Focus on one task at a time!

Last Update: December 25, 2018

Idon't know if many of you have a problem focusing on one task at a time, but Ido. It seems every time I get started onone task, I jump to another and nothinggets finished. I am sure I am not alone in this and to be successful we need tofocus.

InDecember I have been trying to focus on getting my commercial printing site toa point I can continue to earn money from it. To do this, I have had to stop working on my other sites.

Inthe past, I have purchased a branded sitefor $200 a month or $2000 per year. Most of my customers call me or email mewhen they want to order as they have for the past 20 or so years. They willcontinue to do that, but I need a site to acquire new customers.

Building a printing site is much more complicated than ifyou are selling one product or building a sales funnelfor two or three products. There are thousands of variables on a completely functionalsite. The complexness requires a large database and entry forms for eachproduct.

So I am building the site starting with a page for eachproduct with a simple order form. Thisway I can expand my product line over a longer period.The site will never be complete but will constantly be changing.

Building a site this way is not the best way, but itsaves time and money.

It will allow me toacquire new customers for my key products and can be functional within a few weeks. With thissite generating additional income, it will allow me to get back to myinternet marketing sites. They are were I believe my real future is.

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JerryMcCoy Premium
At times I also have trouble concentrating on finishing one task before moving on to another. Once I complete I gain a great deal of satisfaction.
CalChrisH Premium
Hi Bruce, I am definitely one who needs to focus on one task at a time and as soon as I start that task three more come sailing in. I find that a daily goal list helps me to stay on point.

Great post with some interesting information.

Marley2016 Premium
Kyle brought this up at his live training - he said
that for us to remain completely focused on a
single task to close all the other windows on our
computer or laptop so that they do not distract
us. I have been watching myself and he is so right
I do jump from tab to tab changing what I am doing
no matter how good I am at multitasking it takes
a while to get back to where I was :(
Thank you for sharing and try Kyle's advise :)
Merry Christmas,
can we work together sir?