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Quite a few of our WA members are already working with Windows 10.A good friend of mine, who hoovers up information from lots of sources, has discovered that windows 10 has lots of new features, perhaps not commonly known.... I thought that some of these could be of interest to the community here so I am passing on some of these in the list below. I am sure that those of you who are using Win 10 at present will be able to explore these more fully. For those of you contemplating upgrading, so
I thought maybe some of you would like this Item.A TRIBUTE TO MOTHERS -by Madame de Stael.They will disappear those parents who perhaps are taking so long to make way for you.They will disappear that parent whose old age imposes duties upon you that you might find inconvenient.They will disappear those lovely watchers over your childhood, those careful protectors of your adolescence.They will disappear and you will search in vain for better friends.They will disappear and as soon as they are
There are many millions blind and visually impaired people in the world and I am aware that we have some afflicted people of this type here at WA.It is now possible that such people can hear a description of what is contained in a photo that has been posted on Facebook.The Facebook site has now got a new system named " auto alternative text" that has the capability to recognise items in photos, and then gives an audio description of them.This will enable the visually impaired to enjoy to a degr
Dateline May 1st 2016NOTE. This is applicable to EVERY Version of Windows.If you have Flash installed on your device, hackers have been using this to force browsers to install ransome ware that locks files. You do not have to click anything to be infected ....a visit to a malicious website is sufficient.Lots of security experts are saying you should uninstall Flash without delay.Some Browsers such as Chrome and Firefox have taken steps ensure blocking of this flaw (coded as CVE-2016-1019)Howe
In December 2015 Google said that support for both XP & Vista would end by April 2016. The new version of Chrome numbered 50 is not being supported on both the above operating systems.This quite a serious change, since receipt of any new features and security updates will no longer occur. This means that without regular security fixes the two systems are more likely to become attractive to hackers. If you wish to continue to use Chrome with the two systems, you can still do so, just be awar
May 01, 2016
Any one else not able to see page 4of my last training just members report only page 4 unable to be viewed.Unable to correct the problem myself even doing a re-edit.Rather disappointedSTOP PRESS... Problem corrected now .... many thanks to those of you who showed concern about this
If your PC always seems to have updates that are pending it can be so frustrating. Should you wish to by pass the process, there is a quick way of doing this.Simply press Ctrl + Alt + Del and this will take you to your computer's log off screen. When you do this, at the far bottom right of the screen.You will see the power button, it looks like this - Now click on the small drop down menu beside this, and you will see the option to shut down without installing the updates.SIMPLES!
So how are your new year resolutions working out approaching the first 100 days of 2016? Saturday April 9th is day 100. Maybe for some of us our resolve is weakening. Our brain does not read the small print, and therefore we get stuck with old patterns and results, instead of committing to what we really do want.I am sure that many people tend to focus their attention on the stereotypical resolutions, which can be just a smokescreen for underlying problems.Instead of resolutions it would perhap
March 09, 2016
Wow! nice surprise. I got a $5 credit for my training item. "Screen shots the easiest and fastest way" thank you Kyle and Carson.I created in this in December 2015 so it has not taken too long to achieve some recognition. Rather encouraging and an incentive to provide some more items that could be of assistance to other WA members.Many thanks to those friends who gave it a like, and those who notified me with their thanks who found my training item useful to them ...I appreciate their courtes
I was quite alarmed when I read an article on the new VAT rules across the euro zone back in early 2014 that suggested they could drive small online entrepreneurs out of business completely.The new rules were effective from 1 January 2015 and a full guidance has been issued recently 18th January 2016.As far as we at WA are concerned the rules mainly apply to any e-commerce operations. I believe this may affect some of your on line businesses in some manner, although i expect most will be unaff