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Challenging is putting it mildly. I can site some serious issues I had to deal with this last month but that would just be shifting the blame!What I really need to do is to do what I can as soon as I can. That will allow me time towards the end of the month to deal with things that I could not complete when they were programmed to be done. I learned that "Just In Time" works when everything goes as planned. When there is a curve ball thrown at you, Just in ti
I have been somewhat overcome by some not so pleasant news about a family member. It has kept me in the doldrums for a while but, I believe, I have managed to get my head out of the hole in the ground again. I have 8 articles to write in the next few days. I am going to give it a good shot and see how many I can get to. See you on the other side
February 20, 2018
So, I started late because I again sat without Internet on and off. But I have managed to:-Stick with my original theme-Customised the theme-Created a logo-Used Canva-Sorted my site Framework and widgetsOK, so It will be quicker if I tell you what I still need to get to:-10 Posts on my site-2 Blog posts-Help 5 people a day until ...And Last but not least...
So, when I read Kyle's invite to SWAG I thought COOL, I need the help and what a way to learn from the best. Believe me, there is nothing COOL about it, at least not for me. It makes me sweat every minute of every day. When working on my site I sweat with concentration and worry that I am behind! When I am away from the PC I sweat because I am away from the PC, I am behind and one more day has passed. One day less to get it all done. Don't get me wrong. I still love the note I said
So, I am back on line as of 13:30 today. Internet still not wonderful but I can operate!I had all my great plans and now with all the internet issues, I just feel like starting from the beginning again! Not sure that is the best Idea, but there it is. I have started a new work book and I am now seriously behind but will catch up.Been reading the blogs of the Swaggers and see that I have some work to do. That means less talk and more.Wishing you all the best and success with your SWA projects.
My internet is down and will only be repaired after 14th Feb due to "workload". See you in two weeks or so!
January 10, 2018
Before Lunch I marveled at how I had climbed to 1943 in the rankings and, although I don't work on my rankings, it was nice to see my rankings go up. It is like a reward for working.I have just returned to my desk to be shocked by my ranking. It was now standing at 3972. There are only two reasons for this in the normal course of things, 1. I am not working2 You all are working too much.Well, I suppose there could be another reason....Kyle
December 31, 2017
I have been a member of WA since July 2017 and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have followed the training and I have had some success and even Blogged about my first Premium member signup.I was watching a video of Jay's (magistudios) about Keyword Competition Analysis (thanks for the tip about this in your training @LynneHuy). This is a training you should all watch. Using the tools Jay refers us to, I found that I was failing dismally and my pages,although listed were not ranking and
December 12, 2017
Well, after 2 months of being distracted, I decided to get back at it this month and guess what? Success. Just keep at it and persistence pays off
And in record time too. All moved and the Telephone company got my line in in 8 days.....Ammmmaaaazing!So, in between finding place for everything and completing Way behind woodwork projects, I will be trying to catch up with WA.