Focus - The Eternal Battle

Last Update: June 20, 2019

I noticed that my last post was also on Focus. It is never ending with me.

Today I woke up with the same problem that has plagued me for years. It is probably the same problem that causes most of us to spin our wheels in building our online businesses.

There are just so many different avenues we can use to get our businesses up and running. I love business and always have, but there are so many different types. Each business niche takes a little different direction.

Focus is one of the separation points in being successful and failure in both online and offline businesses. The stronger our attention, the easier it is to push on through to success.

So I would like to encourage each of you to focus on your niche and work to develop it. Don’t get distracted and check out each new toy that comes your way. There are millions of niches. You can not strengthen the one you have selected if you allow yourself to be distracted.

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Yes! Thank you for the reminder!