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It isn't even WA! Is it Me? I don't know but I really try to take a day off from the PC, Websites and clients but, It just does not work.When I am away from my PC, I find that my mind keeps wandering back to the sites and what the client wants and what I need to do.I went to a friend for a braai ( for the unsophisticated, that is Surf African for Barbecue) and my mind (yes I ave one of those I'm told) kept on wandering back to WA and what I need to do. It is as if I cannot socialise anymore. A
Yes I know, without them we have no business but is it not, just occassionally, a pain in the @#$E to have to deal with them?After hours of work, sketches, developing untold numbers of logos etc they decide on a Brand logo and you set everything up. They love it and.....they then go and design their own to use on social media. To top it all, they use the incorrect domain name and send all your new visitors to their opposition.They are paying me to send their prospective customers to their oppos
I have yet to find it and that is no lie! I have been trying to find my site since the 15th Feb 2019 but failed and I could not understand why.Well after sending an email to site support I found the reason. Big fingers, working at 3am, and poor concentration! You see, I researched a domain name for my new site and when I found it available, I bought it a little later.right off my WA admin area I seemed to have added a letter where it was not needed and did not pick it up for a few days.Lucckily
I read a post yesterday that I responded to because I could see that the writer felt the way I had felt in the early days...overwhelmed and despondent and I really just wanted to tell him “it gets better, hang in there”. There was no shortage of advice from many other WAers in much the same tone. Just to put the cherry on the top of it all, and prove we were giving the newbie the correct info, today I wrote a post and just over two hours later I got the: -"Awesome, Your Content is
January 06, 2019
I don’t know if this is normal to any of you that are reading this but my wife wakes up at arbitrary times of the morning and decides that it is time to bake! To top it all, I must now get up and help slice the biscuits, or in this morning’s case, slice the custard slices. So at 03:00 this morning I staggered out of bed, not sure what was awaiting me, but help I must.At around 04:30 I was “requested” to cut the custard slices. Over the months that I have had to (oops....
After having no success with this site, I went back to it after 10 months and found Sugar – The Silent Killer Goes Scott Free was No 1 on Google.I guess I had better do some more work on it! No accounting for hoiw Google works or when it will list your pages. Another lesson learned... Never give up! Just keep plugging away at new articles.
So, I have moved and have sat without internet for 2 months. A huge wake-up call. I felt like my life had been put on hold, that I was starving and could not function properly. I was craving something but it was not WA. It couldn't be, WA is not an addiction, is it? I mean, It's just a work tool. I can stop work and take a break, for whatever reason, can't I? Sure I can.We decide to move and set up in the suburbs in the north of Pretoria. No big deal right. I mean its a couple of days and then
I have been really battling with getting ranked on google over the last 10 months. I have had a couple of pages on page one, but it was very hit-and-miss. Since starting SWAG, I have being getting listed in hours and have had one or two articles listed in the top 30 on google and page 1 on Bing and Yahoo But I have really been doubting myself as it is so hit-and-miss.I went through Kyle and Jay's training s (paying special attention to my concentration) and came up with my own Check sheet that
Down with a thump I came...just to keep me in line! What a fortnight! It was not fun at all. I love learning new things but this lesson was tough, but it was obviously one that I needed to learn.I have been writing posts and doing lots of research to try to get more quality articles on my 2 blogs. It has been tough going but I was satisfied with my progress, especially as my rankings on WA were climbing without me targeting anything to do that. I was just concentrating on my sites.If you read
Thank you to the 1000+ people who do me the honour of following me. What an audience from Newbies to Ambassedors.I have also changed my focus and tried to slow my incredible rise in the rankings. I just need some time to cement my new skills, gain a few more and... to be quite honnest, enjoy the view. What an awesome community.The quote in the following immage is so approppriate that I really want to use it again. It truely has made me ponder the "possible"... Thats a good thing right?So to all