + DO IT!Learn & Implement!Goodnight,~Bryan
September 25, 2016
Procrastination KillsIt's True, Ponder on an idea or keep putting it off until a 'better' day then it will eventually die and you will move on to new idea thinking it's the next best thing, when in reality maybe the first idea could of been what you were after or needed to do.What I am is saying is, don't let anyone (even your own mind) let you put things off, be focused, stay motivated and get what you need to do DONE!Time is limited and the main thing you want at the end of it is, NO REGRETS!
September 15, 2016
Best Plugin EVER! - So Glad I Found This Before Spending Lots Of Money!So, picture this...You have an offer or products to sell, You find wordpress a little fiddly to quickly produce landing pages or opt-in pages for offers or products...You may already know of a company that does it all for you called 'Click Funnels'The service they offer is great, but it comes with a price! ($297/month for one package)With the want to create email lists and a customer list for specific offers and subscription
September 14, 2016
Video Is The Future...One of the best decisions I have had so far on my journey online, is to create a YouTube Channel. Prior to having my channel, I looked at peoples videos and enjoyed them, but always said "Stuff that" or "I could not do that"...I was always terrified of speaking in front of people, or a webcam for that matter. But the more you use it, the easier it becomes. So, my channel is still in it's early days, with only a few subscribers, but I have had so much positive feedback from
September 07, 2016
Sometimes, the most valuable things in life are FREE!Everything you learn can be duplicated to someone else that needs it. Share what you know, Engage with those who need it.Offer value and you will soon see returns. It is always better to consistently give something than sell, Sales will happen after the trust is gained, Build on those relationships with customers or fellow marketers. VALUE them and they will VALUE you!~Bryan Larkin
December 07, 2015
So, a week into WA and becoming a premium customer, I have chosen a niche and today, I have finally purchased a domain name and managed to get it in .com &!I really am loving this new start and WA makes it so easy and fun. I have already met some great people and look forward to meeting more.Now I will concentrate on building my site, which I want to spend a lot of time getting it just right ready for working with an affiliate program. For the sake of $10 a year for 1 domain name on