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When you first became a member at WA I know like everyone you were excited at the opportunity, and dived into the training with enthusiasm, and devoted a lot of time to learning all the new things you needed, eager to succeed. A web site in 30 seconds and off we go!Initially maybe even you lost sleep with all those ideas coursing through your head that would contribute towards success. Perhaps it was all a bit chaotic.... I admit It was for me.Then I remembered what I had learned years before.
December 09, 2015
Some interesting stats came out in November for the UK Firstly, 3 million people plan to keep working past retirement Secondly, nearly 6,000,000 UK workers earn less than the living wage... And that is 23 % of all employees...18% of whom are men and 29% women. All this is in the 4th richest country in the world! Perhaps many of these are potentially future members of WA as they are obviously in need of additional income. We should be offering the benefits of WA to these groups.I am sure there
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December 04, 2015
We all know that there tons of free themes around for WordPress websites, but the majority are somewhat limited in what you can do with them, because a number of designers of these themes want those likely to benefit from their creations to pay for extra useful tools.Themeisle ( has moved away from this trend with Shopisle, this is a splendid responsive online shop theme for WordPress.Trysetting up a shop for free.I would be interested in your comments should you decide to ex
December 02, 2015
Email marketing may seem like a simple and effective way of sending out information to everyone on your database. But in boxes are sometimes rather overcrowded and there is no guarantee that your email ever gets read.There are some methods that will help to improve deliverability and open rates.Firstly your email database should be full of well qualified prospects and customers that have opted into being contacted by via email. Once you have a large enough database it becomes the preferred and
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If you can't Fly then Run.If you can't Run then Walk.If you can't Walk then Crawl.What ever you do, keep moving forward. (Martin Luther King)There is no doubt the pace of your training will determine the arrival of your success. However try to do some each day, don't neglect the keys to progress. Training is what we learn the essentials from, ....all else is mere distraction.For your success try aspiration, inspiration, and perspiration ... And as regards our wonderful WA community:- coming tog
It has been reported in the UK that more than half of the country's small businesses are operating without a website. This was the view of website businesses Mr Site and PayPalWorries about the potential start up costs are the main reason for holding back. It is estimated that small business could achieve an average £53,000 a year in turnover from running a website.If half of the businesses in your area are without a website then the worries about start up costs would be eliminated if the
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September 21, 2015
This was the headline in the London Times newspaper on 16th September 2015 I thought it might be of interest to WA members. It continues with the subheading Getting your website seen in search engines used to rely on tricks. now quality is kingJill Whalen was at the top of her gsme in 2013. She had been a pioneer of search engine optimisation (SEO) - the practice of tailoring A website to make sure that it ranks highly in web searches - since the 1990's - but then she quit.Whalen had banged the
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