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OK, so this is my serious side now.Years ago I was involved with the Scouting movement in South Africa. It is a great organisation that teaches kids life skill that seem to be seriously lacking these days. I was asked to participate in the Provincial "Youth Conference" every quarter which I duly did. The Province pushed the "Children's Rights" very hard and I believed, and still do, that you cannot just preach rights. There is a flip side and that is responsibility. I tried very hard to have mo
Just when I needed a boost I got a notification! I'm in the top 200.Thanks to everyone for all the help and advice.
For years, I have had a belief that I have followed most of my life and taught to many of my students, colleagues and course attendees. It is a simple and effective belief that has made me successful at many things in life.What Is it? Well, it is simply this....There is nothing I cannot do - I might not know how to do it yet but I will learn how.This has got me out of many difficult situations but I must also caution that it has placed me in many more difficult situations. But that was cool be
This is the big question for me. I am doing all this work and how do I know it is working?So, to start with, I always battled to write a 500 word article. I was ecstatic when I hit 500 wordsI rarely, if ever, got my articles indexedIt took me 4 - 5 days of 6hrs a day to get an article researched, writen and postedI dreaded finding the subject for my next articleI never asked questions for fear of looking StupidWriting posts on WA was not for meand the list goes onI had a couple of false starts
Have you ever gone into the bush or a forest that you don't know, with a guide or a group of people? You know, on one of those dark and gloomy days when the Forrest gets so thick and dark that you think to your self "Hell, if I lose them now I am screwed!" as you stop to tie your shoe lace.As you stand to continue, the unthinkable has happened, You lost them. No sun to check direction, no recognisable landmarks, Heck, your'e so mixed up you don't know whether your'e coming or going. You stagg
As you might have picked up on by now, I am Fairly negative... No P!ssed off!Nothing to do with Swag or WA per se but everything to do with some bullies at ambassador level. No not all, in fact, only one that I have come across with this type of attitude.I had finished all my articles early and was working on comment's and helping on live chat and doing the other tasks when I noticed that I had received a disapproved comment. I was disappointed and quite honestly, Shocked. I work very hard
April 04, 2018
Well, after my post on 700 Followers! Why? The next 100 arrived even faster. In less then a month! This is great. Now all I have to do is find out how to get visiters to my sites like that! It is one area where I seem to be weak.I suspect that I will have to revisit the training again. Never great taking a step backwards, but it is necessary occassionally, just to find what you missed, ecause the fault is usually in what you missed.... or misunderstood.Thanks to all my followers for the support
March 16, 2018
I woke at 03:00 this morning to follow Jay's webinar, only to find that as I was signing in.....they were signing off thanks to the time change. So now I need to get up at 01:5o to make coffee before I watch Jay's show....oops, training. Well, it is entertaining as it has its lighter side and some of the comments give one a giggle. So while I was drinking my coffee (which was now cold), I was going through mail and answering messages when I noticed that I have 700 followers on the dot! Why?
SleeplessMy Routine has rather evolved more than been planned. I have always woken between 2 & 3 and tossed and turned until 4 then fallen asleep again at 4ish. My alarm would go off at 5 and I would feel as though I have not slept. 2 Hours Productive Time FoundSo to stop wasting 1-3 hours tossing and turning, I have, since starting WA {and Jay's 3 am Saturday morning training's}, set my alarm for 3 am daily.Being pre-computer age, my To-Do list is still a hard copy. Double A4 page per day
I, as like everyone else, did also not receive a PM from Kyle for month 2 of SWAG, but this is good. I would just like to thank Kyle for running late with the video and the PMs. It has taught me an important lesson.Even the Experts get caught by time! Sometimes, it is just too little month and you run over time legitimately. But a word ofcaution (especially to me), It could become an excuse if you are not vigilant. I ran very late last month and did not finish due to poor planning.So now I hav